: What's considered average CS after 20 mins?
Cs is overrated. Get a coin and watch the money roll in.
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: Gameplay update: juggernauts
How long does mordes dragon last? 10s? 15? until it's killed?
: Gameplay update: juggernauts
Cause tanks are so UP in this game
: Yes because i'm not a 12vie bitch that handles change about as much as being told to clean my room. Fact is league changes every 2 weeks, you don't have to like it, you just have to accept it or leave. Simple.
Well, I could agree with you, but then we'd both be wrong.
: Except for the fact that most of the shit posted on boards in since the patch is clones of other posts. There was someone that counted 15 Hud update ones. But for this topic in particular, there is a similar thread with Graves quest, and one about match history that has riot posts explaining what is going on.
Touche, seems most of your posts are echos of others espousing the wonders of the latest patch.
: SR announcer voiceover packs - Riot pls answer
People like yourself would line up for Riot's turds, so they probably will .
: because then what is the point of changing it in the first place. its called progression. the fact that some people don't like it (after only like 1 day of using it) is irrelevant. do you cry for companies to give you an option to revert back to an old website when they change it?
Actually, the point of doing anything from a business model (and lets be clear, Riot is _purely _business) is to best meet and satisfy your customer's needs. If a significant portion of your clients don't like the way you do things, you run the risk of disinterest and losing that client base. I'm not going to suggest this is happening in this instance, but clearly many are unhappy at the new changes and lack of consultation over them. Taking the simplistic approach of "you'll get used to it" smacks of arrogance and in the end, you may be just flogging a dead horse.
: You mean like the new SR we got this season?
No, I mean like the fire map we have been promised 2+years ago. Graphic update of the sr and hud. Woo hoo
: right, because in NA a majority of players use/post on boards...... the same applies as here. people that post are generally the ones that dont like it and want to complain and share that opinion. the people that like it or are indifferent generally will not bother to post that opinion.
You could say that about anything. Point is , alot of people ARE unhappy with the new HUD. Course you could argue that any new change will have i'ts haters and thats certainly true. Why not give players the option in config to swap back to the old HUD?
: Remember when people complained about the SR Update
I dont understand why riot cant just make the two differing HUDS as an option in configuration. Would suit everyone.
: This, basically, just because you complain, and that covers the majority of opinions, doesn't mean it's accurate. Of the amount of PBE players there are, the amount that complained was actually the minority.
SmashBro (OCE)
: Is it really that hard to know the different icons between the two potions? They look completely different even without their colours. {{item:2003}} {{item:2004}}
Actually , yes it is. I need to look more closely at the blacked out icons simply because they are so dark. Maybe there is something wrong with my eyes.
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Alamo (OCE)
: nah m8 i made this post cos so many people talking shit about new HUD, I think riot deserves acknowledgement, they put blood and sweat into it and they should be thanked for it.
How bout putting blood and sweat into a new map instead of this abberation
: Yes but the point stands, the only reason it's blacked out is because you can't use it.
how bot leaving it a light blue or red as opposed to black .. also makes it difficult when buying ... before i could see in a flash what colors i had now i have to read their description to make sure have bought the right ones
SmashBro (OCE)
: ... You do realise that the potions are blacked out BECAUSE you either have max HP or max mana... They added this feature in so idiots don't 'accidentally' use a pot right from the get-go.
you couuldnt use a potion before anyways if you had max health.
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Xoudian (OCE)
: I came here looking for hate comments from people who are afraid of change. I was not disappointed.
Wouldn't be an issue if it was a change for the better.
Tonnkka (OCE)
: Exactly right, my friend. People fear change.
Bar-room philosophy aside, Riot were aware the vast majority of PBE testers said "don't release", so what do they do?
Jink (OCE)
: The new announcers funny as f-ck aye.
No its shit and distracting
BackFire (OCE)
: thanks riot
> [{quoted}](name=BackFire,realm=OCE,application-id=Ntey9fRZ,discussion-id=xRuIM3AI,comment-id=,timestamp=2015-07-22T22:19:53.778+0000) > > thanks riot, cant play league anymore due to the new ui update > > The way you colored it puts extreme strain on peoples eyes, played a 20 minute game and got a massive migraine. > > havn't you guys ever heard of, if it aint broke dont fix it? amen brother
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: New Hud is so bad
The other thing is you cant see all the enemies on the minimap when they are crammed together in a small area
: Player Behavior in Oceania
Judge not lest ye be judged too.
: Ranked today:
Vayne is the only champion with a defence rating for 1
: another tank that has %health dmg and insane base dmg!! cool!!!!!!!!!!!! ur a bad player that cant position well or space?? never fear riot have made yet another champ to solve that problemo!!! w0000000000000t!!! ALSO ANOTHER GLOBAL ULT W00000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000T!!!!!!!!!
SexP3ke (OCE)
: Why would u buff jax ?
Yeah, I always thought jax was strong the way he was
: Ekko
So im told his scaling is low lol.. yet a. Q, at level 5, 60% Slow, and over 900 damage with a huge hitbox . W, shield that gives him a 300+80% shield, and gives passive extra AP damage to any target under 30% hp! and his shield can be activated whilst I**N STASIS** __(wtf) His chasing ability becuase of his roll is excellent, allows him to team fight engage, and disengage, and go through objects. His ULT is def most broken. Aat 500 plus 130% is the second highest scaling in the game apart from malzahars (550 plus 130%). However Malz ult makes him vulnerable and is single target where as ekkos heals him and can teleport him out of battle and is aoe ! In fact, land 2 passive stacks on a target before ulting and it can heal for over 1500health (LOL) . AND with max cd you can get it down to **48secs**. Ekko is also surprisingly tanky with his shield at 2s duration (remember old riven) and heal and his slipperiness equals little counter play and is equally good as an early game lane bully and late game team fighter. Sure the jungler can camp him but at the sacrifice of your other lanes. Ekkos ban rate of 75.52% in ranked games should also be a wakeup call. I believe they need to detune his ult at the very least which Riot probably will after they have made millions from him.
kJs (OCE)
: His lane pressure early is immensely easier when you dodge his Q. Ekko can't do anything he can't hit at the very least one stack of his passive with his Q. Note that the damage is higher on the device's return and it's really easy to sidestep it if Ekko through it out at close to max range. He essentially needs to get stacks on you so that he gets free damage and oppress you out of lane. His W is easy to spot after Ekko casts it, note that the electronic ghost will appear. You can predict where he would throw it pretty easily. Most of the time stepping towards Ekko if he uses W to engage is a sure way to dodge it as he will most likely expect you to continue running (if you are trying to run away). I do actually think because of E's dash that it gives Ekko plenty of ways to escape or disengage coupled with his W. You can ward jungle monsters so that you can blink through walls with the second E. In lane phase this is often the ability used to quickly land the third Z-Drive Resonance stack on targets who have been hit twice with Timewinder (Q). Supresses, stuns and knock ups stop Ekko from casting this. You can also clearly see his ghost if you have vision of Ekko himself. It's also worth to note that Ekko's heal is relative to the amount of damage he has taken within the four seconds. Whittling him down slowly (he is pretty squishy early) helps in somewhat 'reducing' his heal, Burst damage will dramatically increase Ekko's heal. Harass him if you can, obviously much easier if you're ranged.
Ok thanks
Alamo (OCE)
: Don't bother explaining guys, the OP is firm on his beliefs and his opinions won't change.
Explaining what exactly? That he's balanced? That he is fine the way he is? I've given you reasons why I believe he is op, by all means tell why he isn't. Calling you out .
: The main reason why tf (and a lot of other ranged tops) aren't actually as good as they seem is because they are extremely easy to gank when played top because the lane is so long. Oftentimes you will be unable to escape ganks even with flash up against good junglers. The long lane also makes it easier for melees to all-in immobile champs so if you start to fall behind youre likely to get zoned or start feeding. TLDR it might be good 1v1 but it relies on the enemy jungler not taking advantage of you
Thats what wards are for. Plus being mid means you can be ganked from 2 sides not just one.
: Twisted Fate TOP why it works (new meta)
Any champ can be played at top if the player is good enough to make it happen. Some are just more suited to it.
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: Do you kil an afk or d/c player?
I guess it is okay to kill an afk champ but a killing a d/c is bm? But then how do you know the difference heh.
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: Why You Take URF???
They won't do that because too many people will play urf and not nuff play thier slooooow version (ie normal)
: tell them to nek themselves. if they are 0-9 as nidalee in urf they should uninstall and never use the internet ever again but if they actually ddos cos they suck that bad then they are truly a failure at life
Tell them to kill themselves? Seriously? wtf???
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Niji (OCE)
: Cinnamon donuts are best donuts
Never tried a Crispy Cream but cinnamon .. oh yeahhh Even better when they are still warm.
: Revive being removed?
and in other news...
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Exhausted (OCE)
: Bad Internet? better play ranked
: > [{quoted}](name=PrisonBus,realm=OCE,application-id=Ntey9fRZ,discussion-id=g7W3WFuG,comment-id=00010000,timestamp=2015-01-28T03:34:00.489+0000) > > DId you even read after the first line. > Maybe you just don't care or smurf yourself. Either way, try a little empathy with others that aren't so skilled as you may be. > > Thanks. no, I didn't. waste of time as far as I'm concerned.
Waste of time,.. yet you took the time to reply at all.
: yes. why wouldn't it be?
DId you even read after the first line. Maybe you just don't care or smurf yourself. Either way, try a little empathy with others that aren't so skilled as you may be. Thanks.
Fog (OCE)
: There is nothing against Smurfing itself in the Terms of Use. That said, Smurfing is not necessarily condoned by Riot Games and various individuals in the League of Legends community as Smurfing generally entails an experienced player creating an alternate account that is seemingly unexperienced which can be seen as an unfair advantage on those players who are legitimately new to the game. That said, upon creating an account Riot provides the option of selecting your experience level from First Timer to Veteran. From this it is ideal that you pick the option that is most truthful to your situation and upon being truthful will match you up with other Smurfs. Supposedly. Interestingly enough. I {{champion:86}} tee that you will find that about 1/4 of all League of Legends accounts are Smurfs. Regards, Fog
Thank you for the response. A quarter of all accounts ! maybe i should go back to scrabble since it doesn't appear likely this situation will change any time soon. :(
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