Gehirn (OCE)
: The first option is fine. Then under category select Account>Recovery.
If you have the time to reply to this, could you also please reply to the countless others who are having RADS and errors with the download links?
: Having problems...
Same thing happening to me. Even posted a comment on riots board posts. No reply THANKS RIOT
: It's been twenty minutes. Do tell of the results.
No luck. Tried to re install, No luck either. and this time the download link is not working on Google chrome OR safari. RIOT PLEASE ITS BEEN AGES I WANT TO PLAY
: Exact same problem here :/
Gehirn (OCE)
: Mac Issue - Unable to open LoL/Patcher
Please help me. I finally got to redownload league after having the "Unspecified Error please check logs" problem [Turns out the link doesnt work on chrome and so I used safari] My problem now is that I cant seem to open league YET AGAIN? Im having the same "Unspecified Error please check logs" thing and I swear my internet is working full and functional. Ive already tried out the tricks and things from this forum but nothings working. I open league and the league icon thing just stays there for roughly 10 minutes and then shows a popup with the error thing. Please help ;-; I am using LoLs mac client. This problem has happened multiple times already and usually just waiting a day or so and reinstalling works but this time its not working.
: So, when you attempt to download the installer from either a Mac computer or a Windows computer using Chrome, it brings you to a false web address. How queer.
Okay, so I just tried it on Safari. The link actually worked this time. Lets just hope it actually opens this time because that was the problem I originally had.
lordsky (OCE)
Ive been seeing you and your cute little virus links, Id rather not click on that.
: Wait, "Google Chrome could not find", does that usually come up when you type in a phony address?
Yes exactly, thing is. The link is the actual downloadlink from this very website so im wondering why its coming up as a phony link when it comes from the official website. It keeps reccomending but it isnt even an actual link...
Gehirn (OCE)
: Mac Issue - Unable to open LoL/Patcher
I cant redownload because the download link isnt working.....
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Olee (OCE)
: Looking for Bronze players for a Ranked 5v5's Team!
I'm willing to fill any lane except top and jungle~ I specialise in support I'd love to join a ranked team since I haven't been able to play with anyone decent really. im bronze 3 atm. Add me if you want me to play in your team~
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