: Is the OPL show ever coming back?
loathey (OCE)
: Hey guys! Sharp: How did you feel about the Rift Rivals format that allowed for OPL teams to help each other - specifically the King of the Rift day? Players: Which one of your teammates is the most annoying to live with, and why? Rippii: How do you put up with them?!
Hey Loathey! Everyone's pretty good to live with, if we have any problems with each other we usually just bring them up and get them resolved. Chippys leaves the Window open all day in Winter which makes it cold in the house somedays :(
Anniesaur (OCE)
: which nidalee skin is the best? can u rate vegemite out of 10 lol
Solas (OCE)
: Hey, This is mainly a question for Destiny but others can still answers if they want. Ok, so my question is What do you think is the best support right now in the current patch as im about to go into the HSL in NZ and would like to know what are the good supports and which are they not so good supports. I currently play Braum, Bard, Thresh, Rakan and Nami who would you remove and who would you add. Also what are some general tips you could give me. Thanks, Solas :)
Hey Solas! I checked out your match history and you need to fix your runes/masteries especially on Braum (AP quints/Armor glyphs?? / 12 Ferocity??) I recommend probuilds.net, try to copy Skill order and Builds. I think you can play any Support in the Meta as long as the match up is OK! Braum is definitely one of the strongest and has fairly easy matchups. I would definitely recommend playing him Bard has a very high skill cap and can get caught out in lane very easily, I would probably avoid playing him unless you know you can carry! (Don't pick into Thresh) Thresh is similar to Bard in having a high skill cap, you need to win lane to be useful! (Take ignite/Pick it into Squishy supports) Rakan is very strong! (Don't pick into Alistar/Morgana!) Nami is fine as long as you play safe and generally into Janna. If not, don't pick. I recommend Janna and rushing Ardent Censor! Good luck Solas!
: Heyyyllo, What makes you guys so good at adapting in game when behind? Also Chippys what do you think of tank tops ATM?
When behind we usually just play to our strengths, get defensive vision and use number advantage/punish there mistakes! Playing to our composition is very important
: For everyone in the team: - which victory was the most satisfying? - what would you have done differently if you could go back in time to do better at MSI and RR? - What's your take on SIN? Are they really the up and coming force able to constantly stay at the top side of the ladder? - Who is your favorite Rioter and why it's me? MM
- Beating LGC in the grand final was definitely the most satisfying feeling i've ever had playing competitive League. We put in a lot of hard work and preparation going into the match and the feeling of it paying off is something i'll never forget! - We'd probably change our preparation (playing 3 scrims sets a day, team activities, healthy lifestyle, voicing concerns etc). We didn't read the meta right at MSI (Caitlyn) and I don't think I worked hard enough on my mistakes. - I think SIN have always been a wild card team and on a good day can beat anyone. If they keep the same roster (RIP Flaresz) and continue to work hard on there mistakes i'm looking forward to there Gauntlet run {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}} - You're pretty cool Mirko.. tied with Benji for sure :P
jimuskin (OCE)
: Tits or ass?
: How can i climb out of low elo, what key elements should i do to climb and remember/learn.
Watch your own replays, Watch a pro replay (op.gg) and compare! Learn and implement. Try to stick to one role and always try to win (don't be toxic!). Remember to use free websites like probuilds.net and try your best.
eshanes (OCE)
: What are the biggest differences between trying to win the OPL in one split, and then defending it the next? Do you think you could still clinch the trophy if you had to make a run through the gauntlet from fifth place?
There's no hype to staying at the top and everyone cheers for the underdog which is something i'll miss. I don't view it as defending but more trying to win Internationally is the end goal. At the end of the day, the best team will always win! even if they're fifth place (C9 gauntlet run)
Treth (OCE)
: If you guys were to go to worlds would your attitude towards the competition change or stay the same as MSI?
I think our attitude will stay the same. Confidence is the key to success, regardless of the opponent self belief is important.
VexScream (OCE)
: What are the direwolves thoughts on both forms of kayn
belquin (OCE)
: Nice T-Shirt Shern - I just left Shinjuku yesterday and am now in Kyoto. To everyone - whats your favourite country in the world outside of Australia and why? Destiny/King - what do you guys need to focus on doing (or not doing) to shut down Lost and Cupcake in the 1st place decider?
My favourite country is definitely Japan (Korea 2nd)! I loved the food, people and tourism spots. Looking forward to returning sometime soon! I think we'll shut down Lost & Cupcake just by playing our own game! In the OPL final last split I think we just played what we were strong at and excelled at exploiting there weaknesses through it. I strongly believe k1ng and I are the best bot lane in the OPL for various reasons including our dedication, communication & acceptance of our role within our team. We might not be the "flashiest" bot lane but we try our best to get the job done and I think we're pretty dam good at it :P We've definitely prepared for this match the most in comparison to others and hope to take 1st place again {{summoner:30}}
peanuttt (OCE)
: Question for anyone: What made you want to become involved with the professional scene, and what drives you to this day?
Hey Pean00t :D I previously had experience playing competitive Team Fortress 2 at a young age and was always a competitive player. After first I was a casual player up until my dad past away, I decided to grind League and hit Challenger within a week. I was underage(16) and had to be 17 to play competitive so I just grinded the solo queue ladder and made connections. Eventually I hit Rank 4 on the Solo Queue ladder & got noticed by Rich Gang and here I am. I'm driven by how much I want to win. I want to be proud of something and know I accomplished something through hard work and dedication!
: @Everyone. Who do you think are your toughest rivals this split if all teams play to there maximum potential and why?
I think the Chiefs are definitely our toughest rivals this split at there maximum potential. There style of play is a lot more aggressive/proactive in comparison to Legacy. They understand the meta really well and draft intelligently so I see them more threatening at Legacy at there peak.
: Do you watch any of the leagues overseas, and if so who are your favorite teams and players to watch? For me its SKT(when if form) and Faker, I also like Smeb as a top laner(can pull off some sick plays). I also like Bjergson and TSM.
I primarily watch LCK/NA LCS and occasionally EU LCS. My favourite players to watch currently is BDD, Mik Yeung & CoreJJ! I think BDD is a crazy play maker and potentially the next Faker. MikeYeung is just an awesome upcoming rookie & CoreJJ is someone I enjoy learning from.
: Hey guys, I love you all. That is all.
Examqle (OCE)
: OCE has a bad rep for Toxic/Bad players what do you guys think of this?
I don't really like that Oceania has a reputation for toxic/bad players. I hope this changes over the next few years as it makes our competitive scene/server a joke to outsiders. But hey I was apart of Rich Gang so... xD
Gnario (OCE)
: Can you give me any tips on how to support my adc early game? @Destiny
Recognise what your champions (both ADC and Sup) do! I checked your match history and see you play a lot of {{champion:89}} {{champion:412}} , try take Ignite and try to all in by using your Death Sentence and Zenith Blades
: Who dogs the boys the most? Are there any repercussions for dogging said boys?
: @Everyone, Who is your favorite champion to play, disregarding any team comp fits or what fits into the current meta?
Jason (OCE)
: Question for all; On a scale of one to ten, what's the best sandwich you've ever eaten? Question for Destiny; How's life as a Dire Wolf treating you so far? <3 u babe
> [{quoted}](name=Jason,realm=OCE,application-id=ATM3HYki,discussion-id=kByJbA00,comment-id=0030,timestamp=2017-01-27T10:59:30.807+0000) > > Question for all; > > On a scale of one to ten, what&#x27;s the best sandwich you&#x27;ve ever eaten? > > Question for Destiny; > > How&#x27;s life as a Dire Wolf treating you so far? &lt;3 u babe Hey Jason! Enjoying the life of a Dire Wolf (Life's Good!) The boys are great and management are guiding us in the right way to win.
Animul (OCE)
: Korean server compared to OCE challenger?
Korean Server is on 2x speed compared to OCE challenger
Chippys (OCE)
: Destiny because he cant clean up after himself 😡
Quan Cena (OCE)
: If you could have anything to eat right now, what would it be?
: Do you like eggs?
Zanos2 (OCE)
: quick question.. Does pineapple go on pizza?
> [{quoted}](name=Zanos2,realm=OCE,application-id=ATM3HYki,discussion-id=kByJbA00,comment-id=001b,timestamp=2017-01-27T07:24:26.306+0000) > > quick question.. Does pineapple go on pizza? I'm ok with this.
: How do you plan on winning this year?
> [{quoted}](name=Roguestoney,realm=OCE,application-id=ATM3HYki,discussion-id=kByJbA00,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2017-01-27T05:28:41.117+0000) > > How do you plan on winning this year? Hey Roguestoney! We plan on winning this year through hard work, dedication and regular routine. We learnt a lot overseas that have changed us as players both in and out of the game. You won't regret supporting us this year!
: To all the boys, What are some pros and cons of living with 7 other people?
> [{quoted}](name=teletubbie,realm=OCE,application-id=ATM3HYki,discussion-id=kByJbA00,comment-id=0008,timestamp=2017-01-27T06:16:29.005+0000) > > To all the boys, > What are some pros and cons of living with 7 other people? Hey Teletubbie :3 Pros - Lots of fun! We enjoy movie nights and board games Always having someone to talk to Working hard with other people who have the same goal is really awesome. Gyming with someone ^_^ Cons - Lack of Privacy sometimes. I'm the only person who enjoys BBQ sauce.... Mess! We have to clean up after ourselves
Zorphiax (OCE)
: How did you discover your strengths in League of Legends? and what is the one thing you really want in your life? (doesn't have to be League related)
> [{quoted}](name=Zahe Jr,realm=OCE,application-id=ATM3HYki,discussion-id=kByJbA00,comment-id=0006,timestamp=2017-01-27T06:11:17.235+0000) > > How did you discover your strengths in League of Legends? > > and what is the one thing you really want in your life? (doesn&#x27;t have to be League related) You discover your strengths in League of Legends through self-reflection. By looking at your own game play and breaking it down you'll know what you're strengths and weaknesses are. Something I really want in my life is to accomplish goals through hard work and to be happy! (sounds cheesy doesn't it?)
Fatcat (OCE)
: @Sybol - What are the main differences between the competitive OCE/KR junglers in a solo queue environment? What are your thoughts/feelings on sharing your spot with Shern? @Destiny - How are you adjusting to the house young man? ^_^
> [{quoted}](name=Fatcat,realm=OCE,application-id=ATM3HYki,discussion-id=kByJbA00,comment-id=0010,timestamp=2017-01-27T06:38:50.062+0000) > > @Sybol - What are the main differences between the competitive OCE/KR junglers in a solo queue environment? > What are your thoughts/feelings on sharing your spot with Shern? > > @Destiny - How are you adjusting to the house young man? ^_^ Hey Fatcat! Adjusting to the house wasn't as difficult as I thought, i'm enjoying the schedule of Gym/Food/Scrims/Review :D I do miss my family but its something i'll have to get use to.
: where did ur hair even go mr destiny
> [{quoted}](name=GodKAO,realm=OCE,application-id=ATM3HYki,discussion-id=F2G122fB,comment-id=00010001,timestamp=2017-01-20T05:46:10.203+0000) > > where did ur hair even go mr destiny I don't even know!
: Abyss eSports Club AMA
@Raid, how did you grow your hair to look so beautiful ?? {{champion:67}}
: I'm Alex Manisier, content editor. Ask me anything!
: Competition Ruling: Team Immunity
Player ran orgs > Established orgs lmao
: Tfw never subbed for Avant Garde >.<
Chelbster (OCE)
: Please. Stop. Using. That. Photo.
Maraudaur (OCE)
: Oceanic Pro League Round 1 tipping! Who are you backing?
1) Chiefs 2) 4Not 3) Chiefs 4) 4Not 5) Dire Wolves 6) RICH GANG 7) Immunity 8) RICH GANG
: League of Legends Competition Ruling - 'Rich Stah paws'
: Challenger Series is on this weekend!
: Challenger Series approaches
Sephyre3 (OCE)
: I hear you on wanting Ranked 3s - I would play them too. What's happened in both the times you have listed is the queue has been enabled by mistake. I totally understand your frustration - logging in and seeing the queue available and thinking it's not going to be on full time only to have it turned off and you can't play anymore. That sux. Sorry about that :( Unfortunately Ranked Team 3v3 is not something that is likely to be enabled anytime soon. Ranked Teams 3v3 has stricter population requirements and is not likely to be enabled until we have grown to the point of having Normal 3v3 on all the time.
I'm sorry but i'm sick of seeing the population excuse on Normal 3v3, lets be honest nobody cares about Normal 3's. I've gotten queue times of 2 hours since my MMR is to high. People rather Ranked over Normals because you actually accomplish something and people are encouraged to queue as 3, making queue times better. Leave it on for at least one night of the week to prove my theory is correct.
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