NewTronix (OCE)
: True Ambition White is Recruiting! Plat 2+
IGN & Real Name: Azkaellion/Mitch Age: 19 Rank: Close enough. Role: Support Best/Favourite Champions: {{champion:412}} {{champion:432}} {{champion:267}} What you can bring to the team: I'm best at setting up opportunities for team mates to allow them to carry the game. I have a good understanding of how to win the game through drafts & objective play, and I keep track of the international meta to pick up on strong new picks early. Availability for practice: Most workday evenings/nights + some weekends, however running on NZ time means that I'm not always able to play as late into the night as some aussies if I want to stay awake the next day. pick me luka. pick me.
: The Peasants are now Recruiting! LFM Platinum +
Support/Jungle main, keen to join a team that pulls together. Added you in-client.
: Rank = Challenger IGN = TSM Loveboi Best Champs = Love Days you will be available to play = Love you KappaRoss
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: Coach with slight experience looking for a team.
So you want a team with true ambition. gg.
: Provisional's won 7 out of 10 and Bronze 3
That means your MMR is crazy low. Well below silver. Which means even winning most of your games you will still be in bronze. The system is not the place to look when you are unhappy with your placement.
Frost09 (OCE)
: Looking for Gold/Plat players from season 4 and willing to start a semi serious ranked team??
Ign: Azkaellion Age: 18 Season 4 rank and season 5 if you have already done them: Gold 5 S4 Current champion pool and maybe some that your learning: {{champion:267}} {{champion:412}} {{champion:40}} {{champion:1}} {{champion:79}} {{champion:60}} {{champion:107}} {{champion:268}} {{champion:117}} {{champion:21}} {{champion:18}} Current primary role: Support Current secondary role: Jungle Current third role (optional): AD Carry Skype: Yes, add in game for details Goals: I believe that I can play at a mid Plat level from my normal MMR, and hope to prove it by grinding some ranked over my upcoming holidays. I've played in a couple of casual ranked 5 teams last season for the ward skin, and I found it far more enjoyable than solo queue and am keen to continue! Availability: Roughly 6-9 PM every day (NZ time), on very frequently over the weekends. Lolking link profile if possible:


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