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: I have friends who've played years longer than me who are 3+ tiers below me, and also friends who have played half the time I have who are ranked higher. I agree, age isn't everything. Especially when there are plenty of transferrable skills from other types of games/other MOBAs.
Good feedback, then consider the idea of new accounts being separated from old ones. This allows new players to play together without being dragged into 'proper' games
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: Prestige skins = cash grabs
While the $100 dollar aatrox skin will certainly bumm out most aatrox mains thats the point of cosmetics. It's how league stays free. Hex tech is another viable option it's just down to chance and you're ability to s rank on champs.
: How to counter MF-Xerath?
Xerath is a long range poke mage with just his e as hard cc, mf requires to either use q to poke you low or items to do much dmg, you either need to play safe which will be hard or close the gap. A hook champ would be good to pull them close or like your cait pick, to hit them at range as well. Coordination is needed and bot and in low elos its the first kill that snowballs the lane into a win so your fiddle was right in that sense but two horses pulling different ways don't pull the cart forward.
: Man with how often we see these prestige skins you would think they are legendary skins, we have gotten 5 ultimate skins over the years and have gotten 3 prestige over a few months how could we consider prestige skins rare?
Because they are limited time event skins. They might become available again at a later date such as championship {{champion:92}} They also aren't cheap or easy to get such as the KDA skins, they took a while to collect spanning a few weeks to unlock them. You could argue that you cna get them in hextech but thats the point of it. To be able to get skins for free by luck.
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