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Ranks mean very little, apart from when you reach high end elo (Diamond 2 upwards)
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: Ok so I'll get the official stuff outta the way first. Unfortunately, Riot does not change punishments unless they were done in error. [Punishment is typically done in 4 steps;](http://boards.oce.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/announcements/L65wrRYe-player-behaviour-faq-updated-for-instant-feedback) * 10 game chat restriction * 25 game chat restriction * 14 day account ban * Permanent account ban Except in extreme cases such as hate speech and death threats (or consistent gameplay abuse or cheating) you will receive them in order. [It takes 3 months to drop one punishment tier.](http://boards.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/f/mNBeEEkI/d/p7scKW1K?comment=00050000000000000000) Your friend is free to create a new account, however if he does not reform his behaviour he will see the same outcome. ___ Now as for what he can do about it. On this account, nothing. You have said yourself that the punishment was deserved, and thus it will not be revoked or reduced. You mentioned that he has had a 14 day ban in the past, which means either his behaviour was severe or he had faced chat restrictions previously. Those punishment should have been more than enough warning. To make it to a perma ban you have to display either the heights of negativity or consistent negativity, and neither is considered acceptable. There is a warning in the 14 day ban reform card that states further negativity will likely lead to a permanent ban. I'm sorry but your friend had ample warning and ample chances to reform. Money and time spent do not impact punishments, only behaviour does. It's also worth noting that retaliation is also not considered acceptable. Defending yourself is fine, but responding with negativity in kind is not ok. ___ There are arguments that for verbal negativity a permanent chat ban would be more appropriate, but our behaviour is our responsibility, not Riot's. There are plenty of ways to do this yourself, by dragging chat off screen, or simply muting everyone at the start of the game and/or turning off all chat. Your friend was given plenty of warnings. If he wants to continue playing, he'll have to create a new account.
Rip, thanks for the reply.
: Good point. They should perm mute someone for offending too many salty kids. Leave the bans for other things. Unfortunately Riot will never unban him. It's a F2P game. You should never get emotionally attached and "invested" into an account when you know it isn't even yours and can be taken away at any time for any reason. Just look at any money spent as payment for many hours of entertainment. Your friend can just make another account.
I agree you shouldn't get attached or invested into a online game, but that doesn't stop people from getting invested anyway. He's a young teenage boy who's homeschooled, if he can't get attached to his account that he loves what should he get attached to? The point I'm trying to make is Riot is punishing people unfairly and quite honestly unjustly. Any other game would just mute him and maybe give him a two week ban, but after all this shit with tyler1 they're cracking down hard on toxic behavior. The game is for people aged 13 year and older, hence some bm and cussing is allowed. Sigh, if he's not unbanned i'm just going to lose faith in a company that cares more about money than their players.
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