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Naruisnt (NA)
: Bots In ARAM
I've seen heaps of bots, both in aram and rift. Also seeing an increase in scripting, I had games all the time with scripters now. I literally just finished a game with scripters in it, I'd post link to the game but do not know how.
Ninox (OCE)
: So when you crashed the game ended? Or it just kicked you out? If the game ended that's very strange. If you were just kicked out that's different and quite possible with just firewall issues. It's also possible that when you dced, your team followed with a surrender vote. As for streaming incompatibility, that's not really specific enough. Was this the error you saw?:[]
That is what i was seeing earlier, until I cleared the exemptions (so far no more crashes) It did end very strange, the game screen just closed and said no game found then was sent back to client screen where I could start another game.
Ninox (OCE)
: The first step with firewall drama is to update whatever anti-virus software you use. Most AVs have inbuilt firewalls, so having an outdated AV (among other risks) can mean your exceptions are outdated as well. Assuming updating your AV isn't enough, your next step is to ensure you have an exception for League in your firewall. _If you're using a different firewall, find or lookup the process to add an exception through that software._ ___ If you're using the default Win 10 firewall, then go "Control Panel" > "Windows Defender Firewall" > "Allow an app or feature". _If League of Legends appears more than once, it's probably because you've been adding an exception every time League patches, this isn't a bad thing but makes it hard to tell if the current patch is being allowed, so your best bet will be to remove them all, and then re-add the exceptions._ If any of the League processes aren't check-marked, click "Change Settings" and do so. If they aren't listed, you'll have to add them. "Change Settings" > "Allow another app..." > Find League of Legends in the list **OR** "Browse" > Navigate to your League of Legends folder, usually C:/Riot Games/ League of Legends For **LoLLauncher **(may also be listed as just League of Legends): **"LeagueClient (.exe)"** For **League of Legends (TM) Client**: "Game" > **"League of Legends (.exe)"** For **League of Legends**: "RADS" > "projects" > "league_client" > "releases" > "" (biggest number) > "deploy" > **"LeagueClient (.exe)"** This isn't my area, I'm not certain you need to allow all 3 or just those last two, but it certainly won't do any harm. ___ Assuming none of that solves your drama, or your exceptions and AV were already in order, it may not be the firewall itself causing the issue. Switch to ethernet if relevant/possible, and run a client repair. If that also doesn't help or you encounter the problem again (do some testing in customs/practice mode), submit a ticket to Player Support and they ought to be able to help you further:
OK, so this explains a sudden ending in my game for no reason? I mean literally just ended and said defeat! Even in the game replay you can see it happen, for no reason it just decides game over. Now I'm experiencing issue about streaming incompatibility, the game auto forces closed and returns me to the client home page to reconnect. Oh yeah, I don't stream or have any stream software. I checked the exceptions, ( you were right, i was less right (ty edit) i did have a few there. I removed them all, restarted client and it added 2, one I had to check as was unchecked.
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: Cannot queue up for a game
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: Hate to tell you this but t he max rank you can duo with in ranked is gold 1
that i did not know!
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: Smurfs in ranked...
I personally do not cross many "smurfs" that play to win, most i encounter just go inting and troll games. Honestly have no problem if they play to win, it is a god sent to cross players that know what they are doing and can manage a team and know team work. This also help with a break in a massive loss streak which I have had for months now, I do not get any "smurfs" that play pro on my team, it always seems like my team Jerry daycare vs Citadel of Ricks! My wins have been due to most commonly 1 other player that has map awareness and knows limitations of enemies champions, they do not carry hard either! It is mostly them mid or jungle, when 2 other lanes have fed like giving an enemy 6-0 lead by 10mins into the game. They tend to be aware of enemy position and go for objectives, commonly they do not win by single handed wiping out the enemy team. They win by securing drakes, rift herald, taking towers and stealing enemy jgl camps, a more wholesome benefit to the team, helping everyone obtain gold and turning the tides of the game! I have not so often had games where one person single handed killing my team or the enemy team like some kind of Riven casting Broken Wings through my grandmothers flower garden! I guess, for me its not too bad kinda helps deal with the depression of constantly losing!
: banned from NA boards
This is like some kinda movie scene! Riot Immigration, we got an illegal over here quick get him!
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Achenar (OCE)
: PAX Australia 2017 Cosplay Contest - Results Announcement!
That Kat and Nid tho! 10 out of 10 would ....
: well that was weird!
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Lowrider (OCE)
: I need some advice
Mute and reports is about all i think you can do game wise. For yourself, something i work on here and there. Is to consider how you can fix it in game, experiment try new champs/lanes etc. I always am fearful of leaving lane and falling behind to assist another lane if they are getting ganked. Things like this just need to practice, get to know when and when not it would be worth taking the risk. They do not call it elo hell for nothing, it will rip your brain and emotions apart. Just got to know your not the only person it happens to, almost everyone goes through it. With toxic players, generally ill tell them to chill or calm down some. if they dont and keep raging just mute and do the best you can. If a game is a total loss, i dont really like to surrender. I feel you can learn alot when this happens compared to if you win the game, things like what items to buy to help you survive, should you go for objectives or should you farm... better practice for dodging skills also as 1 hit from a winning enemy will surely destroy you. Don't look at defeat as a loss, try to see what you can gain from it, what can you learn. look at a fed enemy team and how they move about the map, as a team or split pushing or what? do they still take objectives and if yes what is your team doing when they do? things like those examples and much more always give ability to learn for future games, so you know whats a good thing to do and when to do it! For me this is how build better mentality when it comes to playing LoL, otherwise id prob lost my shit and murdered people by now hahaha
Touka (OCE)
: Pro players? i have a question about what their lifestyle is like.
From following LoL since season 1, this is what i think! Those that play as a lifestyle, commonly live in a teams gaming house. With exercise/gym, dieting schedules also (yes, the food you eat effects cognition, reaction time etc), during tournament time and sometimes off-season. Playing live stream games on Youtube or Twitch for some income when it is off-season. Some but not all, go as far as to understand the maths of the game, eg; how much damage they do vs the opponent when considering how much HP and defenses they have. It goes far beyond just champion counter picks, like passive(runes/masteries) increase into teams movement speed to be able to cross map quickly to assist team mates in fights ( SKT did this a lot I think). Going full time hardcore is no simple task, seriously requires soooo much work and understanding, not to mention travelling to venues for matches (once again SKT a good example after MSI 2017, soo much jet lag and had to be back on stage immediately once returned home). There is plenty to consider, those that go the hard yards are not going to let those that don't take away the win they worked for. There is a lot of costs in this life style, which is why they Live stream etc. Hardcore teams have coaches, managers, dietitians, typical bills (internet etc) to pay and much more. Prize money maybe good but they have to get to it first. Is why I support my regions team with small donation on viewing streams etc, if i think they got what it takes to represent me and my region, i will give my support and hope they do proud! Those teams that make it to top worlds lists, all have my respect. It is a phenomenal achievement. This is just all imo!
: Small Rant
Story of my LoL life! I struggle to find a way where i can have influences on other lanes, to try prevent this feeding a bit and without losing my lane!
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Nightjar (OCE)
: I think they hold on to it, because why sell it? It generates gold per second, so you only sell it when you need the last itemslot, and that generally means only when you have enough gold to outright buy a bloodthirster or armour pen item as your last buy. Not many progames last long enough for an adc to hit 6 items, and during midgame the survivablity it offers is pretty decent.
The outright buy an item is what was on my mind, i was wondering if they had enough for say a B.F sword would they ditch the relic and buy the B.F or wait till can buy the full item build they are after such as a bloodthirster. Not sure but i feel it is a dangerous choice, giving it would be late game and enemy could have the extra damg from a B.F sword whilst you holding onto the relic awaiting the full item. but i guess this is where the 350 non decay shield comes into play.
: Honor Capsule update delivers new drop rate
This is the most awesome thing ive read this morning! I'm honor lvl 5 for a rather long time now, only just got my first capsule and it had Medieval twitch in it! I also hope they consider something like a disenchant for keys or key frags, as i have way more then id ever be able to use. They basically just keep piling up!
: Moderate-to-high elo players do this IN SAFE/WINNING MATCHUPS because they can cs without the extra AD from D Blade/on-hit damage from D Shield. But yeah, basically they get it to get their Support an earlier item powerspike.
Yeah, as i seen from the vid the guy posted. It seems like best used in high elo's, where games are not just all in brawls but strats are more important like having a siege comp. but imo holding onto a relic shield as adc till lvl 18 for that non decay shield, it seems like a waste of item space. I totally understand it now, still just cant imagine a game where u can predict the need for it. That is a whole other level for me. Totally using it would be only efficient with high scaling adc like kog as mentioned, i never really put thought into how its effects towards support type though. Thanks for input, if i ever come across it in game, hope i can perform better with being able to anticipate!
Mindstar (OCE)
: Hi We've found the cause of the issue, and we're looking to roll out a hotfix for this. It will likely happen later in the week, so keep an eye on the [server status]( page for updates. Cheers! Mindstar
Mindstar (OCE)
: Hi thanks for the report - we're taking a look now! Cheers Mindstar
Thank you Mindstar, I'm still trying to spectate games, just crashes every time. It only started once i updated the client with new patch.
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: relic shield on adc? I just found this guy, covers it pretty well! Still keen on hearing thoughts of others on it.
ionex (OCE)
: Honour Loot
I been lvl 5 for some time and only always ever get key frags, like seriously i got nearly 100 key frags! The other day i got my first capsule, i was devastated when i opened it to only received 2 key frags, however i did not notice it gave me 2 lots of items and was pretty happy when the 2nd was medieval twitch skin! i generally get honor rewards everyday i log on.
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: New Honor system rewards
It just so happens i got my first capsule, first thing it gave was 2 key frags then it gave me Medieval Twitch! ohhhhh yeeeaa!
: Looking for team mates
Im in S3 also, love being a supp for a good adc. ill give u an add can have a game or two some time!
: It took me a moment to realise that you weren't talking about the Newcastle in England xD
: Loss Prevented in Promos
Promo's are such cancer! For myself as in silver division, i can go through tiers pretty well. However EVERY promo games I go into there is always a troll or someone inting! eg, twitch jungler that only brought {{item:3070}} and fed enemy team. It is frustrating and i get what you going through. What i found to be the best solution when entering promos (bronze or silver levels not sure how it will be for higher one), be more flexible with what lane you play and find an honorable player you can duo with and nail some team work together. Best i found was learning how to mid lane (with {{champion:3}} ), I call myself a support main though. With my duo partner being a decent jungler, this allowed us to work together on map and team control. We have faster coverage on the map to get to team mates that need help if they are getting rekt in lane phase as an example. We do run duo adc-supp, but if 2 of our other lanes fail, it is alot harder for us to cross map to assist our team members and commonly results in loss of cs etc and only puts us behind also. I guess i'm just saying that i found a similar issue as you do, just had to put some brain time into how I could work around preventing a loss if I get a troll or feeder on my team. I found that a duo being centred map was best way to go, if u get a troll or feeder you at least are in a position to get at their lane fast also a chance to use them as a "bait" so you and your duo partner can get a chance to become fed and a shot at victory. It dont always work out, but i try!
Justaguy (OCE)
: Habit in Oceania of saying "GG ez"
As a level of taunt to off put the enemy of mess with their mindset, fair enough. But to say it at end game is kinda douche, although i'm pretty sure there is a level of accepted trash talk that is regarded as a tactic to off balance enemy or get them to fight amongst themselves to ensure your team a victory. I could be wrong! If something as lame as GG EZ gets on your nerves, maybe you need to have a big cup of tilt proof in your mental diet?
PurpIe (OCE)
: > [{quoted}](name=Avago ya mug,realm=OCE,application-id=T8eq2lFQ,discussion-id=ENAcAnAo,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2017-09-02T09:46:59.262+0000) > > did this work? OOPS sorry, its my chrome playing up! It worked :DD
aww yea, got new tricks now!
: Honor rewarded Icons did this work?
: Summoner code
Yeah is a good idea, however i don't feel it will stop people inting or misbehaving. like 2 games of ranked i had yesterday, {{champion:122}} fed {{champion:23}} 8-0 the then said {{champion:23}} snowballed into our {{champion:157}} mid and ended up with a 17-1 {{champion:23}}! as {{champion:21}} adc (end game 5-4 kill -deaths) a 17-1 {{champion:23}} was like an unstoppable cancer. OR a game prev to that one where i was {{champion:89}} suppc(1-6-13) and our top lane {{champion:245}} fed {{champion:85}} and {{champion:81}} to the point they finished at 11-4 and 15-2! OR how about when i went mid lane {{champion:3}} (6-5-17) my team adc {{champion:67}} fed my mid lane opponent {{champion:41}} 3 kills before 5 min mark (the adc just literally walked into mid tower and let mid kill him and ranted toxicity towards everyone) which resulted in a 14-4 {{champion:41}}. Any idea how hard that is to deal with, even though we still somehow managed to win that game, it is a massive problem for me going through rank and it is a big turn off sometime for me to play ranked games. That's 3 out of 5 ranked games i played yesterday which were trolled another typical day of ranked for me! I do file reports on such behaviour, as i don't want others to go through such hell! So i do hope i maybe wrong and that your idea will help make a change!
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: New Honor system rewards
Oh wow, seems like you guys doing really swell with the new honor rewards system, all I gain is key frags. I get a chest prob once a week currently have to wait 2 more days before can get another, have a tally of 72 key frags so far (most from honor system). I open chest also when ever i get them, pretty much always get skins which is pretty cool as i own all champs already. Got so many Legacy, Legendary and epic skins from boxes, just not enough orange to unlock them all X.x. Refuse to disenchant skins i have as I'm sure some (Legacy) you can not purchase anymore, currently need to unlock ~ Major ziggs- Legacy Eternam Noct- Legendary Mecha Sion- Legendary Rune war Renekt- Legacy Santa Grag- Legacy Star Guardian Jenna - Epic Vandal Vlad- Legacy Warring Tryn- Legacy
Junky (OCE)
: I've received one capsule at level 3 other then that only key fragments
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Pip4nik (OCE)
: silver player can do this???
stats are only one part of it, to me its your results inclusive of the team over all. look at the game overviews, you can see where others lost and how it flows onto their team mates (allowing for roaming) and where team don't feed or have carried and resulted in their win.
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Ingénue (OCE)
: Learning wave mechanics, objective prioritisation and rotations. Encouraging your team and learning the shot call and make yourself heard.
> [{quoted}](name=Yaiamone,realm=OCE,application-id=FjGAIbRv,discussion-id=sbqEJBOA,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2016-12-08T14:02:28.940+0000) > > Learning wave mechanics, objective prioritisation and rotations. > Encouraging your team and learning the shot call and make yourself heard. you can learn all mechanics, make the most insane plays! if your team is not a team there is no point playing as a support! I ALWAYS ping for dragon respawns, missing enemy on the mini map, if they don't listen or care there is little you can do. The thing that becomes really annoying is those in high elo, that spend time in lower elo trolling to keep their position, people don't want to take advice or learn as they think they already know they are pro.
: Any good way to climb as a proper support?
It is extremely difficult to climb as a support, being a support myself I know the feels. Basically you can support well, the other members feed then you become high value target for the gold. I found learning to carry as a support to be helpful, other team members will get upset but you can ensure victory with a good Leona/morgana/annie support. Once you hit Gold 1 and higher then you need to revert back to support role, makes it a little hard as you have to change your play style as you climb.
Nijel (OCE)
: How do you not know about the Number 10,865 OCE Streamer?
let me know when the stream is on or the youtube chnl!
: You don't care because she refuses to acknowledge the existence of Quinn {{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}}
Who's Quinn? The guy on Guardians of the Galaxy , right? =D
: Loserfruit OCE IGN is YOU IN 40 YEARS She's an ADC main in Diamond. She Streams on Twitch under the name Loserfruit. Check in monday night she should be up then.
Is me in 40 years? I feel weary now, none the less ill check it out.
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