: Sin Gaming vs Dire Wolves - Tonight at 7pm AEDT
Remind me never to tell Sybol what rank I am...
: Jake "Spawn" Tiberi - AMA
Hey, I couldn't find my hair product this morning, do you have it in your room? Also, if anyone wanted to type the original Spàwn. The à is done by holding alt and pressing 133 <3
og1764 (OCE)
: @RIOT Is Atlus going to be casting?
He's in fact going to be casting in 2 hours! =P Also casted the first 3 games of day 6 of groups too if you missed it =) Thanks for the support man, the world stage is reallllly big!
Link02 (OCE)
: While you may be right, I feel the skill discrepancy between Raydere and K1ng is a lot smaller than say Swip3rr and the other toplaners, and EGym and the other supports. It makes the team stronger and thats why EGym and Swip3rr as the 2 Chiefs got my votes.
K1ng is a phenomenal player. I think it comes down to what you value out of experience and knowledge vs. pure mechanical skill.
: Personally my votes were more based off the second pick i'd want to see in there over the first. I gathered Raydere, Egym and Carbon would be high picks, so i decided that i would leave those 3 even though they would have been my first picks but the 2 per team rule made me jump off them fairly quickly. I wanted to see a Swip3rR top lane, and figured he'd probably be under picked due to the ruling (i actually thought that Raydere and Egym would be the main picks for Chiefs.) Also picked me some Spookz as a back up for that carbon pick which i knew would be dominant. I've always kinda liked ChuChuz mid laning so he was the mid laning pick. And picked me some King and Nada in the bot lane.
So picking more to make up for less popular players... interesting. Not sure I get the goal from it. There seems to be a few highly dominant picks in each Role, it'll be interesting to see which ones get through based on the no more than 2 per team rule.
Bookbash (OCE)
: First pick was Swiffer (captain, shotcaller) in the mid lane, then Spookz in the jungle cos of the synergy. Minkywhale top cos hes the split pushing god. Cardrid ADC cos he's massively underrated, and NADA cos hes a good support (also underrated).
I like the 2 Chief decision, Swiffer and Spookz have been playing together for so long. I'm surprised by the Cardrid call, he has had some excellent games in the past though (looking back to Winter 2014 especially). I read NADA's twitter post, he's always been solid in the bot lane but I don't know if Cardrid is the best fit for his almost foolhardy aggression.
: Wow. I feel like I'm seeing double here! {{champion:7}} {{champion:7}}
{{champion:82}} {{champion:82}}
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: I'm clicking the invisible Invictus Gaming but it won't register the vote >_<
That was my problem too man! We're so similar ^_^
: Someone teach me stuffs D:
This is such a broad question! * EDG from china (formerly the best domestic team in China, now the most recent international Champions at MSI) are looking very strong, despite their second seed position. They also have Pawn, 2014 World Champion mid laner. * SKT have Faker, Faker is still a God, Wolf (their support) can still be a liability however. * LGD are incredibly fun to watch, especially Godv in the mid lane, arguably the best Chinese mid laner. They also control minion waves better than almost any team I've ever seen. They also have 2014 World Champion ADC Imp, who is playing unbelievably well recently. * FNATIC have been amazingly consistent this split, they also have Huni who is a fantastic top laner who I believe will transfer very well to 5.18. * AHQ are always a wildcard (see season 2 Worlds where LMS team TPA took the title). Westdoor is a mental mid laner, amazing to watch and one of the veterans of the scene. These would be my teams to watch for this event, completely opinion based though! We don't have enough international data on these teams, it's largely theoretical at this point, with a new patch and these teams coming from different meta's so be careful getting advice from anywhere! My recommendation would be to peruse [Loleventvods](https://www.reddit.com/r/LoLeventVoDs) and make up your own mind! Watching China's Regionals is a good idea too as they were played on 5.16, the closest patch to the one they'll be playing on for worlds.
Scarred (OCE)
: That'd be great! 7pm Qld it is! Thanks guys! :D
: @RIOT Please help D:
Hey man, I'm by no means a tech expert but have you looked at updating your browser? It seems to me like a compatibility issue and out of date software is normally the culprit. I'd also recommend using Chrome if you're not already: https://www.google.com/chrome/browser/desktop/ I'm also assuming you're using a desktop but there are links for the mac version there as well. Hope you can join in the PROJECT: AWESOME with us soon!
Xannian (OCE)
: Sooooo Fiora huh?
I know what you mean man! Fiora can be a beast. Honestly though there's a big difference between a good Fiora and one that can be taken advantage of. One thing you can do is play champions that can match her early game, something like Renekton (who outsustains and bully's in lane) or Darius... for reasons. You then just play the 'bait the riposte' minigame. Get her to use it on a basic attack or non-CC spell then go ham! Basically if you play something that will get beefy in the late-game you'll also be more relevant than the squishy Fiora, just remember to put a target on her head and don't let her get a free pick to start the fight, that heal is nasty! I found playing as her for a few games really gave me an idea of her weaknesses also so maybe hop in a few normals and try her out =)
: WoW and you guys cant even get the VoD's up in less than 7 days....... na and eu ,lcs have vods up in 1 hour, why bother watching OCE plantinum level players (if they were playing in other regions) DAYS after the games happen when you can watch pro players an hour after the match............. and they wonder why no one watches oce and the support isn't their to build the talent pool, its coz OCE League of Legends is operating like 486 in 2015.
Sorry about the spoiler man! VoDs have been up since the event: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B21FQSZN7Tw Well worth the watch despite knowing the result!
: > [{quoted}](name=GoldenTomat0,realm=OCE,application-id=Ntey9fRZ,discussion-id=iFdEkXnp,comment-id=0006,timestamp=2015-07-28T02:45:41.276+0000) > Also, are there any plans to continue or restart with the Riot vs OCE Community games? Those were really fun, and I'm sure everyone that watched or played enjoyed it a lot, as it was a way for the OCE Rioters to get to interact with the community and for the community to get to know the rioters better. Obviously some improvements could be made, as some people got to play in multiple games, like myself, which was a bit unfair. Hello Golden Tomato, I am pretty sure, I remember you beating our team in one of those Community matches. Honestly, we always have fun playing games and especially with the community. I am glad to hear you enjoyed these, it just didn't seem like something the community really loved. We would only see a small number of players engage on those nights. If this is something the community wants though, I'd be happy to look at bringing this back. Cheers, Riot Cochese
Putting down that if the demand is there and we can fit it in with all casting we're doing, I personally would love to jump in and cast some of these games. Community vs. Riot is always so hype!
Sephyre3 (OCE)
: Ranked 3s has stricter population requirements than normal Twisted Treeline. Right now TT is in a good place but it's not likely to be expanded in the near future. We're always checking to see if we can widen the availability, just like we check to see if it's the right time to bring back a queue type that isn't enabled right now. It would be good to get your feedback on the messaging we do around this. I totally understand the frustration, I'm usually there on Friday and Saturday nights playing TT till the 1am cutoff with Riot Meltix.
I'd also like to reinforce this, Sephyre is the god of TT here in the office, if the population requirements are met you better believe he'll be right on it! Also, shoutout to Wooglet's Witchcap {{item:3090}}; the best named item in the game.
: > [{quoted}](name=Atlus,realm=OCE,application-id=FjGAIbRv,discussion-id=npVE9lR4,comment-id=0002,timestamp=2015-07-23T06:24:05.236+0000) > > I also take full offence masteries (21/9/0) and AS/Armor runes. > full offence masteries would be 30/0/0 Kappa
Have you been looking at my Akali masteries? ;)
: Thanks very much this helped a lot! Ps. when u say u go from red to wolves are u saying that u skip raptors on your first clear?
Yeah man, JasonWazza said it right, those guys hurt!
: Shyvana Jungle Route
As a big Shyvana enthusiast but a pretty mediocre player take this with a grain of salt: I like to get a leash on Krugs and smite them for the buff, straight to Red then wolves and smite will be back up for blue. I'm generally out of potions by then and like to skuttle then look at ganking, otherwise backing. I also take full offence masteries (21/9/0) and AS/Armor runes. Your idea of full clearing the jungle isn't bad at all if you can do it though, it's most important to be able to get your machete upgraded asap for the extra gold on smite and far easier clear. Don't be scared to go back to base! GLHF! =D
Loote (OCE)
: Hi I'm Loote, ask me anything and everything.
Couple of questions: What is your favourite Radio Head album? Which band should I get into that isn't mainstream yet? Which beard oil do you use? Thanks! <3
Exhausted (OCE)
: International Elo Ratings 2015/07/19
I'm upset that The Chiefs are in Bronze =( Oce gotta get to worlds to prove this wrong!
I love me (OCE)
: Ok serious question this time, What is your opinion on the oceanic competitive scene and do you think the infrastructure will ever improve enough to make us contenders for the wild card? Specifically the funding that goes into supporting a top tier team like chiefs to dedicate more time without the added pressure of financial costs and studying in case all else fails. if you think we will, in you opinion how long do you think it would take for the support? Because to me it would be sad to see oce as nothing but a small little non factor in the grand scheme of things.
There are a lot of factors that contribute to this and a lot of them make things harder for us as a region. -Proximity to more developed esports scene's for scrims is a big one as it doesn't let us catch up to other regions as fast because we can't practice against the top teams. -We're just a flat out young scene, it's going to take time to build the infrastructure. Think company's like TSM/CLG/WE/Dignitas, these are brands that took time to build around esports and can now support their players and provide a career-path for them in competitive gaming. Those are a couple of things but there are a lots of other factors but despite this, I believe we can make it to worlds this year and can really make some waves internationally. (OPTIMISMMMMM) TLDR: I think we'll get there, it'll just take time and an unknowable amount of it.
Ensomere (NA)
: Next to Doa and Monte, you and Spawn are my favorite duo, always enjoyed the synergy you two seem to have. Is he your favorite caster to cast with or is there someone else on the side =P ? Also, how is it casting with Froskurrin now, don't have much time for LPL Vods but it seems from the games I catch you two are paired up frequently ... ? (Late to the party as well ... NA times )
Doa and Monte are my favourite combo also, they compliment each other's styles so well. I think I may have admitted that Spawn is my top duo at the moment. Nothing beats over a year of synergy (not to mention we're also housemates =p). I really enjoy casting with Froskurinn. I was worried to begin with because she has a very different style to that of Spawn, Rusty or Papasmithy with whom I had a lot of experience casting with. Once we got on the desk it was great though, we both love talking about the players themselves and their journey's and Frosky is also one of the best people to have a joke with, she's all in, no matter how weird =D Hopefully now is a bit of a better time =)
Atlus (OCE)
: I'm actually completely unsure man! I've passed on your question and I'll get back to you when I find out more =)
I have a response for you Elmatto! Thanks for expressing an interest in gaining some work experience at Riot and sorry you didn't get a reply. Unfortunately at the moment we don't offer any work experience opportunities in Oceania. As for why? at this time, we don't believe we have the sufficient resources available to pull this off. We will look at this again in the future. Thanks for your interest and we're sorry we can't help you right now, hopefully in the future =)
AAva (NA)
: I'll split this into 2 questions. 1. Favourite Phil Collins song. 2. Favourite donkey kongas song.
1. Strangers Like Me 2. Sidewalks (Konga 2), Oye Komo Va (Konga 1) Miss you Sam! =D
I love me (OCE)
: Are you still my favourite caster?
: I can confirm those stares indicate that a 'questionable' topic has been nonchalantly brought to light and it becomes the job of the Colour commentators to make it glaringly obvious he has done so! {{item:3508}}
: Oh god, are we gonna see our master yi hunt us down and kill us again because he didn't buy mr?
: be sure not to get thrown into rune prison as you make your twisted advance into the frozen domain.
This is quickly becoming a pillar of filth... I mean ice. ...damn it.
Exhausted (OCE)
: Hey mate, thanks for doing the AMA Few questions if thats cool? 1. Choclate esclaire of jam doughnut? 2. How was your experience at MSI? 3. What got you into shout-casting, and what advice / Quick tips would you give for all the new shoutcasters out there wanting to enhance their shout-calling skillset? Love the casting and love the hair. Peace :)
1. Jam doughnut, hands down. 2. MSI was unreal. Casting with those that I've spent my whole career looking up to and having people genuinely excited to get photo's and stuff was just completely beyond anything I'd ever expected. 3. elmatto1 asked a very similar question in the above comment! I'll add that you also need to spend a lot of time making abilities and items so ingrained into your vernacular that you basically don't need to think about it anymore. Thanks man, new haircut tomorrow, hopefully it lives up to expectations!
Jimz (OCE)
: I've got 2 questions 1. Does gravity exist on your scalp, because your hair is definitely defying laws of physics? 2. Do you always wear pants under that casting desk?
I'm surprised you haven't noticed the gravitational irregularities in the office Jimz and no, no I don't. <3
: That response really made my blood rush, in our puns we stand united, hopefully we don't get condemned as I go on the hunt and make it rain with puns to cull the meek But terrible jokes are the best!, mine friends mainly just give a sigh of disappointment when i make a bad pun, but I bet they enjoy it deep down Were you at eb expo where someone played pink taric top lane, i think it was 2013 (it was when dunkmaster darius was teased before anywhere else)
It's all about getting the conceding sigh, that's when you know you've nailed it =D People will feint as puns tumble down with doubled up dominance!
Geason (OCE)
: Also i wanted to say i love your casting and the moments you and spawn share, when you come up with something genius and spawn just gives you that blank stare... absolutely hilarious
I live for those moments, we call them Atlus being thrown under a bus. I love it every time. Thanks for the kind words =)
: How does it feel to be a shoutcaster for oce? would you rate it a positive experience in terms of a professional career? Also what are your thoughts on the current tank meta and where it might be going in the upcoming patches, given the current re work to many major ap items?
I love it. Being part of a growing region is fantastic and being able to share the experience with everyone as we get better and better is easily the best part. I'm not sure yet what the 5.13 patch will bring. I'm just excited that a whole lot of champions are finding viability and that the meta is once again being shaken up. I can see a rise in poke comps but the Rylai's change is what excites me. Bring on Zyra mid and Mordekaiser!
csm (OCE)
: I don't have any questions but, you are a great caster and I enjoy watching games that you cast, you might not be rivington, or jatt level yet, but you are always good, and usually pretty spot on with analysis.
I appreciate it man! I'm actually not too confident with analysis, thankfully as a play-by-play caster I am mostly tasked with calling the action and steering my color commentator to the right points =)
: What kind of vocal exercises can you recommend to develop the voice of a greek god, which you have perfected?
Oh Michael, wouldn't you like to know? ...In all seriousness I just try to keep my voice healthy by eating right and drinking lots of water. Still yet to exactly nail 'greek god' status yet though man.
: Hey Atlus, I have a few questions, do your friends love or hate, (or love and hate at the same time) with your punny personality? Also, do you think poppy has become a valiant fighter that packed quite the devastating blow against noxus during her heroic charge to become the paragon of demacia, so much so that they gave her diplomatic immunity? p.s EZREAL! is always the answer.
Firstly, that, was utterly stunning. I'm against a wall right now. And to answer the first question, they learn to ignore it =p Being a friend of mine requires a developed "terrible joke filter".
: Hey Max, do you think a team from OPL (The Chiefs most likely) will finally get their act together before a big tournament and qualify for Worlds? It's always so sad to go into the Wildcard Tournament to then falter. I've been rooting for an Australian team for the longest time, because there is no way in hell there will be an Austrian team, so this is as close as that will ever get. Hope we can hang out at Worlds again, hopinh you'll get to cast there again. In case you remember me from MSI: https://twitter.com/Rukario485/status/597279444982571009 Hoping you have a good day mate.
Hey man! So good to hear from you, was awesome hanging out at MSI! I think the Chiefs had changed a lot since IWCI. If they make it internationally again I don't see them having the same issues as before but heck, the rest of the competition has been leveling up too! I'm just hoping Oceania can finally take the top spot over Turkey, our biggest international rivals =p I'm hoping I can get to worlds too man! If I go we'll have to catch one of the games again =)
elmatto1 (OCE)
: Does Riot do work experience? I sent an email mentioning it a while back but never got a reply. Would be very interested to see how everything works at Riot.
I'm actually completely unsure man! I've passed on your question and I'll get back to you when I find out more =)
Talwin (OCE)
: Did playing a game with me make your life complete??
I took notes on how to play Corki, I assure you =P
Magneto (OCE)
: Hey Max / Atlus, On August 8 is the Luna Park OPL event in NSW as i'm sure you know, I've looked up for LPL and noticed that LPL will also be on the same day, how will casting for that day work? Will some of the casters not attend the Luna Park event and cast LPL instead? Who is your favourite caster to cast with? Will OPL be getting a studio like the other major regions have any time soon? I'll be going to Luna Park that day, looking forward to meeting / seeing you and the other casters there! Thanks for the AMA.
It was a definite issue we faced earlier this year! Thankfully we have the wonderful Froskurinn and Sata to help out with the LPL on the 8th =) Favourite caster to cast with? Honestly, and this will sounds sappy and lame but it'd have to be Spawn. We've been casting together for so long that everything just feels like clockwork and we can focus entirely on the game and know that we can trust eachother to get us where we want to go in any situation. Can't wait! I'll be there! And it's my pleasure, thank you for the great questions =)
: How awesome are Loserfruit and the NG crew?
NG has the best poker stream I've ever watched. Top 1/1! =P in other words, best crew ever.
Revoke (OCE)
: Who are the most likely to stop the Chiefs? Assume that Chiefs do win the split for a moment - what is the biggest difference/improvement over this split that will mean they can make it to worlds as opposed to when they fell short at MSI qualifications? How do you really feel about cricket? (Reference to your reaction to when QuickShot brought it up at MSI) Around the office, do people refer to each other by their screen names or their given names?
ok, let's break this up! 1. The Chiefs, despite being still the dominant team, have changed a lot since IWCI. Their reliance on Swiffer is far lower and EGym has brought another strong voice to the team meaning Raydere has been essentially unleashed (125kills this split to the 80~ of the previous). I think this iteration is arguably the strongest we've seen the lineup and we'll see if it pays off on Monday when they face Avant! 2. I find Cricket tedious and boring, honestly =p 3. We mix it up, although I've started moving to variations of names too, like Rasto(Rusty), Julio Sanchez(Pastrytime) and Spoun(Spawn) =)
elmatto1 (OCE)
: Hey Max, how did you get in to casting and how did you get those big events you mentioned. Any tips for someone like me wanting to become a caster myself. Thanks :)
The biggest tip I can give anyone looking to getting into casting is to just do it. If you can't find any amateur tournaments to cast then just get your friends to queue up and cast that =D Basically the best way to get better is to just do it, once you're there you can then refine your work. It's a hard slog for the first little while. I got into it off the back of a friend of mine going for a casting gig a while back and thought "Oh damn, I could do that!" And from there I realized I kinda couldn't and worked for a long time trying to get better, haha.
Geason (OCE)
: What was your first tournament you casted?
I remember it fondly... It was ACL Melbourne in 2013 and I was, how do I say... Not at my peak =p Really fun though, definitely provided me with all the motivation to improve =D
elmatto1 (OCE)
: Do you know if there will be a crowd in the studio for the semis? (If yes how can we get tickets)
Unfortunately there won't be a crowd for the semi's although we will have all the players at the studio so the stream will be awesome!
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Jason (OCE)
: WeAreOPL Week 1, feedback thread
Thanks for making this Jason. Looking forward to feedback, VoD will be available from twitch.tv/WeAreOPL if you missed it!
Chewaii (OCE)
: > [{quoted}](name=Atlus,realm=OCE,application-id=ATM3HYki,discussion-id=9sMFm8G8,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2015-06-05T04:40:52.731+0000) > > Hey Chewaii! > > Great to see this on the boards man! > Have you had a chat to anyone from ACL? They run a lot of the open ladder qualifiers and it's a really good place to start getting some exposure. > As soon as you have some VoD's together I'd be interested in having a look too if you'd like some constructive criticism and an outside perspective. > > Keep it up! First of all Hi Atlus <3 Yeah I have talked with ACL, I recently applied for their casting internship in which I got all they way through and they wanted me down in Sydney to cast along side Hysterics and another analytical caster they had chosen. Unluckily for me being 1. A broke student and 2. Living in Brisbane I was unable to go down. I am casting something tonight, so I should have a VOD fresh and ready for you to watch later tonight. Thanks for replying.
You're welcome, chuck it up here when you have time, I'd like to have a look =)
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