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El Vuur (OCE)
: Kayn = Aatrox Q, Illaoi Q, Flash, Zed R
His E isn't a bloody flash you nobhead. It's a one man version of Bard's magical journey.
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Zatyr (OCE)
: can we get a nerf on draven plz
A deaths dance nerf will be enough to bring him out of meta because draven's counter is burst damage. Being a former draven main, draven excels highly at doing damage which makes him good for solo queue but not for competitive play. He's not really good at anything else though.
Fitzky (OCE)
'Lee sin scales badly' one shots the enemy adc who is 16/8 at 40 mins while being tanky with 3200hp and doing most damage by the end of the game. Lee sin, to be accurate, is a early to mid game legend and falls off 'slightly' late game. Sure he is high risk high reward but he has so much mobility for someone who is supposed to be tanky and he has a lot of burst damage. He can also close gaps easily and create gaps. A lee sin rework would be a great idea to make him more of a duelist or fighter rather than a bursty tank who has amazing playmaking potential.
: Please nerf Darius
Stop complaining. Darius' mobility is low AF which makes him very kiteable. If you are really struggling, just run away because he cant chase. Furthermore, darius has enough counters, pretty much everyone with an invulnerability and is a carry top lane e.g. riven, fiora.
: Introducing Ezreal Nendoroid
This was for the weeaboos who wanted a movie (AKA anime) for LoL.
: If you pick an APC as a support...
As long as I get my farm, I'm all good. However if they force me to go duo carries bot lane, you already know what's happening.
: Banned for 14 days

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