: I get matched against silver players in ranked all the time. The problem is when the laners lose a fight in lane. Instead of buying some armor and farming safely they always want to 1 v 1 and end up at 0/8 at 15 minutes. I guess is it these people that he is raging at and for good reason. Anyone that doesn't buy defensive items and farms safely when behind should not be playing ranked. They are making themselves harder to carry for everyone else.
Then they'll stay low ranked while people who are better than them will level up.
: your game is fucking trash change my mind
> its because my teams are shit that im in silver and thats a fact. What's more likely - that you're not as good as you think you are, or that Riot have, out of their entire player base, singled you in particular out and are paying their staff to constantly monitor your queues so that they can manually set matchmaking to put you on a team that's much weaker than the opposing team? > fuck the people who ruin ranked games for others Like people who flame their teammates for not being good at the game you mean? > your game is fucking trash Then why are you still playing? I pity you if you have so little going on in your life that you've nothing better to do than play a trash game.
: Login Issues OCE
Yeah it just fell over about an hour ago and has been almost unusable since
Hyoen (OCE)
: revert ryze.
What a well thought-out comment, really agreed with all your points and reasonings {{sticker:slayer-jinx-unamused}}
3Bies (OCE)
: League of Legends Bugsplat me and gave 3 Support Response errors, then gave me 5 Leaverbusters...
Game is broken at the moment; 3 ranked games, someone not able to connect in each one. Friend had to do an entire reinstall of the game to fix whatever the latest patch broke. Everyone in games is complaining about bugsplatting. Riot has messed something big up with the latest update.
: passive trolling anjd why isnt it being dealt with
Building a gold item isn't a waste of gold; in fact not building it would be the waste. Not using your sighstone isn't any more punishable than not using your trinket or not using the actives on your items. Sure it's poor play, but it's not punishment worthy.
: A direct way to contact a human at riot is needed.
> Had a post get deleted by a mod because apparently pointing out trolls is bad No, because witchhunting is bad; and photoshop is a thing. I could make a thread saying "WaxLadrian used homophobic slurs all game" and no-one would know whether its true or not. I could even whip up a couple of screenshots that "prove" you did it. Combine that with the fact that the boards can't ban anyone anyway, and there's no reason to allow the threads to remain. You can submit a manual support ticket to riot where you can describe the troll's behaviour, and they can watch the full replay. Only catch is it'll probably take a couple of weeks to get reviewed, and they generally aren't allowed to tell you if they got punished or not.
: Riot have a new punishment system!
Got any proof? Because making claims like that without any proof is pretty unethical.
: Come on. As if you've had a game where your entire team goes under 1.0 KDA.
Most people will have at some point. You think you're the only one who gets bad teams?
: I don't hecraim should've been nerfed, he's already really fking weak. Celerity needs needs a slight buff. Good job on nexus blitz 10/10. Sudden impact nerf is trash. Scorch should be reverted to help champions that struggle in lane ( solo q no jungler ). Aery good nerf. The tanks nerf are why.. Tanks aren't even played ( solo q ) needs to get reverted + buffed. Wukong nerf is good but needs a little more health, if he falls behind he's useless. All i got time for guys thx for listening to me im lvl 28.
Did... did you even read the page? "Hecarim is pretty weak currently, but we want to be careful about how we buff him. A bit more extended dps should help him shine in the mid-game"
Meyovir (OCE)
: New at Ranked
DarkShade has really good advice - only things I'd add is if you have good experiences with anyone in-game add them; if you can find a duo partner you get on well with you'll find it a much more enjoyable experience. Also practise getting good vision down. You should be warding almost on cooldown at first until you develop an understanding of where and when you need vision. Buy a control ward each back if you can. Try to get into the habit of checking the minimap whenever you have a second free; with the vision you got earlier you should be able to see ganks coming. Try to get used to your opponents' lane habits - if they've been playing passive then suddenly start going aggressive on you that's a good sign there's a gank on the way.
00shots00 (OCE)
: ***
> lastly thats your opinion, and in life it doesnt work that way pal. It does if you don't have a fragile ego. Personally I couldn't care less what some stranger thinks of me; his opinion doesn't matter therefore neither does anything he says.
00shots00 (OCE)
: [Ban Dispute - Title Edited]
This is quite possibly the worst chat I've seen on the boards ever. Usually I'd try to give some encouragement on how to improve but to be honest I think League is much better off without you. {{sticker:sg-ahri-3}}
Socon (OCE)
: NERF Cho'Gath NERF Cho'Gath NERF Cho'Gath NERF Cho'Gath NERF Cho'Gath NERF Cho'Gath NERF Cho'Gath
All I can picture reading this is a 5 year old rolling around on the ground screaming
: not all wins are weighted equally
If someone loses 99% of their games they are not OP no matter how it's weighted
: they fucked zyra completely by taking away the strategically tactical point to her entire existence of being able to choose the placement location of her seeds. shes a dead champion.
You've always been able to place her seeds. She's far from dead; I still play her regularly and see her banned quite often.
Örnn Bot (OCE)
: Assassins
A champion cannot be broken as well as having a low winrate. You need to learn to play against them - hard CC will shut down most assassins, as well as building the correct items.
: Ban the right people
How do you know they haven't received any penalties? Are you friends with them?
: I'll try again in a while. Thank you for suggesting the ticket system to me.
Yeah it's pretty buggy - I've found using another browser helps. Otherwise try clearing out your cache and rebooting your browser.
: 14 day Banned copy paste prelobby player name?
Lodge a support ticket with Riot, should be able to get that overturned (and get them to change his summoner name). As far as their automated system is concerned you were being homophobic, it doesn't know you were copying and pasting.
Socon (OCE)
: He was broken yes. But now is garbage. If they just reverted him back before they changed him he'd be fine with increased q damage instead of going invis every 2 seconds. Now he has nothing. He's just dps. Why would an assasin be dps? Its retarded. Also why would you downvote this entire vote just because you're mad about one version of Kha'zix that i wasn't even talking about. Kha'zix is shit now, hes not broken lmao, i wasn't saying pre-nerf kha'zix was balanced, I was saying they changed him so many times for no reason which made him a broken champion which they had to nerf and because they made him broken he's now garbage.
Firstly it could have been anyone who downvoted - don't just pick someone and blame them for it because they happened to comment. Secondly there's an edit button on your posts - use that rather than just posting the same thing twice with more on the end.
wä ge (OCE)
: This is fucking embarrassing riot
Shouting like a little toddler isn't how you get your way once you get out of nappies.
Lipâge (OCE)
Sucks if you're with a 4-man premade then... don't do what they want? Bye bye account.
: IM stuck in bronze!
Congrats - the best way to climb is always to focus on your own play and areas you can improve, glad to hear it's working for you :) {{sticker:sg-ahri-2}}
: i am also unable to go to support because when i try to send a ticket it says i must be logged in to do so but i am already logged in so thanks for the idea!
Try a different browser - I've had issues in the past logging in with my main browser but worked fine from a different one.
: so i am banned from online game for saying noob? that is what you are saying? and that is ok?
> your ban isn't for any one specific thing you said ... > so i am banned from online game for saying noob? Not going to bother replying anymore if you aren't actually going to read comments.
: i know it was childish and i was in a very bad mood and maybe should have stop playing before the game but really? really? permanent ban for this? for saying noob? for what? i dont understand?
It was made clear to you after the 14-day ban that any further punishments would result in a permanent ban. So your ban isn't for any one specific thing you said, but for continuing to be toxic despite repeated warnings.
: permanent ban
Either you've had previous punishments and were on your last warning, in which case this would be enough to tip you over; or there's been an error and you should submit a support ticket. That said, you should work on being constructive in your chat. I'll paste the parts of your chat that are worth saying: >
Notoxic (OCE)
: YA BOI!!!!!!! made it back finally
Congratulations dude, keep it up. {{sticker:slayer-jinx-catface}}
: Chat log review request (YIKES)
I love the maturity in this thread, rare to see people on the boards actually take feedback and learn from it. Respect to both of you :) {{sticker:sg-ahri-2}}
I remember people saying this about Overwatch a while back. Didn't last long.
: Adding visibility to punishments shouldn't be that hard. Right now if 3 people report a toxic player each game they're toxic, and it takes 10 games of toxicity for them to get a punishment, each player has a 1 in 30 chance of being notified that the player has been punished (this is my understanding of the current system). This is unacceptable. When you report a player, the client should keep track of it in a list. Highlight reports resulting in punishments in red (maybe red for bans and orange for chat restrictions/suspensions), reports not resulting in punishments in green, and reports yet to be reviewed in yellow. Players profiles should also have an overlay indicating that they're suspended or banned.
Personally I'd love a system like that. So far the reasoning against it is that people might use it to try and work out what negative behaviours goes unpunished to game the system - not sure if I agree or not but that's the official word so far.
: Therein lies the problem. Even when players **_do_** get punished, the community's perception is that these players are getting away with toxic behavior.
You're correct, this is an issue. I've heard that Riot Tantram is working on some update to the honour/feedback system or something so here's hoping that it's an issue that'll be dealt with.
We should all join together and buy you a caps lock button. {{sticker:slayer-jinx-catface}}
: I mean, it needs to change I just got told in 8 lines of text to get cancer and die, by a shen (who was trolling), muted him reported him post game, still waiting for an IFS popup {{sticker:slayer-jinx-unamused}} at this point i think riot's system only targets some players, not all, and prioritizes people standing up for themselves, good thing i have a mute button and unbound enter, makes life hell of a lot easier lol
IFS popup is rare, not something you get every time a report is processed.
baobod (OCE)
: 2018 adc????
> THEY STILL NOT GONNA TO ANY CHANGE You heard it here first kids. Riot are not gonna to any change.
: Illaoi is "full figure". You're talking obese. You want an obese female in league. Which is fine, but lets not mince words. But the inspiration for making a champion should come from a cool idea about the kit or gameplay not just "lets put a fat woman in".
Agreed. Diverse body types and characters are great, as long as they aren't shoehorned in to tick off a box.
Cookie (OCE)
: Do something riot
> Reddit has proven, time and time again, that the only way to get a riot response to a real issue is to post it here instead of their boards. Then why did you post it here? Seems silly to post if you know you're not gonna get a response.
Ornn Bot (OCE)
: yi can never get hit by a teemo q so dont see how that works
He sure can if Teemo has any sense. Wait for alpha strike then Q. If he's so broken then why is your only game in the last week on him a loss and your only one against him a win?
: League of Legends is being eaten alive by Epic Games, aka a real gaming company
: Where is my chat restriction? And help me!
Instead of pushing enter after you've typed at that feeding mid, push escape instead. Then sing a verse of tubthumping
: Trust a noob thats lvl 31 to say that get rid of the competition lmao
Be very careful - people might do extremely cunning tactics to get you to post your logs, such as asking questions like "please post your logs". This is a trick - what they are trying to get you to do is post your logs, but that might not be obvious from the question. Don't fall for it! /s
Xperia (OCE)
: lol why even ask him to post the reform card you are just baiting him to post it
What kind of world do you live in where asking for something point blank is "baiting"? I guess I "baited" McDonald's into giving me a large mocha this morning by asking for one, sure baited them good. There's no reason to not post your logs if you actually think your punishment isn't warranted; and if you're not willing to then why make a thread? Normally when you want to make a claim you've been mistreated you provide proof.
: You Banned Me For What
You literally didn't say a single constructive thing all game. You could have not chatted at all and nothing would have changed. Doesn't matter what your team says to you - just mute them at the first sign of toxicity and worry about your own play. Retaliating doesn't achieve anything and doesn't get taken into consideration by the punishment system.
: Because you get a comment from riot if you have reported them and something happens to them
No. You *sometimes* get a comment, but most of the time you don't. This doesn't seem to be very well known unfortunately - it'd save a lot of angst and misunderstandings if Riot could make this more widely known.
: Unfairly banned? Ban appeal
Have you had chat restrictions in the past? What your teammates say has no relevance to how you are judged for your own chat.
Jasonsu (OCE)
: Inting teammates
And what's your suggested solution? Instaban everyone with a bad scoreline?
Xperia (OCE)
: i dont want any trinket in my inventory what is the best way to do this and win?
: 15/20 games of verbal abuse + 4 games of people going afk
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