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: We have autofill for the reasons you said (reduce queue times and protect quality of matches). I do understand it sucks when you are autofilled though. One way we can fix this issue is to make the less played roles more appealing. you can check out some of our thoughts around this here -
Yes, actually creating an incentive to play other roles is an excellent idea. As season 7 has come upon us all (whether for good or for worse) I have realized that I actually try and fill more, for that way I can guarantee a few games where I am not autofilled. I think that autofill shield has indirectly impacted my decision to deliberately fill for it is possible to obtain another role other than ones I find less appealing thereby if I do obtain such a position my mindset is already "I chose this" and not "This ludicrous". So, as a player I suppose I would highly suggest pointing that out to the community more strongly? Thank you for the reply by the way.
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