: Looking for champions that have the most diversity in their roles!
Teemo. everything works bar adc. (adc works but is bad compared to other champions)
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maikku (OCE)
: Riot using special testing computers
Go down to your local Cashies mate. guarantee that you can pick up an old gaming computer that will run league on mid to high graphics easy. usually for about $300 - $400. I upgraded doing this 5 times over the years. each time its worked out like a charm. if you are having issues with client lag might i suggest turning on the option that keeps the client open during gameplay. often enough the lag you are speaking of is the end screen load times. by having the client open during game play you negate the need for you computer to reload the client, and will have the end game screen up imeddiately. or if its to do with shop load times, its becuase of your internet speed which i mean what can you do. in game lag can be cuased by ram being taken up by other intrusivve programs that run in the background (looking at you steam) like macafee or windows defender. turning these off often ends up with lag ceasing to exist. check your icon tray for whats running weigh up wether or not you need it running and end its existance. i have a micro computer with 2 gbs of ram and no v ram that has a processing speed of 2.95gb/s on a dual core. it can run league without lag in low spec. if i turn on uncapped frame rate there are occasional jitters. the client itself can be ran with animations on this computer perfectly fine. ( cost $120 brand new) just make sure to run the client in the background of games, makes a huge difference between games. also running the game in windowed mode reduces the time needed too tab between programs. im sure alot of this isnt helpful but i hope you find some nugget of help in there{{sticker:sg-ahri-2}}
: Esports in the League Friends app!
Not Sure how long you guys had this app out for, but its nice to finally get something for mobile. im looking forward to utilizing it in the future thank you Riot
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: Impossible mission chain Recruitment
I will be available to do more Impossible mission chains with people again today. Add me in game and state what mission you are up too. {{sticker:sg-miss-fortune}}
AbdulaKage (EUNE)
: The impossible quest chain !
add me if you still need people
: man im real bumbed out by those loses though ;)
all i hope is that youenjoy your shiny new icon and i hope it serves you well
: After having spent a few hours or so playing with you, I would just like to say, you are an absolute legend. Not many people would take 9 or so hours of their time to repeatedly go through coops, losing most of them, just to help out their fellow players with some missions. You are most certainly a jewel in this community, and don't you forget it.
man im real bumbed out by those loses though ;)
: Impossible mission chain Recruitment
looking for more players. perhaps to set up a second group. once again add me if you would like to get these missions done
: Impossible mission chain Recruitment
Still available for those who need it done. add me.
Nagishi (OCE)
: Five-people Premade For The Mission 'Wait...Do What Now?'
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: Play Like the Pros Mission Eligible Champions
Why is Soraka's primary role support?, shes clearly a Marksman. {{sticker:sg-soraka}}
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: honestly the first game really got me, i had played about 5 matches that morning and then this thing came up i was like cool, but wtf this fkn lee sin ganking hard and on top of that fkn taunting his mastery 5. Really well done april fools joke. But seriously can we keep the (ALL) chat muted for ever please
funny enough lee is the only bot that actually uses his mastery emote. all others wont
: When you think they are bots and you question your life when you cant beat them ;-;
did they bm after kills? no? they are bots
Armitige (OCE)
: Holy crap, did you actually think these were bots, AHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHHAHAHHHAHHHAHHAHAHAHHAHAHAH!!!!
the summoner names are taken from current summoners who are inactive. they dont use emotes, bad mouth by flashing masteries, Have masteries ( notable after they kill you), perform flawless split second damage rotation in and out (similar but better too the current bots), if threatened will evade using same manuevers that skuttle uses they are bots, riot just uses the names so you cant say that it was a bot match.
: It's not a joke, just got rolled by these things... Edit: Ok maybe they aren't bots I just checked op.gg and they have summoners names man I'm out
check the summoner name profiles you will find they havent been on in a while. they never used an emote. they were bots not people.
: Agree, found evidence in chat room, the bots maybe disguised by riot worker or someone, and personally I don't think our current computer programming is that advanced to create such program which has kind of self evolving and random behaviour? Maybe just a fools day jk.
No bots have BM... just saying but they are bots. they dont even use emotes.people use emotes
: Advanced Bot tests LIVE in Normals
I like how all the bots in the end summary have actual player names that if you look up actually exist, and if you check their match history the game didnt happen. in fact all the names of the people i versed hadnt logged on for atleast 4 or 5days
: Accidentally purchased the supposed Christmas gift for myself than send it to friend in LoL
: Accidentally purchased the supposed Christmas gift for myself than send it to friend in LoL
Thats such a pity man, i feel ya. hopefully it gets resolved soon
: Merry Christmas, OCE!
merry christmass too you too :DDD
: > [{quoted}](name=FerrousOxide,realm=OCE,application-id=Ntey9fRZ,discussion-id=EMEZjVyg,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2016-12-23T14:51:00.277+0000) > > I find him an infuriating opponent. His blind lets him negate your ability to trade, OR, deny you farm. > And his active speed boost makes him near impossible to finish off in a fight, its to good of an escape. Cast type bruisers generally have less issues with Teemo, and should find it relatively easy to at least win trades pre-6 (though maybe not kill the rat without some ganking). Nasus from my impression also seems to favour in the match-up if I am not just entirely wrong (LoL Counter lists Teemo as a counter to Nasus). Sure his Q could be blinded and that sucks, but W and the stacks kinda back up for it. Just farm under tower and then wait til blind finishes before smashing down that Q during trades while W prevents Teemo from running away. Running Ghost as the summoner also helps catching up during trades. And once you're fed enough stacks, it's GG for him when he sees you. But idk about this so don't quote me on this one.
a Teemo and Nasus match up is based on the Teemos skill for knowing when to blind. and nasus's skill for knowing when to hold his q. though nasus does have a huge advantage with his ultimate and wither. slowing teemo and negating damage is a huge thing against teemo. Again its down to the players skill match ups. a perfect counter to teemo is jihn. teemo's blind is not long enough to stop jihns attacks as jihn has such a long wind up and does insane amounts of auto attack damage. with his range it is almost impossible for teemo too get a blind off before jihn attacks ie jihn will start his auto before teemo can get in range of using his q, teemo will fire his q half a second after jihn fires his auto. jihns auto will hit teemo, teemos q will hit jihn, jihn will go for another auto blind is half over at this point, by the time the auto hits teemo the blind is up. making teemos q completely pointless for trading against jihn aside from being an aa reset.
Nightjar (OCE)
: You obviously don't understand what teemo means. Teemo is designed to be a counterpick lanebully type champion, he's designed to be infuriating in lane with his q blind and his e poison damage which makes him an exceptionally strong early game lane bully. Teemo lacks hard cc, he relies on the island of toplane during the early game and he's not good at skirmishes and being part of a team comp during teamfights. He uses trademark simple mechanics and encourages a strong focus on macroplay and map control. Teemo is very snowbally and relies heavily on establishing map control so that he can create splitpressure and use his mushrooms to establish strong vision control. He's fun to play and a very easy way to win most early game lane matchups, but unless you have very strong understanding of how to play the map and control the pace of the game you'll fall off very hard. Teemo lacks hard cc, tankiness, defensive peel, comparable burst to other squishy mages, nor the sustain dps and range of an adc. Teemo is a lanebully who transitions into an assassin and a unique source of vision control that allows your team to have a much greater amount of information on the movements of the enemy team. Teemo is designed to be infuriating and he's not designed to be like other champions. He very much fits his lore and he punishes players who rely more on mechanics than game knowledge, since teemo relies heavily on game knowledge and is also countered as such. His shrooms are countered by red sweeper, control wards and duskblade; though I do feel more counter trap items would be more intuitive just like the lightbringer or arcane sweeper. Also his shrooms landing is not luck, teemo can only place so many shrooms and so a good teemo must understand autopathing and the movement tendencies of the average player. You can probably find a few maps on the internet of the shrooming patterns a teemo should follow, though a good teemo will still adapt. As someone who used to main teemo, I could quite comfortably enter toplane and not get hit by a single mushroom the entire game so long as the teemo does not adjust his shrooming patterns. I can't explain this quickly but a tip is that a teemo will generally not place shrooms along the edges of walls so they're safe like 90% of the time since for the teemo, the odds of someone walking there isn't worth it.
I think you miss understand why i'm bringing this up, the changes I proposed on Teemo wouldn't change his current nieché he would still be a counter pick champion and a great lane bully. What these changes would do is give Teemo a skill based counterplay method taking out the luck based parameters of the champion. invisible traps that come up every 20 seconds that can be on the other side of the map to him without disappearing or dissipating when compared to current sweeping items and abilities which are all in the high 1 minute - 2 minute cool downs is luck. you can sweep all day but you will never get all the mushrooms. this kind of play style is of the old riot games, it is unavoidable. though you are right with the current method of play on Teemo's mushrooms it would still be nice to give players a chance to avoid them outside of actual vision sweeping. Are the changes I suggested to much for you is that it? do you feel like they would completely destroy his play style to a point of him being a completely different champion? you do have to admit his kit is dated and needs a refresh, what i want to know is if you have some suggestions on what you would change on him :0
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: I mean, unless you're proxying 2 waves inside the enemy base your maximum cs in lane @ 15 minutes can only be 174. But yeah, I get what you mean.
lol nah i was walking in and insta gibbing everyones lanes id walk along and just clear the whole wave as soon as it got in. most games no one would have any cs. id just clear it too quickly
: Bring back Content Refund for Major Gameplay Updates
it happened to me with vlad. i used to do this wierd sunfire cape build that allowed me to farm so quickly and safely in lane that at 15 mins id usually have 300 cs with no sweat. the new vlad had his e changed which was what the build used majorty of the time. now im stuck with a mastery 7 vlad that im absolutly shit with. id take a refund for my vlad items if offered as i have no use for him anymore. side note: i had a mastery 5 on yorick before his change. the new yorick is actually better for me lol. but no i feel your pain dude
Knova (OCE)
: the best way to get ip to buy Braum
ok so first: buy jax then: play jax for 10 games then: get annie then: main jax for the rest of your life. ????? profit.
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Aidan7787 (OCE)
: Vel'koz
^^^i feel ya bro this buff was a little unessesary
Erøse (OCE)
: I got accused of scripting by this "Riot" employee
sheit dude i saw the video of this... it did look like you were scripting. ill see if i can link it for everyone else brb
: When is Bane coming out?
you realise that champion is singed right?
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: Why Not confirm Satan?
atleast with a satan skin or something like it they could finally stop giving him skins. dont get me wrong new skins are nice but teemo has like 12 skins atm... thats more than anyone else. and the trouble is they keep making them too cute and fun loving for most teemo players to like. the only one that isnt along those lines and almost scratches the itch is omega squad. thats about as dark as we will probably get for him though :(
: Why Not confirm Satan?
aww shit why not make it christamas themed AND MAKE A KRAMPUS TEEMO SKIN
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