: Death threats are not okay, no matter what. HOWEVER, > He's only 13 This isn't an excuse. I just turned fifteen, I'm barely two years older than him. Does that give me any unfair advantages? Obviously not. I don't care how old he is. I don't care why he did it. The fact is, he stole someone else's stuff and tried to profit off of it. > Why wouldn't a 13 year old do that? I didn't even think of doing that, and when I entered a different writing competition when I was 13, I didn't even think of doing that then either. A thirteen year old wouldn't do that because it's wrong. Plagarism isn't okay. His sob story doesn't matter here. It's a competition with rules clearly stated. He didn't follow them so he got disqualified. He shouldn't get special treatment just because he's 13. Yes, we've done the community a great favor by not letting someone who plagarised and cheated to win.
Wow, your an angel, you didn't have the opportunity when your 13 to be confronted with an innocent deed. An online competition with no expectations of winning. Don't be a fool to think 2 years of maturity is nothing but time, sure, his a little weird and autistic maybe, but he doesn't deserve to die.
HeartVine (OCE)
: NOTE: I'm about to comment on this and I don't want it to be misinterpreted, so to be perfectly clear **I do *NOT* condone the use of threats, of any kind, for any reason. It is a horrible behaviour that people should not have to put up with.** *With that said* The poster who used the Project Hunt story as their entry broke the rules of the contest, which were *explicitly* stated in the announcement post. It doesn't matter if they are a minor, the entry shouldn't have been valid in the first place, let alone take away a finalist spot from a *legitimate* entry. They broke the rules, and so got removed from consideration. That's how life works. And to be completely honest, I'm doubting this whole "he's only 13 and wanted to share his favourite fanfic" story, since I'm pretty sure that someone in that position (even a 13 year old) would realise that they should give credit where credit is due if they actually like something someone else has created. At the very least, I'd be inclined to believe there was intent to "cheat" the rules.
Doesn't mean they deserve to die... Its over m8, stop crying bout it. His 13
: stolen more like it... we have a the original author confirming too.
Achenar (OCE)
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What is wrong about PROJECT: Hunt? Can we stop hurting someone's hard work? Its a story, not a fairy tail we can read to our kids. Be nice to those who try there hardest. 1500 words...


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