: 2017 ranked season ends November 7
Hey, I'm challenger and just wanted to know what the physical reward is for this year.
: As long as it's uploaded online where we can easily access it (public), that is fine. But it's recommended that you upload to YouTube.
Yeah meets all the requirements and its uploaded on playsTV, unfortunately I cannot access the files for me to record it on youtube so I hope it's easy to access
: Does it meet all the contest rules?
It meets all the requirements but isn't on youtube.
: Show Us Your Replays Contest, Sponsored by Logitech
Can i upload my playsTV for submission? Cause I can't access replay files anymore :(
: Star Guardian Invasion Contest
If I say I love RTB's channel, will you give me rp?
Mindstar (OCE)
: LATEST UPDATE @ 1200pm AEST At this point we're still digging on the root cause of this, and unfortunately still don't have an ETA for a fix as yet. Our initial attempts to fix this issue by reverting the change made earlier have not been successful. We've got multiple engineers working through all potential causes and we will keep this thread up to date as we know more. Thanks for your patience and understanding - we want to get you back on the rift and diving those towers ASAP!
Please get the entire gang to help Ive been waiting for 3 hours
Mindstar (OCE)
: [COMPLETE / RESOLVED] OCE Platform Maintenance - 2017-08-30
Hey man, I just want to play some League of Legends with my friends, fix asap
: Until next Snowdown
Didn't like the map anyways
Block (EUNE)
: NO NERF !!! fcking rework him ..... completely... im a yasuo main and i can tell that MORE nerfs will destroy him. he needs full rework like the other champoons that riot reworked (sion,poopy,taric, the coming ww rework and so on). if he is with so toxic kit and it makes ppl hate him so much, then the only thing that can be done is a rework, a fucking nerfs will make the things only worse
Bro your english is just oh my lord
: Firstly, I just want to point out that you cant say: _"Once you understand how to beat him, he isn't even a challenge."_ and also say _"But i end the game positive every time (in very high elo games as well)."_ That puts serious legitimacy concerns on your argument straight away. I was once a Yasuo main, I did well with him most games, but when Azir came out, i found I enjoyed him more than Yasuo, and the ever increasing numbers of Yasuo players put me off ever picking him up again. Im not going to into wether I think he is OP or not, because what I think doesn't really matter. But what i think does matter, is the public's perception of Yasuo. **Straight up:** Most people hate him. Wether he is the highest skilled champ in any game ever and is pathetically weak, or wether he is a braindead OP monster, is irrelevant. People HATE him. They hate his spamabillity, they hate his guaranteed crit-strke lifesteal, they hate his windwall, and they hate his mobility. He just isn't fun to play against for most people. So for arguments sake, lets assume that he is perfectly balanced. If such a high population of people don't like him this much, can you really call him healthy for the game? Even if numbers-wise he is balanced. I personally would tend to vote "No", it isn't healthy. Vayne sits in a similar boat atm, she is an awesomely fun champion, with a normal win rate. But people just despise playing against her. And in a game where "fun" is the goal _(which is the fundamental point of ALL games.)_, having a champion that no one likes except the people who play them, does negatively affect the game, even if they aren't OP in terms of gameplay. ____________ This is why I think Yasuo is getting nerfed, not necessarily because he is OP, but because the people's view of him is so tainted with red, that Riot feels the healthiest thing to do, is to bring him down a peg or two _(wether his gameplay needs it or not.)_ If they didn't, and Yasuo just kept getting worse and worse in people's minds, it would get harder and harder to fix their perception as time goes by, until the point where there is so much hate for him, that Riot have no choice but to re-work him. So a flu-shot now, prevents Yasuo being crippled later on. That is what I think Riot's strategy is. Of course this is just my speculation, but it makes sense... _(The alternative is that he truly is just broken and cancerous... What story do you want to believe?)_
Well if people hate yasuo that much, shouldn't their #1 priority be learning how to counter yasuo? I mean their are many salty silvers, bronzies and even more, yes I understand that his damage is completely broken, but his skill cap becomes 10x harder in higher elos, even though I do well as Yasuo in ranked games he is really easy to counter, as long as Yasuo feeds then he is no longer capable of doing anything, once he is so behind he is literally useless, it's a 4v5, and I have vsed Yasuo several times, yes I can agree he is cancer at times to face but I often win the lane because I know what mistakes they will make and I will expect them to do things that are obvious, I think yasuo is in a perfectly balanced spot right now, he only got nerfed a few patches ago with the Phantom Mallet and does not need another nerf, This nerf forced yasuo to build normally, nothing has changed really if you ask me as a Yasuo main.
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: 2016 ranked season ends soon
: Thank You
The game has changed me a lot, never thought I'd get this far, very addicting and fun game, it has shown me a new way to make friends and I love it, unfortunately I've only been playing for 2 years(almost 3) and I hope I can keep playing it, however it may be limited since I'm almost approaching Year 9, but overall good game Riot.
DipperOCE (OCE)
: But like... How long have you been playing?
Gehirn (OCE)
: So the short of it is, your account was caught in a ban wave detecting the use of MKjogo, but the ban was overturned as it appears the application is no longer in use. Please avoid using applications like this in future as it may still lead to a ban of your account.
Oh, yes about that one, I deleted that about 7 months ago, but there was no way to Uninstall it, seriously, my friend told me to download it for testing, but that was 2 years ago, the time when I was using it for skins, but I never used that feature again for a long time, and then I knew it was time I should not use those skins ever again, so I chose to delete it, but for some reason as I was about to delete it, there was no way, I went online and there were forums about people asking and I couldn't find any solutions to it at all, as well as the 1 day ban I got last time, I chose to delete it again, but yet again, no way, I tried looking online but no solution again, so I'm not sure whether the program lasts even If I delete it or not.
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DipperOCE (OCE)
I know, a lot of people don't believe me either.
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