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Mindstar (OCE)
: [COMPLETE] - OCE - Clash tournaments cancelled for the rest of this weekend
It says that we finished 0-1, got a loss and received an orb
Wuks (OCE)
: Hm, try opening a private/incognito session and using the link above!
Wuks (NA)
: Can you confirm that you're using this link?
Yep, used that link, doesn't work. I tried on my smurf and it worked (had worked before hand) just not on my main. Which is the account I'm posting on.
Wuks (OCE)
: Share your 2016 Season in Review Highlights!
Yeah, I'm getting the same issue where it says to log in, tried to log in and out multiple times, tried on my phone and a different browser
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: Can we Alpha testers get an icon that has an construction site hat on it please, PLEEEEEEEEASE
Seems kinda unfair, considering they randomly choose people to be alpha testers. Someone having something over someone only due to the fact they got lucky is pretty dumb.

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