: Support main duo partner for ranked
Add me. Silver 3 adc main IGN: Australisch
Mega9102 (OCE)
: Need players for a 5 man team
I'm looking for a team, silver 3 adc/mid main. IGN: Australisch
: Looking for a Team or Players to Create One!
If you're looking for an adc, hmu. Silver 3 adc main.
Krimzonn (OCE)
: Looking for people to play with
I'm keen man, add me. I'm a silver 3 adc main but can play everything! Australisch
Lunä (OCE)
: Looking for friends
I'm always down to play, I can help you out if you need it man. Silver 3 adc main Add me; Australisch
: Ranked duo silver
Hey dude, swing me an add if you want I'm a s3 adc main. Summoner name: Australisch
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