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: Can't Connect to chat
TankerInc (OCE)
: S4.. I am posting on a Bronze account I dont care about " climbing " going up a rank.. But she is useless.. She cannot even solo top lane anymore. Also if I wanted to climb.. Xin or Brand would be a better way to go instead of annie and Garen
Tell me why she is useless... Coz she isnt compared to before lol. Also s4 and bronze are the same thing Also annie>brand coz you cant fuck up with annie. You can fuck up with brand and when your silver/bronze using a champion to their full use (aka annie coz shes easy) will win you games. Now stop complaining when you dont even have a reason coz you lost 1 game. She was always shit
TankerInc (OCE)
Shush she was always a useless champion... Your dont know what your talking about... Her changes made her better lmao. The e change makes it so much easier in teamfights to hit big ults due to the rapid spawn on the e.... Tho your bronze so just play annie and garen and you will climb.
: STUCK ON RECONNECT SCREEN after ranked game
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: Patch 6.8 notes
We did it bois ~~ Rumble buffs got me hyped
Zorphiax (OCE)
: I have cancer again (not literally)
.... Noobs complaining about certain champs thats cancer She has so much counterplay its not funny. She may be strong but if your not an idiot shes beatable the nerfs to her were quick good.
: So this is how my ranked games are going....
Welcome to solo queue, enjoy your stay
: Make a champion useless in 3 words.
{{champion:268}} Azir W Removed
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: Patch 5.2 notes
Meanwhile {{champion:50}} Is laughing at the mage changes as none of them affect him and the nerfs to champs lets him become slowly more and more op ty rito...
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Meddler (NA)
: Meddler, Lead Champion Designer Q&A
Hey, Do the riot team try to design champs to work around or with current meta/popular stratergies? Thanks for stopping bye :P
: Patch 5.1 notes
{{champion:84}} Still didnt get a mention.... {{item:3070}} Like just one nerf plz
Sackboy (OCE)
: Please fix Malzahar's ultimate.
If u mean ignite or a DOT then uninstall plz...
: New Zac skin, Ice cream Zac
Love the idea, he needs a new skin
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