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: Moaning? I purely posted my thoughts of what may or may not be fair compensation. Assuming I would have played anyway, and citing that I was moaning already proves that you cannot hold a viable conversation. Why not just refer to me as being alike Hitler next? I indeed stated that I was happy with the real life contributions. But if you want to be just another cog in the machine, go ahead and be my guest. But to ask for a little more from them is certainly not unreasonable. Considering, aside from Ocean week... what else is free? They make money all year round from us. We deserve a little more slice from that humble, humble pie. P.s Hope you don't cry from my comment back. Thanks.
The crux of the matter is, you play a game. correct? it has an event that makes the game a bit more interesting for the players of said game. why do they need to personally reward you for them making an effort to get more people to enjoy the game, to give us more satisfaction from playing the game and winning. you should just be happy that they are willing to give you any reward, and not as i said, moan on the boards comments that they didn't give you in particular enough ig swag to reward you for doing something you would do anyway. EDIT- - i missed one of your points, they earn revenue from us by allowing us to purchase aesthetic upgrades which do absolutely nothing other than look cool for us, and for the other players in game with us. If you dont like that fact that they "make money from us all year round" just dont spend any and move on. We deserve, realistically, nothing, they create a service for us to alleviate boredom and stress and to enjoy ourselves, be happy with what you get man.
: ***
We did receive upto 3 hex tech crafting boxes over the course of the week though, provided we contributed throughout the week, so maybe focus on the real life work they are doing for preservation instead of moaning about how you weren't fairly compensated for making a choice to play a game, that you more than likely would have played anyway.
Fitzky (OCE)
: Lee sin has always been the most overloaded bullshit champion, if I don't perma ban him he's picked 95% of the time in bronze/silver which is honestly just a joke compared to champions like Yasuo and LB. It doesn't matter if he's a champion that "takes skill" the only people who play him are either level 5 or level 7 one tricks that ward jump from behind a wall and ult you into your lane opponent sending you to your death. Someone who can gain true sight, have 2 dashes, a shield, a slow, extra attack speed + constant energy gain and a knockback should not exist.
Ok, im not a fan of lee sin, i dabbled a little bit in him and did sh*t, i also face lee sins pretty regularly and i can say while he can be a bit annoying, i dotn think he is ban worthy, let alone permaban worthy, i know everyone has their pocket bans who they ban everytime they get a chance, i even have a couple of my own (trynd and vayne mostly) but the trick to dealing with lee sin is denial, if you and your other laners stay fairly safe you can wait till he falls off as he is geared towards early game (as far as i am aware) and then deal with him, sure his ults can be a pain, but you just need to learn to anticipate and read them, once you practice enough, you have a good chance of turning an insec into a safety ride under your turret.
Amenadiel (OCE)
: Looking for a duo partner who can hold his lane and not feed
: Your Main vs Your Least Favourite Champion
{{champion:82}} - Because he is honestly a Melee top laners worst nightmare, only picked him up this season but god i have fun playing him when i get around to it. also, pet dragon (take that annie, stupid tibbers) {{champion:23}} - not really because he is broken in any way, he is a good soloq champ (who i am utter trash with) but i hate {{champion:23}} because he pretty much stomps anybody he wants once he gets to lategame, and his ult can be activated through hard cc, i mean come on, his one proper counter (apart from one furry little bastard{{champion:17}} ) is hard cc, and you finally get a cc ability off on him in a teamfight, think its over then boom undying rage, activated through a stun.
Miicka (OCE)
: {{champion:75}} - Ok, ok, I wont even lie, this guy is straight up broken right now, but ever since I started playing league he has always been my favourite champion. To be honest, I don't know why I find him so much fun, I just do. You would think farming for 30 minutes just to be strong in the late game is boring, but for some reason I never get bored of it. Also URF nasus and AP nasus is just infinite fun. Never gets old. ____ {{champion:83}} - Honestly, what the fuck rito? First of all, OLD yorick was more fun than this crap, and this new yorick is straight up broken as heck! There is literally no counter play to this guy if you get stuck against him as someone like Wukong or Nasus. And his ghouls are so fucking stupid! I mean you can build this guy 6 warmogs and have no damage runes whatsoever and still 1v5 the enemy team. Pure bullshit at its finest.
Nasus vs Yorick? i would bet on the nasus, his farming into late game is straight up better and most of all Ghouls = Free stacks and lifesteal, plus they both have similar fighting styles and nasus, provided he doesn't sit there trying to tickle yoricks ultimate should win most times. also when in doubt max e and push him under tower all game
GetSinged (OCE)
: Riot fix your end of game grading system.
bc bad cs, i couldn't find the game in your match history so i cant comment on your ward placement etc., also, no one on your team really has great kill participation or anything like that. also, singeds are supposed to proxy and feed only{{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}} , so u fked up there
: We've got a campaign going on at a moment where our party found a boat and decided to take it along EVERYWHERE we go. We were in open plains, with a chasm that we have to go through with steep hills and and shit, the DM ruled we can't walk up with the boat since it's so heavy and the slopes are steep. One of us realized they have flying, and I have a javelin which lets allies to teleport to whoever I shoot. The guy who can fly is going to fly up, someone is going to have the boat attached them with a rope, and I'm going to throw the javelin at the guy flying to teleport the boat up lmao
Just because you posted it to a league comment doesn't mean i will let it work. THE DM IS WATCHING{{item:3348}}
: Problem is.. if you lose a game playing with tards like this it will drop your normal MMR, the more you lose, the more it drops, the more it drops the more likely you are to get more tards, it's a vicious cycle. The biggest factor by far in what raises and lowers MMR, normal or ranked, isn't game skill or lack thereof, it all comes down to who ends up in your lobby when you hit "Accept".
sorry for the late reply on what appears to be a dead thread, but if your MMR is constantly dropping then perhaps u are the problem, now i'm not a high elo player i don't play ranked that much and as such i am a bronzie, but especially in normies, it can be possible to solo carry a game, and the lower your MMR goes down the easier your opponents are to beat, so if u r losing MMR and still cant win, then perhaps you need to focus on your game, not your teammates.
Haxed (OCE)
: Support ticket
by the look of this post buddy, you deserved that chat restriction, sorry :/
macro (OCE)
: That is a true point but to counter that they could have it like 200AP, you get me? BTW the examples i had were not reasonable i was just giving random numbers.
won't happen bc it becomes incredibly easy for some champs and bullshit hard for others to do without pissing off all of their team mates.
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Zaps (OCE)
: Thanks for the report! There was an issue with the system that changes to the new champion rotation - we've now fixed that up, and you should see the correct rotation shortly.
Yep, they are showing up now, cheers for the reply
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: **WHERE IS UNDERWORLD TF RIOT** {{champion:4}}
with the rest of the harrowing skins
with the rest of the harrowing skins
Zmiley (EUNE)
: someone, please read this and send it to rito
Well, i can sympathize in most of what you are saying except for the 16+ lvl 4 champs, only because champion mastery is no real indication of skill, i mean im lvl 4 on some champs that i CANNOT play, not only this but you are excluding people from maining champs in ranked, which we really want to improve overall performance. say for example there is a guy on your team that has 300 k mastery on yasuo, do you want him or the person that cant decide who they are good at. im not even joking at this point tho, i have seen a guy with a million points on teemo and 3 points on the rest of his champion pool
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Corehog (OCE)
: Same with Zed, Talon, Le Blanc, Katarina, Ekko, Irelia, Yasuo, etc. You're talking about removing a core part of the assassin kit on one champion, but one of the others.
No, i am not, zed has 2 seperate engage/ disengage tools, being his w and his ultimate, same applies to talon, irelia is more of a %damage tank and her engage/ disengage resets upon kill so its livable, yasuo has an on target cooldown on his e, fizz is the only one without a mechanic that stops his low cool downs from being abused
Corehog (OCE)
: Fizz is also an assassin, designed to get out (or in depending on how you use your E). If you nerf the E again, you potentially remove his assassin status. Take Zed's W as an example. Riot nerfed it, both the cooldown and passive bonus damage, in Patch 6.7 I believe if they nerfed it further, Zed (and Fizz) become less and less of an assassin. Also, Fizz's ult can't be cleansed now, which is a pretty major buff
Yes, fizzes e is an engage or an escape however it shouldn't be both in the same fight, at the moment once he gets a zhonyas he can e, attack for a couple of seconds then use zhonyas and e out again with very little counter play
: We all know that the Fizz nerfs were just riot trying to appease the complaining, they have no real intention of nerfing problem champions and we all know it. The lack of Swain nerfs is proof, and the fact that they have waited thing long to touch Zed/Fizz/Ekko etc.
Well, they have been steadily needing swain every patch since 6.9 granted that they aren't quite there yet they are still making more changes with swain then fizz
Corehog (OCE)
: Using that build, you miss out on a lot of Magic Penetration. Additionally, they also nerfed his W quite significantly and increased his size by a lot. Sure, you could reduce the cooldown of Playful Trickster, but you become less useful during fights.
Ahh but you see, I was merely quoting the most gold efficient way to get to 45%, fizz can easily pick up sorcerers treads and an abyssal sceptre and he has flat mpen and a aoe magic resist lowering passive and even with this he still has 2 item slots to play around with
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Essembie (OCE)
: Support ticket raised. I will not stand for this sort of gutter filth.
You sirrah should mind your tongue and i must say it is liberating to play our furry overlord whenever and wherever possible
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Nah Gallo is definitely a Dragon, and if he isn't that's exactly why he needs a retexture, bc he looks like a Dragon atm
: Yeah i had a friend tell me they'd rather him not have a passive on that ability and just keep the active. Would that fix it?
more than likely not, its still a pretty spammable ability that makes it much harder for your opponent to cs, on top of the fact that minions that can hit that hard arent really minions anymore, it basically gets to the point where starved of gold and xp your oppenent leaves lane, finds a corner, curls up into a ball and cries
: All nearby jungle mobs also attack them for the duration.
so in other words, bait the jungler into a fight in top river and click w they get baron aggro u win
: [Champion concept] GX-111, the Minion King (no stat growth)
His E is probably broken. At lower ELO it probably wouldn't matter too much, higher ELO would abuse it to hell. They removed the first minion wave from colliding with champions because that was considered broken in those ELOs, let alone a passive which basically makes your minions instantly win the lane.
: nah im not worried about it
every now and the everyone has to lose out a little bit
R4z3 (OCE)
: Dude you might be able to get a partial refund as the sale was not announced
nah im not worried about it
: February Early Sales!
Not whining bc its my fault but i bought project fiora yesterday :(
Omega (OCE)
: So we get access to some cool stuff. But uhhh, it's going to be like 40+ degrees (celsius that is) during this event...... snow my ass lmfao.
^^^^ this man lives is 'Straya
: RIOT.... I have been waiting for a Yasuo skin for 2 years now!!! where is it???{{champion:157}}
yasuo is too toxic to get a skin
Tele (OCE)
: Malphite is unstoppable for his ultimate. Tristana will be a bug.
i dont believe it is a bug, because {{champion:78}}'s w stops dashes whereas tristanas jump is just that, a jump.
junlee02 (OCE)
: could you please make champions that are barely played in the rotation such as poppy and zilean? Because sometimes you decide to play a random champ and it ends up getting you a favourite champion to play.
poppy wont be in free rotation till post rework as she is considered broken
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: The idea of an assassin that blinks around to avoid taking any hits from a dive is disgusting, especially with the pressure on mid lane mages to stall out laning and trades to regen back mana by hiding under tower and farming passively, due to the mana pot removal. But Zed isn't dead, trust me he still says byebye to your HP bar as he always had.
i have to agree somewhat but my point is if it has a cast time when he casts it, then no cast time from shaow is a bit broken, the poke may as well have been point and click for the dodge chance
Erøse (OCE)
: > [{quoted}](name=Armies of Me,realm=OCE,application-id=FjGAIbRv,discussion-id=b3Yifd2r,comment-id=0001000000000000000000000000,timestamp=2015-11-12T09:36:23.866+0000) > > it is supposed to have some counterplay, what was happenign before was a bug and now that riot has fixed it i can stop giving up everytime i see a zed roam into bot What is zed suppose to do when he has a slow mo q xD. It's just sad because the instant wq combo was zed's poke ever since he came out but now they just totally ruined his poke.I don't think i'm gonna play him for now.
its funny the bugs that can make champions, but look at it this way, if yasuo times it right and instantly ulted would u be happy?
Talon12 (OCE)
: Filthy yasuo noobs. Do not place me with them
Sephyre3 (OCE)
: I edited out the name and shame. It's important that you report them at the end of game screen to assist the Instant Feedback System. Totally understand the frustration - I hate it when I get games with people like that. There's some more information on how the PB systems work in the FAQ:
Ok, i know the reply is a bit late but what do you report him under, with the new system there arent really and categories that instalocking falls under, and while im here i want to ask for trolling and lanestealing to be added as options to the report system.
Erøse (OCE)
: I'm decently good with both of them and it depends on your preferred playstyle.If you want a really effective late game champion that hurts like a f----- then go for yasuo.Zed is good for laning phase,has great poke and has a good finishing blow(his ult) but late game he tends to fall off because of zhonyas and qss therefore not posing a great threat but nonetheless he still dishes a great amount of damage.In the end it's hard to choose but zed wins this one for me.Zed is just more fun than yasuo(for me)..I mean yasuo can make really flashy plays just like zed but zed has just way more outplay potential against laners.However if you are taking a serious champ for rank between those two then I suggest you go yasuo since rank has many people who actually knows how to counter zed unlike in norms.I suggest you practice zed and take him to rank.Zed is overall one of the most fun mid laners I have ever played in LoL. I also recommend that you watch yasuo and zed montages to see which one you prefer more,shadows or tornadoes :). Hope this would help you decide between those 2.
this is why we cant have nice things... yasuo AND zed main
: Did riot break the game with the changes to Graves
ummmm, i dont know how to say this but graves is on free week, that is the only reason you are constantly seeing him, it is the marksmen update and a free week marksman is the best most people can do if they have had little earlier interaction with the role
: Just played a game with Graves mid-lane. Everyone on my team got fed except for our mid-laner who got totally destroyed. All 5 of my team went in on a half health Graves and he got a penta-kill. If a fed swain, lee sin jinx and a relatively fed blitzcrank combined with a nidalee cant kill a champion who was caught out by himself with half hp, something is wrong. There was simply nothing we could do.
Erøse (OCE)
: > [{quoted}](name=Olee,realm=OCE,application-id=FjGAIbRv,discussion-id=b3Yifd2r,comment-id=00010000000000000000,timestamp=2015-11-12T08:49:43.259+0000) > > I just played Zed, he is SO much better now with these item paths, his WQ IS slightly harder to aim but it's honestly barely noticeable I started playing zed as soon as I started playing league and rito usually makes the right decisions but right now they screwed this up. AD carries are getting stronger and stronger and they nerf the assassin who has one of the most counterplay (Zhonyas,QSS).How are you suppose to burst down an AD carry with that amount of speed for your q.It is easily dodgeable right now.This patch I can make the case that zed is probably one of the weakest AD assassin and probably the less feared AD mid laner.Played against a zed in lane and he barely made any q's on me because it was so easily dodgeable.Rip zed :( Enjoyed playing you when you were still fun.
it is supposed to have some counterplay, what was happenign before was a bug and now that riot has fixed it i can stop giving up everytime i see a zed roam into bot
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Talon12 (OCE)
: I will play yasuo! I will not feed! Yasuo Is My Main! 93% or whatever winrate op!
Zorphiax (OCE)
: I want some real proof. Not just word from a Summoner. Because why would Riot remove a 3 minute ward, they might reduce the time. But, they would never remove it. Mana pots I could understand as they aren't that useful, but I myself would not remove them.
> [{quoted}](name=mutley,realm=OCE,application-id=Ntey9fRZ,discussion-id=1MWaAAFI,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2015-10-29T08:04:32.893+0000) > > I want some real proof. Not just word from a Summoner. > Because why would Riot remove a 3 minute ward, they might reduce the time. But, they would never remove it. > Mana pots I could understand as they aren't that useful, but I myself would not remove them. its true, if u have a look here you can see: {{item:3070}}
: My guess is the skins will be released tomorrow, on the American Halloween, Americans often forget (or just straight up don't care) that we are a day ahead so we never get things on the appropriate days down under. As for the haloween event, there is the whole shadow isles lore change story.
> [{quoted}](name=Lord Sesshomaru,realm=OCE,application-id=6jGZAhT1,discussion-id=qekM3nBw,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2015-10-31T01:43:59.532+0000) > > My guess is the skins will be released tomorrow, on the American Halloween, Americans often forget (or just straight up don't care) that we are a day ahead so we never get things on the appropriate days down under. > > As for the haloween event, there is the whole shadow isles lore change story. still havent been released
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