: Not even a chat restriction or a pre warning for ONE sentence
I understand your confusion and shock. It seems like **Riot** has been pumping out a plethora of bans recently. Personally, I don't think what you said was _too_ harsh and I agree that a chat restriction is far more appropreate but context is always the deciding factor is properly judging someone for being toxic. Were you provoked by another player or were you both engaging in some playful banter? Either way, my advice to you now is when that 14 day ban expires don't say anything that is remotly inflamintory or negative or do anything that is likely to get you reported. As, I was in your postion not that long ago, I got a 14 day ban, when it ended I played 1 match and was a bit negative towards one player (the entire team was infact however I doubt any of them got punished like I did.) and when I was in que for another game, boom. Permaban. So I highly recommend being careful now that you have recieve that 14 day ban.
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: The player might of been "Bad" but calling them a spastic is where I would say you crossed the line making fun of some one by comparing them to some one with mental disabilities is never ok, The jhin might of also been toxic but in this case you clearly weren't the better person
I understand, looking back on it now I do feel pretty filthly for calling him at, as I know many people who have disabilites play games. Thanks for your comment in trying to help me reform.
: His been being a bit of an ass on boards atm, don't take it personally, my suggestion is ignore him.
Alright, good to know I am not alone thinking how obnoxious this guys is. You're a good man JasonWazza, I have seen your other posts and think they are a positive disscusssion we need to have on these boards.{{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
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: ***
> [{quoted}](name=lava lord,realm=OCE,application-id=T8eq2lFQ,discussion-id=dcLgREb4,comment-id=0002000000000001000000000000,timestamp=2017-11-14T09:14:32.297+0000) > >[REMOVED] I don't get why you are being so snarky towords me, you have judged me unfairly when I have been nothing but resonable with you.
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: ***
I blamed for the loss because it was true, he was a deciding factor in why our team lost the game. Saying the player can't speak English is because he had broken grammar and could not physically form a proper sentence and also how is it my fault if we both speak different languages? (Which we don't, this player could speak English) the fact is thisis more of a competitive game now and it is very frustrating when someone can't communicate. Not only that but what about everything the other player belittled me for? Like I said, the chat log doesn't record the proper context of the conversation. The reason for this post ( and hwy I think this ban is unjustified) is because the ticket from Riot called me "extremely inflammatory", I don't know about you but I have seen and reported player who are far worse than me and they have gotten away without punishment. Me calling out this player and telling him what to do? where? I tell him he is build wrong because plain and simple his build was wrong, he hadn't built Jihn in the most optimal way to capitalize on his strengths, and once again this play was toxic towards ME, he was the one who continued to be toxic instead of just saying that he doesn't appreciate my comments and could I please stop, no. Instead he was toxic and belittled me but becasue he reported me first I got banned.
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: ***
Well yeah like said I want a disscusion and when I see someone is up for a debate I respond. Do you have anything to comtribute or are you just going to be childish and question my every action?
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: Azury: you are pathetic one of many want me to go in.
what's you're point? saying 'you are pathetic' is hardly toxic compared to what I have seen. not to mention you can't even see the full context of why I said that this player was "pathetic". It came about because this lay was raging and being toxic towards ne from my first comment which was just critique over his gameplay. I have read your other posts, you seem to blindly refuse people how get banned, even a guy who was banned with out warning over nothing. YOU are the type of people this community doesn't want. what this community needs is people who can form a proper arguemnt and give spefic reasons for why things need to change and why some thing is positive/ negative. in short, I want a disscussion, not a shouting match. You didn't even asnwer my question all you did was quote me and mind you that quote isn't even that toxic.
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: dude its obvious you take things to far pls learn your lesson and accept your punishment
Ok, care to explain how I took things "too far"?
: >Azury: just play bots if you are toxic I mean, toxic players in bots are already an issue, we don't need more assholes in bot games.
Fair enough, It was a bad comment I made in the heat of the moment after the Jihn player became toxic towards me. I should have just muted him as to not provke the player more.
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