: I've been playing LoL since its release before OCE servers even existed, i even still have the boxed edition of the game. I love the fact that this is a purely skill oriented game, **not** pay to win. After a while the game felt like it was getting a little stale. Even though you could get somewhere through your own hard work / effort, it felt like the game was biased in favor of people who could afford to pay money. Not only because they could get cool skins, but because they could afford to get champions runes faster via IP boosts, learn things quicker and have an advantage. I was delighted when both the rune system and the whole currency system was revamped and not only that, the crafting system was introduced. This completely leveled the playing field in terms of being able to bring out champions full abilities because you didn't need to buy a specific rune set to do that anymore. Furthermore with the crafting system it gave even non-paying users a chance to own awesome skins. I fell in love with Riot and this game all over again. Time passed, i had to take a year off. I come back a couple of weeks ago and what do i find? The prestige content. OK... how do i get prestige points? You **must** pay for them. Excuse me? Furthermore (i've learned from others in the forum) you don't get keep the points you've earned from previous events... What happened Riot? Your ethos this entire time has been providing UX first, now you've done a complete 180 and are now discriminating implementing a class system (i.e. those with prestige and those without)? If you need a steady stream of financing, stick 1 or 2 ad banners in the game loading screen. As long as they don't eat up too much bandwidth we won't care because they're visible for what? 30 - 60 seconds?
As someone who has been playing since beta, and is a game developer. [snip] having a game were ONLY cosmetic content is purchased BUT ALSO is mostly freely avaliable is amazing and you're taking advantage of that fact. If you dont want to spend money, just play the game without the only 6 skins that are purchased only. Your arrogance is overwhelming..
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ArchChris (OCE)
: ASAP LF 3x CLash Silver/Gold ASAP
Gold Mid/Jungle http://oce.op.gg/summoner/champions/userName=Diddy%20Kong
Seniaz (OCE)
: Team Serenity LF Gold to Plat MID for full time team
: ***
LOL the Operating system is in the name..
ArathiaN (OCE)
: Why are you using a ranking System that goes by game wins instead of how well you do personally? How many games do people feed or afk or quit etc Yet if you do well and get say 27/3/15, but you lose the game because your team is on 1/15/0.. You won't rank up because your team was useless or afked etc. ELO doesn't work. Time to update the ranking system.
Because the game is more then your score...
: Looking for Master+ Players
: rip 15 y-old{{item:3070}}
: So basically any player already in the opl (lets mimic them)
I'm unsure how making a team is copying OPL teams?
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: Integral.LoL Challenger team Looking for Coach and Analyst
Hey I work for OceanicCoaching.org I would like to talk to you about this opening. Contact me in PvP.net, [Oceanic Coaching ](https://www.facebook.com/OceanicCoaching)Facebook messaging or AusieJamster@gmail.com
: I don't understand why, using ctrl + abiltiy key to level up isnt something you HAVE to do, just like smartcasting. It's all preference
Well your wrong.. the time it takes to level up an ability with your mouse is like 1s+ with your keyboard 0.5s max that time its the difference between dodging a thresh hook and getting hooked.. There is no chance of you getting plat or higher if you level up your abilities with your mouse and that is purely fact.
: can i change the how big the thing is to lvl up my abilities, so i dont miss them in battle.
OMG I wanna downvote this so much more.
Flavehh (OCE)
: Looking for Serious Team-Plat 5-ADC Main
A few of my Diamond/Plat friends and I are looking into making a ranked team. You interested?
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Deche (OCE)
: Ranked Bronze Team With Coach
I beg you DECHE please don't coach, you'll teach them the wrong %%%%. I know this purely from your match history...


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