loathey (OCE)
: {{champion:63}}
Tips for the weekend?
loathey (OCE)
: Hey guys! Pabu: how have you found doing the fly in - fly out thing while also completing high school this split? What's been the toughest challenge for you? Everyone else: Tell me about your gaming house experience this year - have you enjoyed it in comparison to playing from your own family homes?
I'll let everyone else answer this :^)
Tequila (OCE)
: Raid, how do you keep your hair so luscious
L'oreal, because he's worth it
Solas (OCE)
: Hey, I wanted to ask a question for the bot lane. How do you guys feel about supports like morgana now taking heal and the adc taking barrier and what do you feel about the Morgana, ardent and stoneborn pact synergy.
I think supports that take windspeakers is really good with the heal. I think morg is in a pretty good spot right now with stoneborn and ardent, I also like running zilean with this, more fun than really good but can be quite good
: Hey all, this is a question for all of you, what is your favourite animal?
Hard to choose between meerkats and sharks
Astrea (OCE)
: Hello, hi, good evening, this is a question to all of you because you're all cool. What's your favourite colour?
: I hope Sion comes back! as a support. i really enjoy him and think hes funny to watch!
0j0j0 (OCE)
: Hey Rosey, I have 2 Questions 1. Who is your Favourite lol player in the world?? 2. Who is the hardest team you have vsed ever?
My favourite lol player in the world would have to be Huni right now, fkn love him. Hardest team i've vsed would probably be CJ Blaze when we went to WCG.
Cloudy342 (OCE)
: Imagine you're the owner of Riot Games and you're blackmailed to do the following. - Do a visual rework on any champion - Do a gameplay rework on any champion - Remove three champions from the game How would you react to the above situations?
I think taric needs the visual+gameplay rework, his kit has become obsolete with the introduction of a lot of other supports. I'd remove Kalista, Master Yi and probably Rengar.
Nukalavi (OCE)
: I agree ive been playing rumble and gnar as well as kennen but when I try lulu top I cant do it
Try focus on keeping the wave shoved in and then just poke them under tower with auto attacks, i generally never use my e offensive and keep it as a shield if needed
: pls add me on league senpai? Also with ryze how do you work around his cooldowns and make him more effective in teamfights burst damage wise?
Theres a few rotations you can do on him depending how many stacks you're going to start your combo with. You want to start the fight off with having 3/4 passive stacks and you should easily be able to kill someone in that time. At lvl 16 you should have 40% cdr as well which pretty much makes you have passive up for most of a fight.
: Would a build that focuses on trinity force work on yas? Knowing that his q is a basic attack.
My mid laner builds trinity on yas and i personally hate it. I run 9% crit chance runes and just get the standard Shiv/IE for the 98% crit. If you dont run crit runes then i see trinity/ghostblade being viable
: How do YOU play/build aatrox? Many people build him as a straight up damage dealer (think master yi but with no crits) however they usually lose lane quite early against tanky fighters like garen or riven. Do you think a dps tank build would be more viable thanks to his innate sustain and q+r engage?
Havent played aatrox top because he isnt that good atm so cant really say. Would definitely need tankiness on him though as he only has 1 gap closer/escape and you need to use that to join the fight.
: howdy! if i took all your runes and masteries away....how much extra starting gold do you think would be given to make it fair? when fighting other lvl 30s
I would say 700g would probably make up the difference for flat runes, scaling runes however hard to tell.
: Hey Rosey 1) Which champ do u find the most annoying 2)What r ur thoughts on {{champion:223}} as a mid champ any tips thx:]
Kalista is probably the most annoying, quickly becoming Tahm just because they eat allies :( Havent really thought about him as a mid champ, i think he has a lot of potential though
: I need to know, How often do you blame junglers in soloq if you ask for a gank, which you believe you will get a kill off. yet the jungler refuses to come to your lane, and you get ganked instead and die. how DOES IT MAKE YOU FEEEL???
Ive become accustomed to being on an island and my junglers not wanting to come to my lane.
Nukalavi (OCE)
: Hi rosey what yordle would you recommend top lane and would you like to be friends?
I would defs recommend rumble/gnar. Maybe even lulu. Yordles are just awesome
Spudicas (OCE)
: Hey Rosey, is there any tip you can leave for new people that want to try out top lane?
Learning how to trade whilst getting all your cs, most people tunnel too hard on fighting the other top laner and fall behind in farm
: OMG rosey Hiiii! 1. Do you prefer sin or chiefs? 2. What made you want to play top over support competitively? 3. What champion would you like to come into meta for top?
I didnt have a position in mind when i left chiefs, i was kind of open to what teams wanted me for. I just wanted to play a different role other than support at the time. I'd love for GP to come back into the meta, loved playing him back in S2
: Thoughts on Tahm Kench and Sated Devourer?
Bit hard to tell atm but i think Tahm Kench definitely has a lot of potential and devourer will probably just be a soloq item.
Gomez (OCE)
: Hi Rosey, Just wondering how you became to be a professional league player? Did you start off streaming/Did you reach a high rank and got offered a position in a team?
I became a professional by being high ranked in s2 and have been in it ever since. I played jungle for my first team after being offered by Carnage.
Not Sarah (OCE)
: Who do you main in Smash?
LegendWez (OCE)
: whats your fav champ rosey
My favourite champ would have to be yas right now, super fun to play :))
iZulu (OCE)
: Hi Rosey, I'm sure you get asked this a lot and im sorry for asking it again, in general, what separates a great top laner from a good top laner in solo q? Also, why are many people running runes that don't have armour or magic resist? Thanks for your time Rosey, appreciate it.
In soloq its about being able to snowball. Try to get a lead in your lane and then try to make plays around the map with your TP and try get your team ahead as well. You'll struggle to carry in soloq as top if you just afk in lane with your lead. I think both armor+mr runes are still good just situational depending on lanes etc. NP :)
CoIa (OCE)
: Hey Rosey, Whats your number 1 pet hate in league and your favourite thing about the game?
My favourite thing about the game would be changes in meta, I love trying out random things and when patches like the current one comes out it really makes anything possible. Not being able to play the donger in OPL. Besides that i hate playing against ignite top laners in soloq :(
og1764 (OCE)
: Hey Rosey, What do you feel is the biggest difference between offline games in front of a crowd and the games you play in the regular OPL season? Do you have a preference for either? Good luck in S6 :)
I dont think theres much of a difference tbh. Before the game you feel a bit more nervous but once you get into the game its pretty much just like any other game. Thank you :))
SIN Zerg (OCE)
: hi andrewwww, do you feel Chiefs were/are performing better with or without?
Hard to tell tbh, I think the difference would be when they go international (touch wood). They have a better support team now behind them than when i was there which i think will make the big difference. Egym as a player I think gives more comeback potential.
Exhausted (OCE)
: Hey Rosey, thanks for doing the AMA got a couple of questions if that's cool :) 1. Chocolate eclaire or jam doughnut? 2. As a developing region, what would you like to see implemented in future seasons? IE: b02 - b03 - Creative content etc.. 3. How has the transition to top lane been for you? you've shown some great plays in top lane this season but what are some of the hurdles you have had to overcome? All the best mate :)
1. Would probably have to go for the jam doughnut 2. I think teams just need the support staff that other regions do. I think bo2 or bo3 would definitely be better than bo1 as well 3. I think it was pretty easy for me to transition to top because I play pretty much every role in soloq when i can. Playing in a team setting is a lot different and utilizing your TP is probably the hardest to do.
Strife (OCE)
: hi rosey, thanks for the AMA. I have followed SIN for a while now. sin's ex top laner was dropped because of his age limit, 'points'. do you think you are better than him as a individual player or do you think you are better than him in general of mechanics/individual play and team fighting?
Pretty hard for me to answer this one because i wasnt on the team with him and havent played against him in top. I think I've always thought myself as one of the best mechanical players on the server which helps individual play a lot. At the start of the split i might not have been better than him but I would like to think that i am now :)
HellenicX (OCE)
: ***
My peak rank on NA was 2300 in S2 and D1 70lp in S3
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