: Who counters cho mid?
Ashe now with her cool changes....
: Our Government can't stick to it's word that's my main concern. I don't see this tax as a pain in the ass, just another way to get money. There is enough taxes as it stands. More taxes even though it is only 10%. More taxes will hurt more families as digital good's are becoming the way of shopping. More preferred so to say.
No government can. Most of the time, situations change when they get into power, because they find out the mess they have been left with, and it takes forever for the cleanup to begin. Its just like taking a new job because the previous employee left, generally it's a mess getting things sorted before you can actually start work, which never looks good for you....
kJs (OCE)
: No one would want an American style governance, besides greedy corporates that is. Tax helps keep social welfare in tact. But I don't think the Abbott government have previously been spending and planning any better (at all) than those they replaced.
The previous government left them broke...lols. But where is there a good Politician??? lols
: I think the biggest thing being neglected here is the fact that Mark/Dash has made those games of 5 melee champions bearable. It's changed from 20 minutes of being poked to death by Nida, Jayce, Cait, Ziggs, etc and it means that those ranged champions actually have to position and be a bit more activate in dodging what they deal. It gives no range champions a fighting chance against ranged.
Unless your on the team with 5 ranged vs non ranged. Then a snowball connects and the fights over....
Maul (OCE)
: Something else To spend IP on
Stop playing until Riot makes something else to spend it on?? IDK?? I hope this never happens to me.
Ediwir (OCE)
: Eh, idk anymore. If VPN providers were as big as coal companies i'd almost think they're getting money from them, every new thing that comes out about internet screams "don't connect trough Australia".
Because we have no destination beyond us its all up from here.... unless we start living in large numbers in Antarctica......Besides our wages for the average Joe is so high because they need it to live here.
: SO with your reply, the point of this petition is to remove the incoming tax, there is already a tax on converting Steam gift cards from AUS to USD, as Valve is only using USD (BOOOOO) the problem is that we don't need more tax, there is already a tax on steam, plus conversion rates, then if you add this 10% tax on top. The petition is for those that agree we shouldn't have these taxes, yes Australia has a high standard of living but that doesn't mean more people need to struggle. We are already tax payers enough as it is. Plus university costs and or college. After that you buy your home or rent it. There's tax on that. There's tax on this, there's tax on that. Even though they are trying to support in-store purchases, they need to stop this, as digital is the way to go, it's instant. It's when you want it. quick simple, no dangerous drives to the store, no chance of you not having enough money in hand. You can't say that you disagree with this. Everyone know's full well we are buying more goods digitally than in-store. the next generation will be even more digital. There is no way in hell we need more tax on it. As tax payers we pay enough as it is. But 10% on all digital goods. Is stupid. The Government says this will remove the tax, they say that it should produce $350 mill in the next 4 years, which is only 0.78% of the debt. this isn't even close to the whole debt. They are money greedy scum bags looking to ruin our money. All they see is "Oh look they are buying more items online, let's tax that because we need it to support our lifestyle!" When in fact they just want to have the money for themselves. I'm not here to force you to sign the petition. But Honestly do you really want them to get away with taxing everything possible? I hope not ...
Fine pay no taxes, get nothing from the government, no roads, no internet, no medical support....nothing. Or a better option, people stop expecting free hand outs for everything. You keep your tax, but you pay for your own water pipes getting laid, your own sewerage, your own road to your house etc, etc, etc. Don't pay the army to be there, or the police/firies/ambo's etc etc etc This tax is money that has to be found somewhere and since this is a luxury to have the internet etc, at least it doesn't get taxed like one....
: Remove 10% tax on digital purchases in Australia
So hard not to leave a negative comment. Seriously we're complaining that the government is adding a tax on a eproduct, yet the product seller is killing the absolute pig and overcharging as it is!!! They run with a massively reduced running cost than any other company there is...OMG! Additional note, we need to cover the costs for all the free services that the government has to foot the bill for anyway, either that or we can have the "Welfare services" like other nations....
Ediwir (OCE)
: Found more. Performance is not measured among the 10 players in the game, but among all players in the server using that champion.
Ok so its a comparison...cool, they have that in tanks too. With marks on the tanks barrels to show your skill with that tank vs the server. Cool and ty. Still the loss slamming you is harsh, as you can't defeat 5 champs solo, especially if the other 4 on your team aren't getting it right. It still doesn't evenly reflect that skill your applying or even what your contributing. But cheers for the additional info.
: When Made to Support
I seriously don't get what the issue is or why players "Must Play Certain Roles with Certain Champs"???? Don't you all make teams based off compatibility??? Concept??? Plan??? Strategy???? Or is the "Meta" or "In Thing" the only way to play??? If so why not try "Something new?" or "different"....isn't it how the "meta" changes?? There are so many "combo's that work really well" why not try it? Break the "expected system". As throwing your opposition off will definitely contribute to a win.....or is Sun Tzu no longer relevant?? I even researched a few links where players "Break the Norm" and "Break the oppositions back"........ seriously, play to WIN...not to a META!!! These were the ones I found impressive. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4ac8SH5y5Es https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HB0Rj_Zuh2w Also I know nothing for high lvl game play, but many humble yet great players would be thinking the same thing, but too scared to upset players and actually play the game "As Intended".... Gl - Adapt and Overcome
Ediwir (OCE)
: I don't play World of Tanks so i can't really compare. I did a quick check on game modes however - it seems it's possible to win by killing, something that in League is impossible. In a system that determines victory by killing, tracking damage is actually a way of determining who contributed most, but in League it's base-only, so how else would you determine who contributed more to the objective of destroying the enemy base? Tracking inhibitor damage? So far i've noticed differences based on time spent dead, some very minor differences for KDA (_VERY_ minor), but 80-85% of the score seems to be win/lose based.
in WOT its actually similar in many ways. How the WN system works is, it's alot to do by close proximity damage vs long range, done to enemies. Then by base defense points (resetting the enemy that is capturing your base, a win alternative), then capture points, kills, spotting damage (as your spotting a enemy allows your team to make shots out of view range) then finally the small boost for win. So there is a possible way to incorporate similar effects here, since kills are a huge way to win, (or "Being fed" wouldn't be a term that causes so much concern.) and damage done (for those that do all but the kill and have it ks'd...lol), assists, and "structure damage", cs etc etc. The game records these stats in match history, so it can be used to show your efficiency. It would just take a while to get a balance to show a fair grouping/rating. For WN rating it took the players actually with debate and explanation, turned the "Ratings" into a way better balance. Just like all you highly experienced players could do here.
: What's Drophack?
OCE area in gaming in general has been experiencing server issues due to the underwater cables being accidentally severed by different means. Some of these lag spikes/server based crashes etc have occurred due to rerouting systems have needed to be done, and servers getting overloaded and crashed. these issues have been occurring in a few games out there. Some are the companies general probs, some are due to the above statement. Stupid dragline fishing trawlers.......
Rooksy (OCE)
: If you take the variation in my results and work up from it, it’s possible the champ mastery system may work as advertised when your team wins, though it’s hard to prove this without more than one win to compare. However the fact that losses are capped suggests that when you lose, the system barely considers your ‘true’ individual performance at all - instead using the overall outcome of the game (which is the performance of five players) to define your individual performance, irrespective of statistics. The point I’m making, is that when a game starts going badly the potential loss for players who are doing well increases exponentially as your ‘individual performance’ reward may be compromised by the poor performance of your teammates. This provides increased scope for trolls or undesirable players to frustrate their teammates, or new cause for teams to flame under-performing players. This should not happen as a result of a system that claims to measure individual performance..
Good point, also a reason to toxic game play is stats being introduced...so being punished so heavily for a loss isn't beneficial, as stated above, trolls can screw you up, therefore promoting even more aggro in the game...was this system really thought through??? Quick easy fix, record the player's contributions and reflect that, win or lose, trolls lose an edge.
Ediwir (OCE)
: Technically, it sounds to me quite the opposite. If the aim of the game becomes "having a high score" there's thousands of ways to obtain that without going for the nexus. But if you're rewarded for making your team win, well... You have to make your team win. I guess they just don't want people to focus on their own performance so much that they end up losing sight of the game objective. Or, they consider the game objective part of what should be in your performance. Which make sense (you don't play well by losing). Still, 200-1400 variation... that's pretty huge.
That idea is flawed. Another game I play well is Wot, that shows a colour/skill system that has a skill vs stats based system. Basically "Red" or "Tomatoes" are players that don't play well and effectively don't contribute to your teams effectiveness/win, therefore aren't efficient players. Where as The Blue/Purples (Also named blunicums/unicums) have high stats because they do alot in the game trying to help your team win. Now these players also have the 60-80% win ratio's because they contribute to your teams success. As you state that players can get a good efficiency without pushing the nexus...well just by being efficient, they accidentally push your team to the victory.....as a flip side to that, it's a team game...why should 1 highly efficient player with 4 scrubs be penalised for losing if they did all that could be done to win??? At least Wot's WN8 system reflects the effort put in to win regardless of the outcome. Hopefully with time and feedback, this rating system comes out with a true reflection of a players skill. Wot's WN system is in it's 8th set and has finally balanced out to truly reflect a players gaming ability, win or lose, if you work hard, you deserve rewards or it being shown.
: Vi or Nocturne (I didn't know which Board to put this in)
I'm a scrub at the game, and I can do well in Vi. Haven't been fortunate to play Nocturne so won't comment. But honestly, whatever you play well and suits your play style. My issue is "Shinny things" attract my attention, its why I have champs I can't play.......
: > [{quoted}](name=TouchMyKimchi,realm=OCE,application-id=Ntey9fRZ,discussion-id=schJtmtd,comment-id=00010000,timestamp=2015-05-09T01:27:49.659+0000) > > "if you can't take any criticism then you shouldn't be playing a competetive game" > > (DO NOT ENJOY LEAGUE OF LEGENDS AS A FUN AND RELAXING VIDEO GAME, GOT THAT!?) You sir, deserve an upvote ^^
MrPine (OCE)
: Win rate %
Isn't it mainly reliant on your 4 team mates? As I see players do really well, but low win rates because of the team......is there another way to refer to your efficiency with a champion?
: I've stopped playing in the morning because kids queue up for ranked at 8:10am and need to leave by 8:30am so they say "all push mid now because mum says i have to leave now"
Ouch. Why even que up if you have only 20 mins??? I feel sorry for any that this happens too. Offenders need to really wake up to themselves.
: > [{quoted}](name=Colonel Wong,realm=OCE,application-id=3fteLeTW,discussion-id=L65wrRYe,comment-id=0002,timestamp=2015-03-17T03:33:42.226+0000) > > Is there a system in place to detect if "leavers" are not just suffering from poor connections? I have sent many tickets to riot about receiving queue joining delays, due to my internet "cutting out" in the league client, in queue, and during champion select, when I was not experiencing any connection issues with other internet reliant applications. > > This luckily doesn't happen anymore, but this is not due to any riot solutions given in response to my tickets, but rather upgrading to fibre broadband in nz. This is a problem experienced by quite a few people Ive talked to, and they do not have much success with riot given solutions either. > Back when I did experience these issues however, I lost LP on several occasions because of it, and nothing was done in response to that either. Then you should not have been playing League. If you lag constantl/sporadically, and D/C often enough to impact the outcomes of games, you should not be playing until the problem is resolved.
Not a good call. Why punish anyone for playing games based on their countries internet??? For example, when the cables get cut by fishing trawlers (which happens alot surprisingly), should all Australian users just stop playing based off your theory? Bad ping/internet is a fact. If it's sporadic, the 1 person that dc's once etc or lags isn't the reason the team loses....or it wouldn't be a team game. I'm sure if it's really bad, anyone fair player would stop playing as letting others down isn't what they are about.
: Blind Pick
> [{quoted}](name=Arclight Vayne,realm=OCE,application-id=Ntey9fRZ,discussion-id=f7MbtR8X,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2015-05-01T06:13:18.511+0000) > > if you vsed people your skill level you wouldn't learn anything :^) but then again. playing normals you don't learn anything from that either :^) go play ranked noober. You will be surprised what you learn versing people of your skill level. Some of us research builds and why, but the key is you're playing someone as apprehensive/aggressive/bad, which gives a bit of forgiveness. Being spanked by a smurf 10+ times in 15 mins teaches you nothing, but how to leave the game and lose the company money....oh thats right, the player base also dwindles and then you never have anyone you can beat because they're all your level and schooling you.... You need a fair skill level player out there. Or less thick skinned players leave the game, never learn anything, because alot of bad@trolling players ruin the process of proceeding. Balancing the player level is a start, but when I was trialling PvP, it was only +5/-5 to mm. Even that is a huge player difference. (Lvl 3 runes vs 2 and 5 more points in masteries adds up...plus flash/smites etc) But until we have more players, that aren't smurfs seal clubbing, you're stuck with limited options that the designers can implement.
Xicious (OCE)
: Every game is winnable!
Congrats on beating the Trolls, but they'll never learn from it. But sometimes, when your team stands no chance, it is hard to just sit there and waste the next 15-20 mins and hope to pull of your type of victory. (With me on the team, I am amazed if we win....lol as I am a hindrance not a help....lol) So just moving on steals their glory killing, which is no harm. They know they won well, no need to boost their stats or ego's. Congrats on the lucky run.
oops (OCE)
: You only have 1 hand?
Yeah it's why I play this game. You can play it 1 handed. All the necessary items are on screen to play or use. It's crazy to play though when the fun fires right up, like team fights etc. But it can be achieved, just not as fast as you 2 handed players.
: ***
I know I'm not good. I'm not mad, like yourself. Or the 12 year old comment wouldn't be here. But ty for your useless fact. Just a question though. I have seen the face in your comment used to mock some person, what is the reference to or who is the person? As your copycat trolling has no relevance to people who have no idea.
: Please remove snow ball from ARAM.
Frozen has a very valid point. With Fiora, I was hiding at the 2nd turret, snow ball fired, I'm in the middle of the map, and with my Q I dive the back lines and then Ulti chopping them up. It has added a very OP engage method for Champs like Fiora. Then another match I watch Vi just dump in exactly the same way. it's not a balanced method being engaged from out of screen range. It's fun if in a champ designed for "Diving", but crap for anything else. Worst game experience, my whole team were spell casters or ranged, I was in Anivia. The enemy had 4 fighter/tank/assassins and 1 ADC ranged... It was a white wash, we couldn't engage, where they just made it a gank fest. Even "Dodging" a snowball wasn't easy when your in a team battle after 1-2 enemy engage and your focus is on them, you don't see the off screen long range dive bombers.
Rioter Comments
: and................................im done
: depression isnt real.
More like a fail Troll
: Communications are 2 directional, which means, the responsibility and consequences are also shared by both parties involved. While the guy who initiated the assault is obviously at wrong, but it really doesn't hurt to get that extra inch of skin. it's pretty darn helpful, both online and in real life. Indeed people who are experiencing their lows in their lives might go and do things when they get insults across the net which is supposed to be their healing ground, but know this, it's the internet you just can't change what it is. So it's better off the urge both sides to either behave and self protect instead of simply expecting 1 side to take it all. In my honest opinion that is.
I play these games to experience these issues to get the thicker skin. But we shouldn't have to tolerate hearing it or supporting it. Like homura and Sackboy, their attitudes aren't real, they just like to Try and troll, and they feel being keyboard warriors empower themselves because they have bigger issues than most and are weaker than most, probably bullied or unempowered in real life, like other bullies or Alpha want to be's. So instead, we should support each other, empower not tread on. Muting etc isn't a way to solve the issue, maybe standing up to them is better. Your point gets a +1 , but "It's the internet" view that takes us all to change it.
: I don't want to sound like a complete ass when I say this but, honestly, these kinds of people really don't give a sh!t. It's the internet, the "human" element is removed. You can't see, hear, smell or touch the people you are interacting with in a lot of situations, which is even more true for league. The people who tell others to do those kinds of things don't feel guilt or shame or remorse, they don't feel bad for doing it because they don't perceive the people they're interacting with as "real". Appealing to their morals isn't going to help, because their morals don't apply to the internet (assuming they have any to begin with). I know it sucks but, maybe, if you can't handle that aspect of the internet you shouldn't be using it in a way that exposes you to such behaviour. There **IS** a mute button, use it. There **IS** a report button, use it. If that doesn't help, maybe you should stop playing online games.
Fine, I'll resort to be a drunk......or maybe these twats should have us as a community say "that shits not tolerated". To be honest, don't stick up for anti sociable behavior by saying 'harden up princess', try "hey numpty, that shits not tolerated"
: > [{quoted}](name=Sackboy,realm=OCE,application-id=Ntey9fRZ,discussion-id=fMpkF18R,comment-id=000000000000000000000001,timestamp=2015-04-27T02:05:19.750+0000) > > Please put aside my trollish nature and just think for a minute, if you honestly debate committing suicide because some random twelvie on the internet told you to, then you're far to weak to continue on with life regardless. League has a mute feature, more people need to utilize it, instead of, you know... crying about this boy told me to kill myself, I just may, to garnish some attention about it? Honestly, if you debate your life because of someone you have never met told you to? Then please do, you'll get no sympathy for me besides a thank you for not polluting this planet more than you already have. Well said, stop being a weak minded virgin you little emo kids.
Wow I hope your life is problem free, you never get sick or have a child.
: > [{quoted}](name=Slim Chaedi,realm=OCE,application-id=Ntey9fRZ,discussion-id=fMpkF18R,comment-id=00000000000000000000,timestamp=2015-04-27T02:00:04.190+0000) > > I'm so sorry that its so wrong of me to think people shouldn't be told to kill themselves. > I can comment all I damn want though. I suggest you don't comment because you are the kind of scum that is bad for any community. You are literally saying we should encourage suicide rates. no ones encouraging suicide rates ( i agree with MOST of sack-boys comments) , if a stranger on the internet (who you're never going to have any interaction with other than in this game ) can influence you so much with 2 words then you are a weak person. absolutely pathetic. also you can mute people. there fixed all your problems . don't come crying here boi
Like my original post, its not what the 1 person that they have never met says, but it can be the last straw. Schema's are "repetitive" situations or words that are said over and over, for example, if your parents for your whole child hood said "your useless, you're never going to make anything from your life, you find 90% of these people don't. Its what makes "bullying" etc effective. There is a term. Hearing positive things makes you a positive person and a you become successful in life. If all you hear is negativity, you become negative and like some, end their life because a keyboard hero tells you to end it. Funny thing is that keyboard warrior wouldn't saying it to your face, because they're the weak ones. So yes, people do get affected by our random comments, and we should keep them to ourselves. yes we shouldn't really listen to them, but wow, think beyond the screen your looking at....
: > [{quoted}](name=Sackboy,realm=OCE,application-id=Ntey9fRZ,discussion-id=fMpkF18R,comment-id=00000000,timestamp=2015-04-27T01:53:59.006+0000) > > It works both ways, if someone telling you to kill yourself on a video game makes you think about doing it you're too weak to be on the internet, you're too weak for life and should just kill yourself regardless. Anyone who cries about this situation is worse than SJW's and feminists, simply put, life is hard, one person having so much power over you, that you have never met before? That's laughable. > > I have no sympathy for idiots, and if these idiots kill themselves off then it's just a win/win. I know you are a troll Sackboy, but seriously... I feel like you are the kind of person found at Klan rallies.
It wouldn't have the MINERALS to say this face to face. It's a internet warrior not a troll. If face to face, like them all, would be cowering by the exit ready to run or hide, always tough behind a keyboard, not in person. No need to give it anymore net space.
Ospie (OCE)
: It's a long post I know, and hopefully anyone interested in why someone would resort to self-harm/suicide will get a bit more understanding. If you're not one of those people then please skip the bottom two paragraphs. As someone who's been through depression and anxiety, courtesy of PTSD after nearly being crushed to death at work, the self-harm aspect comes from wanting to stop the suffering. It took me 5 years to finally beat it, I literally lost 5 years of my life to this shit and throughout that time I went through the following (which is just a sliver of the whole, and doesn't include the loss of all my savings) every single day. There were times I felt like giving it all up and it was only the thought of the impact on my family and friends that stopped me from doing it, that's right, I didn't kill myself because of a selfless motive, not because I wanted to go on living. Anxiety can manifest through panic attacks where you hyperventilate and literally feel like you are dying (I used to get these a lot in supermarkets, though the worst ones were at home, where you hope to feel 'safe/sheltered) - for some people these can happen multiple times a day. The depression side can be a permanent feeling of dread, self-worthlessness, questioning the meaning of your existence at all, you end up feeling guilty about everyone who is close to you suffering because of you; getting understanding is one of the hardest barriers to coming through depression since as a society we still treat it as a 'harden up' issue, and that's even when you've finally mustered enough courage over weeks to talk to someone about it - my own father changing his attitude was one of the biggest 'victories' - before then I felt like an utter failure. On the topic of feeling like a failure your own mind is spamming that shit at you constantly and you grow to hate yourself. So reading the comments here I feel disgusted at the complete lack of empathy from what seems like the majority of posters (even after you subtract the obvious trolls). I'm making this reply to you though just cause it seems like you're willing to give the issue some thought, and just maybe when someone in your life is going through this you'll be able to show some understanding and empathy, you could genuinely be saving their life by just getting them to talk about it and know they're not alone. As for people telling people to kill themselves in game whilst raging (cause this is totally healthy, acceptable, and normal right?) in the same way you can save someone by being that one little light that suddenly gives them enough hope to not take their own life, a thoughtless insult can equally be the last straw that someone needs to end it all. Finally to these ignorant people saying that people who may take these insults seriously are weak and should just die, those same people you call weak are probably fighting harder than you ever have done in your lives to just continue another day. Also statistically between 8-12% of the worlds population suffers from depression at some stage in their life, so there's a good chance that unless you're living under a rock in your mums basement your whole life there are going to be people you know who will go through depression, and I pity them if this is the understanding they'll get from you - I hope they have other friends and family who are better than you.
Very well worded mate. I also suffer as I served and got shot at a few times, had our vehicle run over a land mine etc etc etc I am still coping yet trying to deal with it. These games are a coping mechanism. But unfortunately a few scrubs are happy to say on screen what they wouldn't say to a persons face. Because if standing in front of someone talking like they do, would get them a smack in the mouth or more. So for all out there try and take this approach to chatting ingame - SAY ONLY WHAT YOU'D SAY TO A PERSONS FACE. And expect the consequences to your actions.
Urgot Bot (OCE)
: I've had plenty of problems during my life, but what I've never understood is why people resort to self-harm... I mean, what good is it going to do? it's obviously not gonna help, so why do it? I'm obviously missing something about those people who do perform self-harm, but I just don't see the point :/
Here is a answer to your question. Well I have a metal dissorder known as PTSD. I like alot of friends, doing service for our country has had to take another's life. Having to do this beats alot of us up, and many cope in different ways. Alot of us play competitive games as a distraction from real life. Alot of us rage easy and yeah we just go off!!! I'm not giving them a excuse to rage etc. but just placing down some facts. Also a few of us go the other extreme and yeah, do self harm, and even commit suicide. When on a pixellated game, and some scrub from somewhere tells you your useless, your crap etc etc etc. Some people let their "SCHEMA" control them and they actually believe it and do it. Everyone has 2 Schema's or more that control them http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Schema_(psychology) Anyone can get PTSD and anyone can be mentally scarred or affected, so yeah chosing our words ingame can be detrimental. To be honest, my SCHEMA "Fear Of Failure" causes me difficulty in playing PvP. I don't want to let the team down. So yeah, all out there. Be mindful hey?
: Uninstalled league to make this board's post at a diamond level. Yet posted on a level 5 account. Logic/10
So your saying he made a Smurf account and still is bad@lol? Wonder what his other looks like?
: Coaching Sessions.
Rare yet nice to see, if i ever get up there, i will probably drop in a line.
: Bots In ARAM?????
These scrubs are also Plaguing PvP vs AI. I have a list of them but I can't name and shame them. But we should. The consequences to the actions aren't valid or balanced. Name and Shame works. that way too if your in ranked and see a player that's a bot script user...you know they're a self centered waste of space, that's out for themselves not the team or the win. Kind of a useful tool actually.
Tweekerz (OCE)
: Three 4v5's in a row now in norms
Well I have noticed a increase in AFKer's and bot Script users.... Who knows? Good Luck with that.
Polaka (OCE)
: Losing points when team afk
Hmm lying to make a point...interesting. Plus the games you fed you lost, the ones you didn't you won. Do you dive often? If your team gives up in frustration and just afk's on you, You ever thought its your play style? I'm actually new to the game, but from observations and being a good player in another competitive game, you look like you derp in and expect the team to carry you, and when you play non derpy, you play really well and look at that - WIN. It appears to happen in alot of games.....hmmm
: Time for some ARAM
I enjoy this version as a break so I'm keen to see this lol. Cheers for the heads up.
nqcKratos (OCE)
: It would be nice to have some clarity regarding a champion's moves
So by hovering your mouse over the ability ingame, those numbers provided aren't accurate? (Or are those numbers only there vs AI/bot games? In PvP I have never looked because I'm focussing on contributing/fighting)
sturman8r (OCE)
One I used to use when in the Army and we travelled oversea's... "Hi there, you look like you have some Aussie in you, No you don't? Well do you want some???" {{champion:126}}
: Star Guardian Lux should look more like Sailor moon! xD
Probably just avoiding copyright issues lol. I see alot of champs look very similar to a few hobbies/games/anime I've been playing/watching for over 20 yrs running around.... And to be honest, those skins are why I get that Champ lols. So keep up the cool skins.
: ***
Thats the scarey part...it will be back....
Jink (OCE)
: The life of a Support.
So your arguement, is it about the Wards, or the fact that Top/Jungle/mid lanes aren't gold sufficient enough to allow players in these area's to contribute more with the purchasing of Wards, and then applying them out in the field? Or like the other comments are you stating the wards themselves aren't cost effective, for the other lanes to use them? If so, like Jungle weapons, why not ask for Jungle wards, that are just as effective as what laners use but more cost efficient/appropriate for said role? I don't know, just throwing that option out there from a learning player myself.
R3cip3 (OCE)
: Open Teamspeak for all!
Cheers mate, I have 1 also and was offering players the same deal lol. ( I'll just leave mine to my Tanking buddies and hang with you guys instead lols) Cheers mate.
: > [{quoted}](name=AnArtillerySpec,realm=OCE,application-id=Ntey9fRZ,discussion-id=Rd1GdLvd,comment-id=000000010000,timestamp=2015-04-27T09:30:24.692+0000) > > Or as stated, you learn how the Champ generally works. Like the right abilities, how to progress that champ. Not to mention generally build for them. > Just getting a good feel on them, makes it easier to play PvP without feeling too much like a Scrub. I'd just like to state that you have 1 normal win, and just a tip when you hit level 30 **DO NOT** rush into ranked, i made that mistake when i first hit level 30, probably not the only reason im currently in bronze but thats one of the factors.
Yeah I have like a 20% win ratio in normals.....5 games 1 win is depressing. ( I feel that has a little to do with the +5/-5 to match making, which isn't even balanced.(One battle all of us were lvl 18-19 vs a team of lvl 24's....) Lvl 2 runes vs lvl 3 runes plus 5 masteries doesn't sound much, but it is. but thats a issue out of my control) 85 takedowns and 1025 minions destroyed means an average per game is - 17 take downs and 205 CS..... It was disheartening to play and contribute to a fight, but still get spanked. I felt it was my failure with the Champs use that did it, but then being only 20% of the team, really wasn't just my fault. So going to bots to "Get Gud" or in my case - "get better" with a champ makes a huge diff in confidence. A FYI average stats vs AI for me goes a little like this. 20 take downs and 108 cs. I get a 3 and if lucky a 4 item build made before the game is over, plus I get a bit of practice with team fighting, reading the mini map, keeping tabs on where the enemy champs are. Practice jungling, what champs easily do it vs struggles, like I learnt some champs are really good junglers without the need of someone Aggroing/Leashing 1st. Plus the equip a Jungler uses helps etc, etc, etc. So vs AI this helps at getting it right, plus the timing for minion kills etc is very good to work out to be a efficient team member. Because 1 player doesn't win a fight, but they help the other 5 win. Also, _**I WILL NOT BE GOING INTO RANKED GAMES**_....until I know what the hell I'm doing lol. But thanks for the early warning lol.
: > [{quoted}](name=Sackboy,realm=OCE,application-id=Ntey9fRZ,discussion-id=Rd1GdLvd,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2015-04-27T00:33:44.656+0000) > > Just play normals... you learn nothing decimating bots. you learn that basics of how to ignore dragon and feed
Or as stated, you learn how the Champ generally works. Like the right abilities, how to progress that champ. Not to mention generally build for them. Just getting a good feel on them, makes it easier to play PvP without feeling too much like a Scrub.
: CS means creep score. A creep Score is the number of minions/neutral monsters/pets you've killed and can be found to the far right of the score screen (by holding tab).
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