: Trick wannabees.
I see you main supports, are you a Mata wannabe? Maybe you're a Yellowstar fanboy? See what I did there? Devourer is super strong atm and has the most synergy with Udyrs kit who is a reliable pick is solo queue. You will continue to see him, especially in lower solo queue because most players at lower elo cannot mechanically play more demanding champs like Lee Sin and Elise or even riskier picks like Eve/Nidalee who if don't get ahead early can fall off hard.
: That doesn't answer the question. If I gift you one, will you get the special loading screen also? I think so, doesn't matter how you got it, someone paid for it and should get the whole kit with it.
Yes, if someone buys this skin before the end date, whoever gets the skin GETS THE BORDER. IT IS PAID FOR!
Ryanna (OCE)
: Gifting Project skins !Riot!
The skins at present cost more than they will a week from now, so yes they will come with First Strike because they are charging for it.
: Mordekaiser is balanced.
Honestly the skill should be renamed "Tickle, Tickle, Dead!" because that's how it feels...
Matt 1000 (OCE)
: ***
So now we know it's not just IInet... :3
Mindstar (OCE)
: Hi folks Thanks for the reports - we're taking a look now. Can you reply here and let us know what is your ISP, and where are you located? Can you also paste the results of a traceroute to Cheers Mindstar
IInet/Melbourne 1 gigabitethernet3-3.exi1.melbourne.telstra.net ( 0.351 ms 0.284 ms 0.245 ms 2 bundle-ether3-100.exi-core10.melbourne.telstra.net ( 2.244 ms 1.423 ms 2.245 ms 3 bundle-ether12.chw-core10.sydney.telstra.net ( 16.987 ms 16.667 ms 16.735 ms 4 bundle-ether1.oxf-gw11.sydney.telstra.net ( 17.360 ms 16.666 ms 17.112 ms 5 bundle-ether1.sydo-core03.sydney.reach.com ( 18.110 ms 16.292 ms 17.112 ms 6 i-0-4-0-4.paix-core01.bx.telstraglobal.net ( 161.527 ms 7 i-0-4-0-6.paix02.bi.telstraglobal.net ( 161.709 ms 8 te0-0-0-3.ccr21.sjc04.atlas.cogentco.com ( 161.334 ms 161.585 ms 161.395 ms 9 be2013.ccr21.sjc03.atlas.cogentco.com ( 202.127 ms 202.558 ms 202.376 ms
Aarcyn (OCE)
: I am having the same issues although i cannot get to a custom game. Too many errors.
I just repaired... Delayed login... Not even sure if I am going to complete to login... This is definitely server side.
  Rioter Comments
: You forgot to mention homophobic. Im aware of my sexuality why does pointing it out seem to think its gonna offend me? "You're gay, %%%got" Well no chit.
Most insults work like this though, if you don't find what they are saying offensive it basically takes all power away from the insult. "You're fat!" - "yeah I could probably lose a few kilos" "You're a virgin!" - "yeah I'm 13..." or "I just haven't met the right girl yet :3 " "You're a noob" - "Yeah I'm pretty bad but I'm trying" "You're a %%%!" - "I like men, so what?"
Sexy Man (OCE)
: Racism, sexism and toxicity
Harden the fuck up, way too many LOL players get upset at the merest slight before screaming they are going to report you and begging for more reports in /all. Riot has promoted the same kind of whiney community that feminism is creating in college campuses. Need a safe space? Go play Minesweeper.
Xannian (OCE)
: Sooooo Fiora huh?
Riots take on the new champion kits is just ban them... Ban = counterplay... I saw a bronze Fiora easily destroy a normal against plats and golds last night despite losing lane... Please don't tell me she is hard to play, when you have an overloaded kit like that it is pretty forgiving. **Note the Fioras team still lost, but she got fed as fuck in a situation any other champ would have had trouble performing**
GigaPube (OCE)
: no i havent noticed, they're still in every like 3rd bot game
: Yup i notice that too. I reported every bot i met in Ai games and maybe riot noticed them and banned them from the game or maybe the botter's Ai became a little smarter and we got fooled by it. I remember a few of them that i reported in the past. I checked their id on op.gg and i found them but data on the games they played won't refresh which could mean they have been banned. Not sure if riot did ban the botters but if they did that's great and i hope they continue banning cheaters.
The thing is not only is it cleaning up game modes like co-op vs ai from dealing with this shit, but these accounts are likely being sold to players to use as smurfs, etc to ruin low elo games as well so it's kind of 2 birds one stone.
: Ive sent like 3 tickets with essays containing Bot ID's. What they did, and what script codes they were using. I.E - follow script. Mid lane push script- useless stuck in nexus script etc. Hopefully they did get banned, I found like 30 of em.
Yeah I was doing the same since the normal report tool is useless for reporting botters.
: Project skins first strike
The First Strike skins cost more, since gifting them(non-mysteriously) I would assume have the border. Im willing to bet that even a mystery gifted one would count as First Strike in the first week due to the possible coding on the skins during the first week.
Rioter Comments
: I roam as mid to gank the fed top because mid lane is one of the highest exp lanes and from free farming im usually the same level. In jg, it's more dependant on my level compared to the enemy laner than the ally laner's level, I just want to punish the poor fool who pushed a solo lane regardless of my ally's condition
Why are you so against applying any responsibility to the adc?
: IMO, most of the lower elo players don't know how to play support. They see it as a role that you can't carry with, because they don't know how to carry with the support role. This type of behavior is quite evident based off rank soloqueue and normal games where they have a "I'm not going support" mentality (instalocks, threatening to feed/troll). Basically the lack of skill along with the unwillingness to improve is why low elo players generally suck at support, it's also where the concept of elo hell stems from.
^ this, I can usually steal an early buff with cheese and vision juking as a support. At the very least I can fuck with their jungler and force them to back early delaying their pressure and giving my jungler a lead.
: No, no kill would happen, but the ADC wouldn't have died to 2v1 and his lane wouldn't have been unwarded. I'm not talking about you, I'm talking about players who don't ward at all, and leave lane while it's pushed and the ADC is behind. I've had it happen before. Also, I think it's pretty obvious there's no "get[ting] our team some vision control" if the supp is too greedy to upgrade trinket or even get sightstone in the first place. Next time, don't assume I'm talking about you if the first two traits are something you follow EDIT: TBH, I allow the jg to take all my kills but when the support does it and both bot laners are still with the ADC if tics me off so much
Again... More responsibility for the death goes to the ADC. He didn;t have to leave the tower. No matter what the support does or does not do, the ADC CHOSE to leave the tower and risk getting engaged on 2v1(or worse if the jungler/tp/global is present).
: Firstly - Protect the ADCs even if they're beyond protecting. Secondly - Pinging someone to be careful is vague and probably means "jg is nearby to gank," I understand that the ADC shouldn't 2v1 anyway but just say it in chat Thirdly - Turn 1v1 into 2v1 whenever possible, otherwise just tell him to farm and if he doesn't listen, let him but peel for him anyway Only the aimed global ulti champs like cait, Xerath, Ziggs or TF take blue... Supports take red after sightstone and ADCs take yellow. If you play a tank support, tank a few hits from the tower PLEASE. Or at least heal with your low cooldown infuse, tide or aria. If nothing can be done, just damage It's more realistic to accept that supports screw up just as much as ADCs also. I've seen supports dive while their ADC is too far behind. I've seen supports with full mana and within auto attack range leave enemy laners alone when the ADC is out of auto attack range and OOM, then rage at the ADC for not being fast enough, even though NO ONE died compared to the ADC dying and raging at the supp.
Are you the same jungler who ganks losing lanes? There is such a thing as a lost cause and knowing how to spot one and play to bolster the stronger players on your team is far smarter play than trying to hold a gimps hand while attempting to spoon feed them kills. ADCs should 99% of the time have a blue trinket after the 10 minutes mark(starting with warding) so that your team does not need to face check(especially the squishiest champ on your team). An ADC really shouldn't be in a position to be warding and risking instadeath once lane phase ends.
: When bot lane gets a support who gets enough kills to stop the ADC from ever dying, I'm so happy. When bot lane gets a support who leaves the ADC in 2v1, KSes mid and is too greedy to even upgrade trinket. Please call mid next time instead of support or fill. I think most lower ELO players are the second one.
Just because you get the kill does not make it a KS, jesus christ. Also if that support wasn't there, would any kill have even happened? The assist gold is free bonus gold that wouldn't have existed REGARDLESS who got the killing blow. Additionally, leaving bot lane to roam/ward does not mean you are leaving the ADC to 2v1, in fact I DO NOT WANT MY ADC TO 2v1, I want them to play far back safely and CS under tower for a moment until I come back so that I can get our team some vision control which is more important than you getting 4 more CS.
: Supports, please protect your carries (bronze V - gold V)
Honestly, most adcs at these elos are beyond protecting... Not sure of a majority of those I see playing ADC are stuck in a role they don't know or they are just bad players but I'll give you some obvious examples you will see in most games. Support goes to ward and pings be careful... What does the ADC think? TIME TO GO 2v1 and then rage at my support for leaving me there! Enemy adc is a stronger duelist and has an item lead... Better try to 1v1 this player at every opportunity! Multiple enemies MIA, better go facechecking the river because blue trinkets don't exist... Enemy bot is low hp but have summoners and CC under their tower... ADC flashes in and dies to an obvious heal bait... Rages at you for? I dunno not dying too. I'm sorry but even the most protective bodyguard support champions I play cannot help players who put themselves in stupid situations regularly, if someone is going to feed all you can do is reduce the amount of deaths and hopefully try and get return kills for the stupidity. Be realistic.
: Put her in a comp that has a beefy front like(tanky top and jungle) and she will make them gods. Even better if the enemy has a champion like Zed or Akali who all in on a friendly player, free silence NO NO zones for days. Especially since Spirit Visage was changed to increase healing received from other players.
BTW I should admit, I have started going Targons Soraka lately :3
Zorphiax (OCE)
: Soraka isn't op if you take her out of the laning phase really early so instead of targeting ADC, target Soraka and she will have trouble till late game.
Put her in a comp that has a beefy front like(tanky top and jungle) and she will make them gods. Even better if the enemy has a champion like Zed or Akali who all in on a friendly player, free silence NO NO zones for days. Especially since Spirit Visage was changed to increase healing received from other players.
Essembie (OCE)
: There is a group chat called oldpeoplehere. Some nice guys in there who's hormones have stabilised now that they're 15 years past puberty.
Just joined, is there usually more people in here than this?
: you're not gonna find mature people on boards.
My reasoning is if I'm here then others are :3 Also I said mature aged not mature :P
: Non OP champs? (list)
Braum is DEFINITELY OP, his passive is broken as all hell and a non-ultimate 16 sec cooldown can negate an entire teams damage for several secs including many ultimates. Soraka is also on the OP side atm, both of these supports are seeing more and more play competitively across the regions. Gangplanks rework is definitely fucked, even casters are saying it during games. His E being manaless and ignoring 60% armour while being able to crit is garbage without even taking into account the rest of his kit. If they took away the armour pen and gave it a mana cost( even something small like 30) I would consider him in a good spot. Historically when a mana using champ has been given 0mana skills in their kit it has never ended well, leading to spam of the skill and abuse. Remember Lucians dash on release? TF is broken and heavily banned at most elos and competetive play, so much power in his ultimate +wave clear. The rest of the list seems fine. Surprised Trundle isn't on there, I would consider him to be historically one of the most balanced champions in the game of all time. I wouldn't say Gnar is OP at all either as a top laner, can't recall either of these ever being complained about before.
: Can we FINALLY have Draft Mode?
This + 24/7 ranked is what I miss about being on NA... Sometimes it feels like the ping would be worth it -_-
Rioter Comments
: Your daily reminder that Riven is BS...
Essembie (OCE)
: People in ranked are generally less tolerant of mistakes than people in normals.
This ^ I expect far smarter play and builds from ranked players than I do in normals, unfortunately disappointing 90% of the time :3
: This is accurate, i ran a few tests with a friend, oh and also, the Passive can be stacked (so against an all Crit team you can take 70% less damage)
HOLY SHIT! This is the same problem as what they did with the last Black Cleaver launch not making the Arpen or CDR unique... O_o I need to try 5 of these against a Yasuo, Trynd or GP... > [{quoted}](name=JasonWazza,realm=OCE,application-id=Ntey9fRZ,discussion-id=fTbW9Anj,comment-id=000100000000,timestamp=2015-08-26T05:46:37.739+0000) > > This is accurate, i ran a few tests with a friend, oh and also, the Passive can be stacked (so against an all Crit team you can take 70% less damage) BTW do you know when armour is taken into account? I am guessing after the crit damage is reduced?
: This is accurate, i ran a few tests with a friend, oh and also, the Passive can be stacked (so against an all Crit team you can take 70% less damage)
HOLY SHIT! This is the same problem as what they did with the last Black Cleaver launch not making the Arpen or CDR unique... O_o I need to try 5 of these against a Yasuo, Trynd or GP...
Rioter Comments
: > [{quoted}](name=BadMrFrostie,realm=OCE,application-id=Ntey9fRZ,discussion-id=xsLrIVuA,comment-id=00000000,timestamp=2015-08-27T11:46:31.588+0000) > > No recent updates. Checked http://boards.oce.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/miscellaneous/iFdEkXnp-riot-oce-update-and-qa?show=nested&comment=00410000 this is 30 days ago, fairly recent i'd say. you obviously didn't check very hard.
30days was too far back, I had Mirkinen drop into a thread after the 24/7 ranked incident, so was hoping for something since then. Yes but since then there was a full week of 24/7 ranked queues and now they have metrics to prove that the queues are busy at those hours with negligible queue time increases. I also found games were less likely to have dodgers at that hour but whether that was co-incidence or everyone wanting to make the most of it is up for debate.
: > [{quoted}](name=PvPRealm,realm=OCE,application-id=Ntey9fRZ,discussion-id=xsLrIVuA,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2015-08-27T13:17:03.088+0000) > > There is more than likely no chance of that ever happening. > The times of which ranked is disabled is when the server is most inactive. (4am-7/8am) > If ranked was permanently enabled, then between those hours when the server was inactive, you would get matched with people way out of your elo. In example, if you're in bronze, you might get matched up with a gold/plat. It's unfair, that's why it gets disabled. not true. ranked was up 24/7 for a few days recently and it worked fine. this was without any announcement or knowledge that they were even open. so imagine if they announced that ranked queues were to remain open 24/7.
Exactly, just by happenstance the queue remained busy all morning every day it was open in between silver and plat. I heard even up in Diamond was fine too. I would just like to hear what Riots plans are regarding our server because Blind Normals for 4 hours is garbage and the only alternative is bot games...
: there's probably something in the riot Q&A thread about it
No recent updates. Checked
Rioter Comments
Realm (OCE)
: Boosting is allowed. You don't get banned for boosting, because someone else is just playing on your account, that's not bannable because you can't prove that they are getting boosted.
O_o you know sharing your account full stop is bannable and against the Terms of Service?
: Yeah it's kinda pathetic really, however that being said, things do happen to the reports you send through to support about botters. I got a Yasuo scripter banned at some point like 6 months ago for the blatant as fuck Wind Wall script he was using.
Like I said, I saw someone who clearly got a diamond border in low silver last week so they clearly aren't that on the ball.
Rioter Comments
Rioter Comments
: > [{quoted}](name=BadMrFrostie,realm=OCE,application-id=Ntey9fRZ,discussion-id=RnPVftJ0,comment-id=0002,timestamp=2015-08-20T02:44:48.874+0000) > > Alistar and Nautilus say hi with their 300 move speed... ali has 330, naut has 325 as well.
Seems Championselect isn't updated on those stats... Strange since it shows mordes base.
: mordekaiser now the slowest champion?
Alistar and Nautilus say hi with their 300 move speed...
: I am a diamond 5, was diamond 4 (3 days ago). I didn't have a problem finding matches during the times of 4am-8am and the matches that were found were relatively even. We have more people Q.Qing about team builder existing than what we have Q.Qing about unfair matches in ranked. People complain about unfair games at all ranks at all times of the day because they believe they are better than where they are placed, or stuck and can't climb. I don't see where this is a problem either. A player who versus a better player initially becomes a better player themselves, and a player who versus a bad opponent and may get lucky with games and climb wont stay at the high rank he has accomplished by doing so. The logic the Riot staff give is flawed. You don't want to have Ranked Queues running overnight because it costs money, money is #1. Rito pls. A lot of Australian doll bludgers who are nocturnal really want ranked queues up, we spend a lot of money on skins because we live in our mother's basements free of charge. Rito pls. We deserve this, we love this.
I'm glad to finally get some higher elo responses on queue times. I figured the queue time wouldn't be too much greater than normal though considering at silver and high gold we didn't see much of a change. Do you remember what your queue times were compared to the average during peaks? I don't think they ever mention money being the reason for queues, just about player population division into multiple queues. This made sense early on but I think Oce has grown to become quiet the healthy playerbase activity wise.
: Who cares about people that don't speak english play? We are all there to win :D
^ Pretty much this. I've never had any major communication issues, most players in my elo more than understand how to use just pings to get a message across.
: The problem is not enough people play at those hours, atleast during the school term. Personally I would of had it 2-6am instead of 4-8am since I know a few people who like to get a game or two in before work/school. Sure that would mean some people calling it a bit more of a early night, but is that a bad thing?
You might think so but I was surprised, we also have a lot of South East Asia playing on our servers which is why laste at night and early in the morning there is fewer english speakers in games.
: > [{quoted}](name=BadMrFrostie,realm=OCE,application-id=Ntey9fRZ,discussion-id=N45P51P3,comment-id=,timestamp=2015-08-17T19:21:43.813+0000) > > Over the past week there has been a change to the Ranked Solo Queue during the hours of 4-8 when they would usually be shut down, they have instead remained open and with marginally increased queue times(for silver/gold/plat anyways). > > Logged in this morning to play a few games and the all I get is Blind Normal(I'd rather just play co-op bots thanks). > > Can we get an official response to this because I have looked for a Riot comment on this but nothing so far. I was really hoping this would become a permanent thing since we don't have Draft Normals to fall back on during those hours(Blind Pick is a horrible concept IMO). > > ** Additionally, if you support 24/7 Ranked please Like to show support.** Hey BadMrFrostie THanks for your message and for bringing this to our attention. I replied yesterday to a tread on [reddit ](https://www.reddit.com/r/leagueoflegends/comments/3h84tm/oceanic_ranked_queues_still_open/) but let me explain here what happened and what we are doing: Last week, we had a problem with the script that manages the queues and ranked was left on by mistake during the 4am-8am period. This was not intentional and that's why there was no communication on the removal of that limitation. We now fixed the problem and the ranked cut off is in place. > (from reddit) > Let me explain a little how the matchmaking works and how this affect our decision to open / close queues. (Big Disclaimer: I'm not from the team who manage the queues so I'm replying to the best of my non-technical knowledge) Matchmaking tried to match you in the shortest possible time with players with similar level of skill. So the 2 important factors for matchmaking are time and quality. In order to do that, there is a certain amount of players which need to be online otherwise our matchmaking will compromise time first and quality after meaning that during night time you may initially wait for many minutes and then, our matchmaking will try to broad the research and match you with either stronger or weaker opponents. While this is "okish" for normals, when it is about rank, we want to maintain fairness therefore when these conditions are not satisfy, we prefer to remove the queue. This is what it happening in the middle of the night in Oceania. > Now, you are telling us that the quality was not a big problem when you played in the last weeks so we are going to look at the data from last week and see if you are right. Our assumption is that matchmaking "might" be ok for silver-gold-plat but really doesn't work at the extremes (bronze and diamond-challenger). If, after looking at the data we see this is not the case, we may revisit the decision to open the ranked queues during that period. MM
Thanks a lot for the reply here, Oce related news will never get upvoted on reddit unless it's something big :3 Really hope that the queues to end up getting opened up, I was surprised to meet a number of cool people on at those hours.
: they'd probs cut the down time first. they do it cause they don't want players qqing about matchmaking cause they got matched with someone like gold 3 when they're silver 5 or something. and that would happen more times than not, as late night matchmaking is shit.
Honestly I played well over 10 games in those hours over the past week and I didn't see any crazy matchmaking out of the norm. Just slightly increased queue times(from 3-4 mins up to 6-7) which was no issue as I would still rather play that mode over Normals.
: Please Riot make 27/7 ranked a thing :)
Well it is a thing on other servers, just not on Oce yet. Just as other servers have Draft Normals or 3v3 ranked and Blind.
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