a grub (OCE)
: AURF AP Darkharvest Warwick, How hes ment to be played (in AURF)
I was gonna try this if i got Warwick. Also try out Predator AP Rammus/Nunu.
MstrTaffy (OCE)
: Why isn't my girl Sona{{champion:37}} in??? She has a snow AND Christmas themed skin(Silent Night)....
Noone wants to play against Sona on URF.
Dagina (OCE)
: Most boring URF yet.
Embrace the wackiness, it is the silly season after all.
: ARURF 2017 Snowdown Letdown
Riot nearly got it right, they just need to remove Fizz, Shen and Warwick and the mode will be awesome.
: 3am is URF hour when the world stops to remember URF in all his glory. It should be a daily event in your calendar... but also Raze is on the money.
But I'll be asleep wtf, why do you do this to me riot?
Jacca (OCE)
: How hard is it to get demoted to Bronze I?
Be me, thats a pretty easy method.
: Chinese Players are Ruining the game FOr OCE!!!
Thats racist dude, I can name like 3 OCE players for every 1 Chinese player who ruin games for other people, this ain't a race issue.
Hiro1001 (OCE)
: Assassin censor...
That sounds bs, I'll vote yes for you, because I'm a reformed player.
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: Kled concept skin
They should make Kled Kled, where his lizard is Skaarl but with a Kled mask.
: Your Snowdown Shop returns until January 9, 2018
Its not even available, no clickbait pls.
: Not URF, but ARURF. And not just ARURF, but winter-themed-skins-only ARURF. Just as you thought it couldn't get more disappointing than ARURF... {{sticker:sg-janna}}
at least theres no anime weeb bs like Ahri, Kayn, Riven, Yasuo or broken bullshit like Sona, Hec, Garen and Fiora. Every new iteration of ARURF, however gruesome it sounds has a silver lining.
SlothChan (OCE)
: Shouldnt Urf be out
Its on the 19th, still a while yet my friend.
Of course he didnt, legend has it that Kled is actually an ancient demi-god transported through time to cleanse this world of these stupid broken champions like Rengar, Zoe and Kayn, which would explain how he caught a freaking arrow in his splash art.
fum422 (OCE)
: zoe.
push her under turret and she does nothing. Dodge her Es and she loses all kill pressure.
Dung Dank (OCE)
: Zoe
Push her under turret and she cant do shit.
Fláming (NA)
: 14 day ???
Why dont you just flame your friends on a Discord voice chat like a normal person?
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: Champion popularity.
With all fairness, Azir belongs on that list as well. EDIT: You also forgot Camille and Fiora.
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Dagina (OCE)
: Gets honour capsule for keeping it sport man like, gets 2 90 BE champs and 2 key frags. wtf
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: i just got permanently banned
aaaaaaaaaaand thats why youre bronze 4, do us a favour, /muteall and let your gameplay do the talking for you, you could always make a new account, a bronze 4 account isnt worth much anyways, trust me.
: I agree that Azir needs a good old fashioned nerf. _(and I'm a die-hard Azir main)_ For a sustained damage champion, I've 3-hit way too many ADC's to not feel guilty... I haven't seen him shred tanks the way you mentioned _(but I haven't tried all the runes on him yet)_ I can assure you that Fighters are a sure-fire way to beat Azir, Wukong/Xin/Garen etc. those champs have enough damage, CC and tankiness to kill squishy old Azir before he can get enough damage off on them. Tbh I blame the recent Azir rework, the rework made it so that all he needs to do is spam soldiers and pray that his damage out-does his opponents. Which for _' one of the hardest champs in the game'_ is a pretty stupid playstyle.
In all fairness, any equally fed ADC can 3 shot Azir as well if he builds in a way that can 3 shot an ADC.
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: GJ Riot You're Doomed us all
They did say that the new patch was going to be broken beyond belief.
: Why!!!!!?????
What rune page are you running? Try out Glacial Augment with Biscuit Delivery, Cosmic Insight and Slightly Magical Boots, for secondary runes... idk, go Resolve for the bonus early game health and take Demolish and Overgrowth. it sounds cancerous on paper but it might not be as practical in-game.
: All jokes aside when are we going to see an Illoai skin released?
: I can personally guarantee that Kindred is the one being tilted more often than not xD
I can personally guarantee that based on personal experience xD Kindred jungle, not even once.
: accidently mispelled slur and perma?
Be thankful, at least you still have your smurf. :^) Also how can you think f**king Kindred of all champions is tilting? I can name 20 champions that would tilt me harder than bloody Kindred.
Shikoda (OCE)
: Mordekaiser Update Idea
Just so you dont get the wrong idea about what im about to say, these ideas sound pretty cool, but attack speed is a wasted stat on mordekaiser, also do we need more unnecessarily convoluted kits in league? I didn't know whether I was reading a passive or the unsolveable equation of the universe.
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: Braindead Jungler like Warwick
hes easy to kite early game and needs friendly CC to close the distance reliably.
: Questions about MMR and Warwick counter
Stay above half health so he doesnt get bonus movespeed.
Łeader (OCE)
: OCE Azirs Looking for Azir Mains or peeps to join!
Yep, total BS, I'm not sure what Riot's obsession is with tanks doing as much damage as carries, but I'm sick and tired of it, at the end of the day, you should only do damage if you build damage. (Unless you're Nasus)
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: ItzOrbit - AZIR MONTAGE - Shurimas Legacy
Awesome plays! If I impart on you a pearl of wisdom should you ever need it, when playing against Illaoi and you get marked as a vessel, its usually better to stand under a tentacle until the effect ends and leave it be, because a tentacle will only attack a vessel once in 10 seconds, but if you destroy one, another tentacle will spawn and instantly attack you.
Za Warudo (OCE)
: Riot Matchmaking
In a cramped server like these, mismatches like this happen. The best thing you can do is not only learn from your mistakes but how these players position and how their playstyles differ from yours. But of course try your hardest to win rather than giving up pre-game.
: LoL vs PUBG ?
Pubg is an overrated trash H1Z1 rip-off.
: How to get an S by being a jg?
Smite Kayn top = profit??? The game will think you're jg since you take smite but you just go top, take all the CS, split to inhib and just be a no fear dominator all game. Let me know if this works.
: Are mages really being pushed out of the meta?
Its not much to do with mages "sucking" per-say, its just that AD itemisation is just so damn good when compared to mages, most AD champs can and will rush multiple Lethality items to snowball on mages, one of which being a direct counter to most combo reliant mages. The only thing mages can build to counter them is a Seeker's Armguard into Zhonyas but because mana sustain is so important in lane you're going to have to rush a mana item before you can build Zhonyas, or you can rush Zhonyas and beg your jungler for a blue buff every time it's up, that being said, there are situations in which you'd choose a mage over an AD mid, mages have more CC than most of the meta AD mids, so if your team hasnt got a champion with pick-off CC or you want to round out your team comp's damage then youd probably want a mage, mages scale better late game but your typical AD mid wins mid-game.
: > freaking filthy > clunky > all you need to do to win These are not things I would associate with being in a: > better spot [EDIT]: Also, I wouldn't put too much stock in Azir tokens when you can go negative and still get them: https://i.gyazo.com/214d37730d92020413ebf3dc0741b11f.jpg He has been so hard to play for so long that the average score is well blow most other champs. So you're nearly guaranteed a token just for playing.
wtf... you go 4/7/11 on Azir and get an S, I go 11/3 and only get an A-...
KingPin17 (OCE)
: Azir's new Rework
As a returning Azir main I can say he's freaking filthy, got 2 mastery tokens today. They buffed his ability to bully in lane which was otherwise a big area of concern, his Q-AA is clunky but the E change makes up for all the nerfs to his ult and Q, with the shield (Which scales with AP now) and the potential extra soldier, all you need to do to win a trade is to hit E on a champion, hes definitely in a better spot than he was.
Zaps (OCE)
: Reconnect To Game Issue - September 26
I was about to find a game when I received the message "Something unexpected happened, please try again later." So I close the game and when I log back in, I get taken to a black screen as if I was in a game and im not able to reconnect.
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Maraudaur (OCE)
: Normal Draft test coming to Oceania
6 PM to 11 PM??? Hmm nah I dont play LoL during the night time. Please tell me thats a typo.
: Emotes are live!
$5 for an emote is a rip-off, no thanks.
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