Ninox (OCE)
: Those trinkets are for the Nexus Siege gamemode which is played on SR which is why they're listed as available on the map, but aren't available in normal games.
Thank you so much! I was really confused by it! : )
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: From my own - albeit limited - experience, blind pick is considered by many players to be a more relaxed/easygoing environment compared to draft pick or ranked solo-duo/flex. When people want to try out new champions, they might go to blind pick to do so. So, you get many experienced players. But running with this logic, you should also get those experienced players in **your** teams. {{sticker:vlad-salute}}
I see what you're saying, but when there are good players in your team and you do well, you don't necessarily have a decent play (i.e. good players get all the kills and you seem to be the only dead guy). Thanks anyway! {{champion:203}}
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