: IDK bro, I live in NZ and I'm on fiber. I always see Aus ppl complaining about shit net, never NZ.
Australia does have overall shit internet, it's been on the news, but this is something affecting me, this doesn't even happen to my own brothers, while we play in the same game sometimes, we're all on the same internet
: It's your potato net, not LoL. People always blame games for problems on their side, not server side. Fork out a few extra dollars a month for better internet, problem solved.
Is there supposedly anything better than NBN? And this only started after preseason update, the game would just refuse to connect to the game, firewall off, net on.
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Dezzter (OCE)
: Ok guys by these stats if at 20min we're 40 kills behind we still have an 80% chance of winning if we go take baron.
whole enemy team would have to disconnect simultaneously for you to get baron lol
Nightjar (OCE)
: well I mean for soloq this might be useful since you can then choose whether to play during peak times and get low variance queues with even teams or during times when there are very few people since the mmr and lp gains and losses will be bigger. I mean as a support or teamfight tank main you probably want to only play during peak times since at these times botlane is safer and the game is generally more even and so you'll be able to scale up and through great picks and peel and eventually carry. But in high variance times you might not really be able to do anything about it because you'll be stuck babysitting an adc darius who has just hit lvl 30 with bot only games and went straight into ranked with no understanding of the meta, all the while top and mid are feeding because they're bronze and their lane opponents are gold and plat and some games, your jungle gets executed by chickens 3x in a row trying to take them because they didn't think smite was necessary for jungling and took ignite and ghost and they can't kite the camps. But for a mid or assassin main this type of chaos where there are some really weird players out, might be a good thing since they can roam and snowball and solo carry much easier because there will be some easy targets among the enemy team like a full crit singed who is trying to take dragon and failing. Doesn't matter if the enemy yasou is high gold if you're playing shaco and already have 7 kills and 8 assists and a bunch of easy counterjungle and have a ghostblade, triforce and whilst he's been farming perfectly and gotten a few kills on the midlane hasn't been able to roam so much because you burned his flash during earlygameand so he's only got a zeal and bf sword. This is just my opinion and of course you can play aggressive supports or blitzcrank, but I still feel like support mains should probably stick to peak times.
It gives you an estimated time to wait, seems good enough for now
Shroom (OCE)
: Btw, i got 3 ultimate skin shards
Jınx (OCE)
: thanks riot for making the best prize the hardest to earn because twisted treeline is actually the worst map
: How do I counter zed?
Nightjar (OCE)
: like me you must be running league on a tablet pc which even though you may have the specs to handle it, the computer will limit the hardware usage of applications to ensure everything runs at once which means you won't have enough to actually run the fancy animations of the new client. My suggestion is use the legacy client, buy a proper gaming pc or go into settings and turn off the alpha clients fancy new champ select menu animations. You're going to have to do one of those if you want the new client to run semi-smoothly during champ select.
I have a mac, not tablet, which can still come with problems. I might just remove animations, since it does make my game very slow.
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: Oh boy. You summed up my entire post in less than 2 sentences.. {{sticker:zombie-brand-clap}}
: Funnily enough, you'll find this to be an incredibly unpopular perspective (the final statement). If people wish to play with friends, it's much better to benefit a certain team for having a higher level than for a lower level to suffer versing a higher level. For instance, your example had a friend (who lets say is Lv.5) verse a Lv.30 since most likely the Lv.30 was paired up with a Lv.5 on the enemy team. I'm assuming everybody else is hovering around Lv.5. So it's very clear that the enemy team have a huge advantage; the advantage is on the team with the premade, especially since he was also playing Yasuo which everybody knows is a hardcore snowballer. So your team of all Lv.5s suffer, whereas their 4x Lv.5 + 1x Lv.30 wins (this is an example). So the winners are 4 Lv.5s and 1 Lv.30 and the ones who lose are 5 Lv.5s. Now lets bring this to a Lv.30 scenario where one team suddenly has a Lv.5 friend premade. Now the situation becomes 4x Lv.30 + 1x Lv.5 against 5x Lv.30s. The obvious advantage is the team without the premade as your team has a handicap of a teammate. Lv.30s can easily outplay a Lv.5 and thus can get fed off the Lv.5 which makes it harder for them to enjoy the game since instead of having one Lv.30 dominate, he has to face 5 Lv.30s who most likely all have the ability to destroy him. So the winners are the 5x Lv.30s and the losers are the 4x Lv.30s + 1x Lv.5. To compare the losers of both scenarios, Riot would much rather have 5 Lv.5s lose out rather than have 4 Lv.30s lose out simply because Lv.30s have proven by their level that they are pretty much proper players of the game whereas Lv.5s don't have much exposure to the game yet to make a decision on staying or not. Another point is, is that many people who PVP at Lv.5 are smurfs whereas newbies will usually play bot games until Lv.10 or so, but that's statistical and varies depending on individual. All in all, you are frustrated because of a coincidence with had 1/5 chance. If there is a Lv.30 on the enemy team, there was a 1/5 chance he would lane against your friend. However if Riot puts him in a Lv.30 scenario, he has a 5/5 chance of being against a Lv.30. The math just makes sense. Unless of course you don't mind the enemy team picking on your friend at Lv.5 to get fed off him and that's assuming the other 3 strangers you were put in a match with don't mind either. So ultimately, it makes sense that Riot's system works the way it does. Besides, Riot's pretty up there with the game, if this system you proposed were to actually be better, they would've implemented it by now. It's practically impossible that they haven't considered this, and the main reason why it isn't implemented, is obviously due to the fact that they already know it won't work. Hope that clears things up.
Yeah, at least the low level person gets a chance against some people their level, rather than getting curb-stomped by full level-30 players
Miicka (OCE)
: Nah, not LP. That could be abused so hard in higher elo. I like the idea of IP, maybe not 100 but something like 40 or 50. What it should do is return you to the point you were in with your queue before the game, that way you don't have to wait another 10 minutes in ranked queue just for a game. Overall, I completely agree with you. Remake is just... stupid. It inconveniences so many more people than it helps. People are just disconnecting because they didn't get the role they want, or had an argument with someone in chat. To be honest, I'd rather have an AFK and have a small chance of winning than remaking and waiting forever to get back in a game.
I just think they should increase the time you have to let the person "afk" have a chance to come back. Maybe to like 4 minutes, cause numerous occasions I have witnessed with people typing in chat at the exact moment the remake vote is successful. Plus, they should remove it from Normals. I mean, you're not gonna lose anything from losing a game, and srsly remaking a normal game is just stupid.
: Is The Remake System Fair On The Players Who Weren't " AFK "
I've had 2 occasions where at the moment we remake, or the enemy team remaked, the person supposedly "AFK" types in chat "wtf", or something along those lines. Maybe they should increase the time for remake, to like 4 or 5 mins. Can make a lot of difference.
vicelore (OCE)
: Read the info on the patch thismonring.
: lol its funny because im someone who is about to move to australia (from canada) and a few days ago there was a thread on reddit about how ppl who say "go kill yourselves" should be punished and someone said something like "guess 90% of OCE playerbase is gone". xD hopefully you guys aren't that toxic i look forward to starting fresh on a new region
ey, Nice to meet another fellow canadian
mosguinz (OCE)
: Uninstalling the Alpha client removes the client file only and not the game files. To re-download the installer again, click [here]( Keep in mind that, you have to install the client in the same folder as your _existing_ League folder. {{champion:17}}
Yeah, found that out yesterday when I decided to see if reinstalling made a difference. Same problems occured, but I'm not that bummed, since I got a small insight in everything else. I'll just wait for the Open Beta
: yeah but even if i do that i still get A's never S's
I've got the same problem with zed atm
: Wow. Rough, I've not had a single problem at all with it so far, no issues on my half. I am sorry to hear that man
yeah, all good. I'll just wait for the beta to come out, shouldn't be too far
Łæoña (OCE)
: oooh so un-lucky, but oh well the old client is gonna get replaced soon anyways so I guess you won't miss out on anything
yeah, I just uninstalled it, although I could reinstall, don't feel like I need to, will get the beta soon
: Shoutout to all Riot Employees
lol, I'm having a rather upsetting experience. I just got it today as well, and I can't even play games I can't change game mode I can't cancel queue I can't cancel lobby I can't invite others to lobby The timer for a game search doesn't even start I had to restart my computer because the alpha wouldn't re-open after closing (happened twice now), and on top of that, it doesn't let me open the existing client, due to some issue of another instance of the League Client in use, which it clearly isn't. had to end up uninstalling the Alpha for the time being, until I find these issues fixed. Really upset from this tbh....
: Same problem here, also using mac. V6.21. Put in the request to check the bug a few weeks back, still no change :/
I can't even re-open my client...
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Łæoña (OCE)
: Alpha Client
Same, just got it today. What's worse though, is that I found some bugs, so I closed the client, hoping to restart it, and it won't re-open Lost it in a day..{{sticker:zombie-nunu-tears}}
TGLilli (OCE)
: anyone wanting the client just log in and it gives you a link to download the alpha client
: When the enemy team doesn't report a troll on our team.
: For all the flak Ivern gets.... I fuckin love that champion! He is like singed, you just cant be titled at all while playing him.
But you can tilt your opponents AND teammates off the face of the Earth
: Is the new Talon going to remain a mid-laner or is he now a jungler?
The new E made him more of a roamer, which Riot wanted Talon to be, not specifically turned into a jungler
: Thank You, Alpha Testers! Sign-Ups Now Closed
Is there a tab or icon on the Client we press to get the new client?
K3vin (OCE)
: how do i aply for the beta?
Everyone gets the Open Beta, regardless of signing up
: nope spent a lot of time looking
OHHHHH new client........ Right I assumed you meant Legacy Client
: alpha Clint
uhh, I'm pretty sure normal wins are shown in the client, in the profile tab
: > [{quoted}](name=Fitzky,realm=OCE,application-id=hIjvqaz6,discussion-id=43ZA8QsY,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2016-10-24T03:37:44.050+0000) > > They should totally do an alien vs predator theme with rengar and kha zix makes sense too because well they are pretty much based off them
How about Alien Rengar and Predator Kha'Zix eyy? EEYYYY??? {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
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clubs as well as hextech crafting is messed up right now
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Detsuahxe (OCE)
: > [{quoted}](name=Kronin,realm=OCE,application-id=FjGAIbRv,discussion-id=wrPdRPQ0,comment-id=0000000000000000000000000000,timestamp=2016-10-21T11:19:44.771+0000) > > The way you're saying it, it'll just stir up the players even more, not fix the problem lol > > Telling someone not to talk shit is pretty much asking them to talk shit I'm planting a seed of thought and self reflection, If your not this type of person you have nothing to worry about. most people who get offended by topics like this. generally have something to hide, or are ashamed of. If they continue on their course of action they will just end up punished for it. but again. that's on themselves, not anyone else. When you make someone aware that their behaviour isnt okay, it makes them think about their actions. > Telling someone not to talk shit is pretty much asking them to talk shit I guess the old saying would apply If someone told you to jump off a bridge, would you do it?
You're just saying it in an aggravating way. Say it respectfully and maybe people will listen.
Detsuahxe (OCE)
: > [{quoted}](name=Skouriasmenos,realm=EUW,application-id=FjGAIbRv,discussion-id=wrPdRPQ0,comment-id=00000000000000000000,timestamp=2016-10-21T10:37:03.209+0000) > btw, the people that exhibit the behaviour you are describing, as a rule, do not read the forum and even if they do, do you really think that they will change their rotten behaviour because someone wrote them to do so .?. > > highly unlikely ... Very likely. If anything, the boards, Reddit and other Social platforms have affirmed it can shape behaviour and even change the mindset of other people and even riot itself. (business platforms and how they interact with its consumer base) Social Networking is a powerful recourse. and is one of the main reasons why something will become popular or is condemned. If it becomes condemned in social media, most will behave like sheep and change their mindset or at least think differently or reflect upon themselves.
The way you're saying it, it'll just stir up the players even more, not fix the problem lol Telling someone not to talk shit is pretty much asking them to talk shit
: > [{quoted}](name=Kronin,realm=OCE,application-id=Ntey9fRZ,discussion-id=5gZVJh8N,comment-id=00000000,timestamp=2016-10-20T10:31:35.204+0000) > > Red Eyes Kha Dragon GG you win
: Blue eyes white Khazix Evolves into Blue eyes white Ulitimate Khazix
Red Eyes Kha Dragon
: This fills me with little confidence....
It's probably gonna be unique champion kill
Shroom (OCE)
: Bad Teammates
You're one of them
: That's the problem. You think it's all about being good and if you're not then you get stomped on and abused. A vast majority of the players who play this game play for fun. Even if they do take it seriously and intend on climbing, they still don't have a toxic attitude as bad as you'res and there hundreds of times better than you ever could be. Should you be ridiculed and verbally spat on for that? no you shouldn't. So why should they? #f*cktyler1hegotwhathedeserved
: Create A Way To Check All The Skins You Own
Like how they have the champions tab in the profile section, have another tab saying skins {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
Fitzky (OCE)
: The League Alpha Client
I've been waiting for months now Ever since they released the post saying "More testers wanted" rip me
: Let's play spot the twelvie
: ***
Then turn the filter off....
Tele (OCE)
: [Mechs vs. Minions]( It's actually a really good game. I'll be buying it over the holidays :D
Tele (OCE)
: **Riot** is absolutely killing it! :D In the last month or so we've had, or been confirmed to later have: + Replays + Solo Queue and Flex Queue + The requested prize pool reform and financing reform to grow the e-sports scene + New game + More transparency with ask Riot + Championship Riven back + Free skin (Riot Kayle) + Many fan skins (Little Devil Teemo, Baker Pantheon) + Reworked Doom Bots I don't know if this is some new management or just that all the projects are being finished now, but it's working really well. GJ guys.
LilMil (OCE)
: anyone noe why?
He can one shot very easily late game
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