djsicka (OCE)
: Serious Ranked Summoners to join our CLUB
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BaiIey (OCE)
: Casual Club Looking For Some Members
invite plz~~~~ im sup main btw
: sounds cool I like the passive, being able to pick up a sword would be awesome:)
Astanio (OCE)
: Champion concept [Vondle --- the Spectre Knight] ( support role)
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Kankuro (OCE)
: Looking for Team Ranked PLays
Name: astanio rank: diamond 5,( has diamond 4 smurf ac too ) Main role/Main roles: sup, top, jg Champ pool: well, actually many, just not good at adc where you from: HK
: New CHampion Idea (Hoping to start bringing back mage supports) - Bellon
pretty nice idea, but as a sup main, I would like to have a champ with cc or strong healing which can sustain in lane, there is some feedback 1. i like the mana cost increase idea, its really funny, but it doesnt seems like work well with his other spell, i dont really the interaction between spells, and besides im not sure how long will the mana cost effect last. IMO, if it can be affect in an area like empowered karma q, it would work better at team fight. 2. seems like Bellon is a champ that buffing ally by standing there, its like the reverse Taric, if Taric is a castle that ally can get def buff from him, Bellon is the champ that can get att buff, I really like this idea. However, IMO, there should be a debuff like Taric w active, otherwise the game play and this champ will be a little boring and un-balanced as all u need is to standing and keep not dying, occasionally heal ally. 3. like I said before, I dont really see the interaction between spell, the ult is kind of like shen ult, but after shen ulting, he can taunt people with his e, but in Bellon, Im not sure what can he do after dashing to ally as he has no cc, if Bellon is just dashing to ally and heal, I think its kind of overlap what soraka do. overall, I like the concept of Bellon, but the interaction betweens spells is important, otherwise this is not really a good sup champ as it is a bit confusing in what he can do as a sup but anyway, just personal idea, no hate. peace


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