: You can cant you? in the client when you open it
I haven't been on League for a bit but im certain that the only language option available is english
: So the thing with the oce server as opposed to the eu servers is that Oce has a majority language, which is English, whereas EU has many languages, and most people speak one of the majority languages, (Italian, Russian, English, French, German(?)). I'm not exactly sure how many languages there are to choose from, but those would be my best guess. Most people would speak at least one of those languages. The Asian speakers are generally students from other servers, or just from servers like Garena, or the Chinese server when they get banned there, but English is still the most common in Oce. In a team game where communication can be the key between victory and defeat, you all want to be on the same language, or at least have some understanding.
I do understand communication is key and i did point out a solution to the communication problem as having an english only chat. I would however, enjoy voiceovers and champion lines in other languages. I still am an english speaker and also feel as though english as the majority language works perfectly on the server. I believe that the V.O and such files are optional for each language and are seperate on the EU servers. What is so difficult about using those files in game as they have hardly anything to do with communication and teamwork.
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: Non-toxic Players Club! Please Read :)
Chuck us an invite. IGN is Pineapple San
: Any Rengar mains club?
There is a reddit page for Rengar mains. Here is a link: https://m.reddit.com/r/Rengarmains/
: Warding initiatives (convincing people to ward in games at low elo)
Give this man medal. Riot pls. Wards are incredibly under-utilized in lower elo gameplay. Players (especially adc mains) that constantly push and over extend get killed over and over again. I as a support notice that for botlane my wards and sweepers are enough to safely protect my adc. However it's not just about warding. Normally I have the river and sides warded and constantly ping my adc or another laner to back off when I spot a gank. This shows lack of map awareness and means that trash who blame me for not helping flame me. There is hardly anything we can do to teach awareness to players unwilling to learn from their mistakes. On the other side warding is very important anyway and your argument is perfectly valid and something should be done. {{champion:412}}
: dude are you blind its happpens to me also{{item:3070}}
Oops. I had comments set to best not recent.
: Enlist in Ocean Week!
I don't know if this is the right place for this but is anyone experiencing unresponsiveness when clicking the enlist button. It may be because I'm not in OCE geographically right now but I still can't enlist. Riot pls send help.

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