: Aphelios Kit Primer
Can't wait to get stomped by intro bots as i work out wtf im doing
: Play Like the Pros Mission Eligible Champions
Ninox (OCE)
: How do you know he didn't get punished? That information is not publicly available, so you have no way of knowing. If he said the things you say he did (hate speech, kys) then he would have been held accountable same as you.
You can check profiles on OP GG and he is still playing, that's how but I put a ticket to riot and one got back to me, appreciated that I accepted my punishment and would look into the account of Nunu further just to double check
: First things first, if you believe you got falsely punished, you should appeal the ban by submitting a ticket to [Support](https://support.riotgames.com/hc/en-us/requests/new) (use the "Account suspensions or restrictions" option). They will review the case and make a decision on whether the punishment was appropriate. Straight up, I can see why this ban was triggered. Regardless of when it occurred, or the circumstances it occurred in, things like suicide encouragement, sexism/racism/homophobia etc are taken *very* seriously, and can result in escalation of punishments in some circumstances, and while not taken as seriously things like insults and a generally negative attitude can also contribute to punishments. It's important to note that these punishments are issued as a result of *your* behaviour, not the behaviour of others. It is *your* responsibility (not that of Riot's or other players) to control your own actions, and if you lack such control you should be striving to fix that, rather than simply blaming the situation on others (as you seem so ready to do). Just to be clear, here's a few exerts from your chat logs that support the ban: > Ashplague: be salty kid > ... > Ashplague: keep sucking ire dick > ... > Ashplague: moron > Ashplague: you're actually so salty and retarded > Ashplague: you would lose to intro bots > Ashplague: yeah cause you got under my skin %%%% > Ashplague: kys > ... > Ashplague: report nunu but not afks im that annoyed gj retard
Yeah I understand this and I shouldn't have questioned my ban rather question why he didn't get banned and was issued a warning for saying things worse that hit all the criteria you have mentioned, I accept the 14 days as I did make this mistake but the Nunu and the Kayn to not receive a ban and the Kayn not even to receive a warning make this completely unjust, I should have just muted him but that's hindsight for you
Ashplague (OCE)
: 14 Day suspension, 1st offence due to an extremely agressive Nunu
Look I see it is fair for me to be banned, at first I was furious as his own statements were far worse than mine or anyone else's, his hate speech and abuse got to 6people and may be the reason the other 2 dc'd, I'm mainly annoyed he didn't get banned at all rather was issued a warning for racism, saying kys himself, abusing everyone and not in anyway a joking manner, my punishment I see is just but why didn't he get punished? why was he issued a warning? that doesn't make sense in the slightest
Rioter Comments
: Patch 8.4 notes
I just did training mode with cass and she can get up to 1700AP with a normal build, blue buff, 3 infernals, 3 mountains, 2nd elder and baron... She 3 shots towers with autos... Imagine lichbane proc oml
: Patch 8.4 notes
Late game Cass or ryze with baron, second elder and 3 infernals... one shot with all the mana bonus AP and just wow
: Thank You
just got riot kayle from hextech haha wanted her soo long and now im offered two... p.s i already crafted her look forward to mystery gift
Frizzbot (OCE)
: LF Serious players (Bronze-Gold) wanting to win ranked/normals or not be flamed at.
: Something lurks deep in the sea...
That ult is actually really cool, nice colour skin too
: MSI Event Primer
: Rotating game mode queue now live!
Why did you put it on TT again? Everyone I have played with has wanted and been confused when they werent on SR? Just wondering is all... Was it in high demand?
Choconut (OCE)
: I don't think people that play between 3am-11am really care about "healthy matchmaking". Why not just make it available for the whole time? Really doesn't make sense.
its 11am to 3am, not the way you wrote it, only 8 hours in the morning will it be unavailable
: Announcing the rotating game mode queue
Zorphiax (OCE)
: Well I guess the best Region won, Congratulations Turkey. Hopefully OCE can make a better team comp next time so we have a chance to get known by other regions for the better side of our Region.
Russia won, turkey won 5v5 but the CIS took the tournament
: Is the discount only for those runes there or are all the runes on sale?
: Oh come on riot.... I have every champion, tier 3 runes in the game and 24k ip right now can you please make it that you can buy skins (even just certain ones with ip) because i literally can not buy anything else that helps me or makes me enjoy the game more... ps. i have spent like 3-4k money irl on league of legends.
buy more rune pages, have one for every role and favourite champs
Ashplague (OCE)
: New bug
To fix it I restarted laptop
Rioter Comments
: Check out the previous article for some interesting info on why the pros are leaning towards K1ng. Only two players from each team can make it onto the roster, so given the choice of only two Chiefs, they're picking Swip3rR and EGym due to how far ahead they are of their competition compared to Raydere. http://oce.lolesports.com/articles/opl-pros-theorycraft-all-stars Of course, that shouldn't stop you from voting for Raydere! I think you can't really go wrong with either of them :)
ah i see, thank you fella's
: It's a multiple target Kayle ult, with a Fiora ult at the end. I wish it was a little more creative...
its a {{champion:23}} plus an initial {{champion:114}} ult, nothing like {{champion:10}} cause you take damage
: Patch 5.18 notes
sigh {{champion:82}}
: The OPL pros want your vote!
King over Raydere on everyone's list, did I miss something? Don't get me wrong King is an amazing player but in my opinion Raydere is the best player in Oceania.... Did I really miss something?
: Announcing the IWCA talent lineup!
why no deficio, not watching
: Hey this is probs mad stupid question, but why is it that come counties just win there pro league and go straight to worlds, were the rest need to fight it out in a wildcard shouldn't they be all having match's against each other through out the year to find there placing in worlds then there's a IWCQ with the teams that didnt make the cut through the year?
OCE is a relatively new server, the big 5 have been there since the beginning and feature the best players in the world, mainly because they import these players, it would be nice to have every region as equals but it's just not the case. nevertheless I'd love to see chiefs at worlds this year, it'd be so good!
minnimum (OCE)
: I can't believe they went ahead and ruined teemo >:( He wasn't that OP anyways. Not to mention all the other horrid updates to other champions Why fix something thats not broken.
It doesn't seem like a nerf... the duration of shrooms yeah but everything else seems as a definite buff
: Gameplay update: juggernauts
Garen and Darius are strong, why this buff, and now towers are going to melt with morde getting a drag, it tanks so many shots you dont ever need minions... what is the point of this? I'm just confused riot, i dont understand the necessity to apply these buffs. Pretty much everything till this I have found to be decent, guess i gotta wait till its live
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Eshe (OCE)
: yay I've been waiting for the Morgana chroma skins! {{champion:25}}
: Team Up Week’s a wrap
gotten used to NA dates the 02/07 confused me hahaha
: Team Up & Pool Party
can we make it halfway?
: Team Up & Pool Party
How will we see how many points we earn?
: Unveiling the future of League of Legends
So how long would it take to get to enemy nexus? {{item:3117}}
: Patch 5.2 notes
I really do look forward to arclight {{champion:161}}


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