Noki (OCE)
: The number game
GigaPube (OCE)
: yeah ive thought about that, similar to counter strike, and most likely other games. you wouldnt be allowed to play with runes you dont have, judging by ritos usual logic. also this would still only encourage leaving to make it like its even less of a big deal. if they could still get instapunished like losing IP and it gets transferred to the replacement as an extra reward that would be cool, but it seems way too complicated for such a thing that riot wouldnt benefit from, financially of course....
Its a bit of a misconception that all riot cares about is money, they do need money to pay for their huge staff and *especially* with the new game they have plans on making right now. Aside from that though, it would certainly be more of a "for the players" initiative, and with all the plans Riot has right now in terms of pre-season wrap up and harrowing and Worlds... its probably not going to be something Riot will look at in the near future. BUT, hopefully someone will at least see this post to plant the thought in their head and hopefully bring it up with other rioters.
: inb4 no reply from staff
sadly i dont think they've seen it, maybe if i keep posting and keeping the thread alive theyll notice it aha
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Maraudaur (OCE)
: Hey man, Its always easier said than done but just focus on learning a bit each game and just keep improving. There is nothing to be nervous about everyone starts somewhere! I remember my first pvp game I was playing against Morde as Morgana mid. I kept hitting morde but doing no damage and had no idea why -_- (his shield passive !) I wasn't nervous even though I had no idea why I couldnt kill morde. But I learnt from the game and just went from there step by step. No need to be nervous about playing the game just make sure you're positive and learn from each game!
> I kept hitting morde but doing no damage and had no idea why -_- (his shield passive !) It ended up being a whole year before i found out the reason i was doing no damage to him was his shield, and that the tiny white bar under his health was that... It was so unclear as to what the heck that bar was that i just refused to play against morde from thinking he was bugged out to heck T_T
Bipolar (OCE)
: Hello Riot, I'm an abusive player.
Personally i dont fully understand what the problem is here. Yes i agree chat restriction is somewhat counter-productive but other than that just mute toxic players and ignore and/or just tough out the ones that troll. Theres not a single game that doesnt have trolls that play just to get under your skin. It's not entirly right to just tell everyone to "have thick skin" but come on, what do you do when someone annoys you on the bus or train? you just ignore it and let them pass, same basic concept.
: I got Hacked
I wish you luck! Things like that can be really scary... but just remember, if its not from a league event and in client, its not legit and certainly never free D: I hope you get your account back!
a poem to Riot for 3 rp is kinda cute aha
: And with all being said it's now out for sale. Have a fun time playing with them :)
I got the alpha strike bundle for all the first strike borders :D
: Let's be nice.
Unfortunately when push comes to shove only a handful of people end up thinking this way,
Adriel (OCE)
: On the post of the Project: Skins on surrender@20 it said they would be out on the 8th and I as well thought that we would be getting them on our 8th not the American 8th. :({{item:3745}}
in fact i think they're getting released on the beginning of the 9th? because if they were to be released **on the 8th** it would be at 00:00 in the morning. But it states [at the end of the time frame]( >PROJECT First Strike Be among the first to unlock new PROJECT skins from 9/8 - 9/15 23:59 PDT and show that you were part of the First Strike with permanent exclusive loading screen cards. Which is basically the 9th let's be honest... if it were realistic released on their 8th we would have gotten it hours ago. It really would have done more good then hard to be up front and say the release day is the 9th not the _8th-at-a-minute-to-midnight_
Gravelord (OCE)
: Can't wait a day? They will be released guys, Chill out, Im sure Riot have enough to think about without everyone sooking they didnt get it out on time
We've been waiting since [the 20th of August]( when they were announced actually... imo, one more day is painfully long when you thought you had finished already waiting. (But really would it really have impacted them to that much to plan the maintenance one day later? Can't **they** wait a day? Heck they consider off peak days for patches, why not special skin releases too?)
: I feel like my heart got stabbed I waited so long and bought the RP in advance...yet they aren't even out on the 8th sep...yet they said the 8th sep.
When they told us we would be getting patches before everyone else i thought that also applied to other releases :c i stay up till midnight for nothing
Mindstar (OCE)
: Thanks for pointing it out guys. We've updated the ticker to include "am" for clarification.
My first ever reply from a Red is about a missing "am" in a single notice box ;-; i wish it was something cool
: Thanks for clarifying, I sort of misread it anyway. Also could you look into getting AM and PM back into the times in server downtime posts? I noticed they stopped awhile ago. I know its pretty self explanatory but its just quality of life improvements I guess.
^this, My brother read the notice on the client and told me it was down for 5:30pm. People do still misread 05:30 AST and pick which ever am/pm they think is right. We are but humble gamers, not military who rely on 24:00 time to avoid a mistimed air strike :C
: It wasn't played on LAN, which is stupid, but it wasn't. And yes the games were ddosed.
I always assumed every riot event was LAN hosted... How much extra work could it be to set up a small LAN connection? That just sounds like Riot Turkey are being lazy to me...
Leopardus (OCE)
: What about the rumours of ddosing? Is there any truth to them?
Is it even possible to DDOS a Lan game?
Nemios (OCE)
: Non-sportsmanlike behaviour? I'd be the same if my team was winning and the game ended up being postponed with the other team laughing..
i think the non-sportsmanlike behaviour he was talking about was BKT laughing after the game was called off.
Ediwir (OCE)
: No, the old system was working too slowly and had several issues. We're getting a new system which includes voting - but it won't be the old system.
But we dont know what this new system is going to look like or the details on it?
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Maraudaur (OCE)
: Hey Wiggy, I just want to preface this by saying, in the situation listed I do think the bullies were wrong but so was the guy that got baited. Now while the bullies were "more" wrong, imo it doesnt excuse the behaviour of the baited. My question to you is do you think that both should be punished? If they ended up hurling insults at each other? Also this comment from Riot lyte might interest you about out current systems. We are going to be bring player voting back soon™ its just going to take time. The old one was taken down in all regions a long time ago, it was very slow and really needed an overhaul.
> We are going to be bring player voting back soon™ Ignoring the "soon™" does this mean we're essentially getting back the old tribunal in the sense that we get to view specific cases and cast divine judgement on evil-doers once again?
: New player reform system heads into testing
Late to this comment thread but id like to voice a concern of mine. "These harmful communications will be punished with two-week or permanent bans within fifteen minutes of game’s end." Personally that's terrifying to hear, lets say for example we have a bad game as people sometimes do. We end up either not communicating with the team or just letting slip a naughty word or two. The way i interpret the quote above is if we step out of line its a minimum two week ban?! What happens if you make a small mistake and the 4 man premade your're teamed with all report you for the same thing? Did that "**** you, you baited me into them" just get me an instant two week ban? Is there a certain number of warnings before that happens? can you appeal for a revision of the report if you disagree with its fairness? How many bans would you need to get before a permanent ban? ive got to say if i made enough mistakes over time to warrant the possibility of a perma-ban id just stop playing in fear of losing all that money ive shovelled into my account! on that note is there a cool-down period for past bans to stop being considered when looking into what the next step punishment will be? Or is each report and punishment a permanent stigma on each of our records? (wall'o'text sorry but seriously, this is scarier than the old tribunal tenfold. I do my best to uphold the Summoners Code but the possibility of being team reported and banned for small mistakes gives me more nightmares than teemo!)
: OPL Grand Final ticket update
Got my ticket already! cant wait! Are you still able to walk into Luna Park without a ticket however?
: April bundles
Can we discuss how the "special Event" skins have kind of become more like "special Event and some other time later" Skins? I get that people miss out on legacy skins, i do! Hell id love that Pax TF. but when you re-release limited edition skins they sort of... lose a portion of their shiney-ness :/
Maraudaur (OCE)
: Artificial Reef champion vote! (congrats you did it!)


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