Flúffy (OCE)
: Happy New Year
I hope the people from last year are not in my games next year.
: how they only do it after every patch. this is the first patch since ranked has finished
I never see the gamemodes after every patch
: they are on their way, there was no way they were going to waste their own time bringing them out during the last few months of ranked. pretty sure next patch will have a new game mode
they should have done it a long time ago too like wtf
: My friend is bad at league of legends (T-T Help Meeeeee)
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: I am trying to get support to have this changed I think it is real bad I was able to get to 1RP but that's after spending hundreds on my account lol
https://sites.google.com/site/the0rpcalculator/ btw here how to get to 0 rp
Zasaf (OCE)
: Looking for g5+ supp for scrims today
if you dont find anyone add me
Gerk (OCE)
: Suspended for what?
yea tbh riot should punish the player for doing shit like that
: can we buy BE with RP
sadly this would never work due to riot wanting people to buy more rp cards, as they dont let us to spend it. But want us spend it on RP cards as that's the only way we can get to 0 rp and with special sales also, this may not ever happen. Even Riot won't even lets buy accounts that's because it takes away their money and they don't want to sell accounts or even make more money from selling accounts as they can make more money from people buying RP card. People will have more then 0 rp as riot can get people to buy more cards to continue the cycle as riot can't make money from this. But this won't happen probably until next year or so.
: Mastery Tokens for Nexus Blitz
Yea you don't get them. Its in testing so it doesn't count.
Achenar (OCE)
: Music Cover Contest - Vote Now!
dam not much people did it dam
Thums Up (OCE)
: okay who did the mspaint naut n rumble because i love it
I say I gotta love it too and would give it a "thumbs up "I Enjoy the detail that was put in best top 1
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: Oceanic Clash cancelled due to technical issues
I know we all should get our BE back then the ticket its like going to a concert and getting a ticket back,people should also have money refunded? If they used RP if this is a failed event,refund the purchase? The BE refund hasn't been said and I know this a small favor but I think people but BE should just be refund then the tickets just give us a full refund?
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: How to start a LoL club: Kristin School
My school going to make a club looking forward to it
: TL v T100: Meteos in the brush
can you send me the video?
Hóbbit (OCE)
: God Staff Jax Skin Giveaway for Split 1 Grand FInal
so you need to wait till the end of the week of the split that's when you will get your god jax skin
: Ability power nerf for Veigar
I think that veigar late game should not change as he is weak early and should be a mid to late game champion
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: Thank you very much
Hey don't worry all good have a great learning experience
Asurine (OCE)
: Hey theres a coaching website that does free coaching https://www.leaguecoaching.gg/ try it out. But if you want a proper coach it cost and you can check their ratings ect.
btw just care that you want the best people like challenger not like the gold 3 people who cost $10 just watch out for those guys they wont have much knowledge
: B4 Player Looking for a coach
Hey theres a coaching website that does free coaching https://www.leaguecoaching.gg/ try it out. But if you want a proper coach it cost and you can check their ratings ect.
: Why is Corey so Bad at League of Legends
Get LS to coach him on how to play annie and garen and do a op.gg review
Doublehit (OCE)
: What's the point of blind pick?
Yea I seen blind pick been so bad to level up accounts now so I dont plan to play blind pick draft pick is much better but blind pick is just bad I think riot needs to help new players come into the game to have fun playing the game and not fell like they should be put at a lower level with people who take their roles and get a better understand of the game early on to improve players and to truly so the game then just a blind pick game is just as bad as showing them bots feed ect. {{sticker:vlad-salute}}
: > [{quoted}](name=LevvyLeviticus,realm=OCE,application-id=T8eq2lFQ,discussion-id=ZUcWZJi3,comment-id=0001000000000000,timestamp=2018-01-04T04:06:38.587+0000) > > Oh goodness me, 5 hours? Yeah, Google Bronze Players Held Hostage In Ranked. Riot will remove a link { By a bot I guess } but the ones that went afk or left were punished for it. Even thou they were completely trolled.
wtf 5 hours in game I thought 55 mins was too much dame lol god help the b4 players man that sounds like hell going to watch a video of that never heard of such a thing
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: This player inting but allow to play
wtf why was the link removed?
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: Bronze ADC looking for support main
yea sent you a friend request looking to duo with you I am b3 95lp


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