Sonan (OCE)
: 360 tokens in total? A sad tease.. Why can't I just have a single chroma for all the time I would spend doing the missions? It's not like I get the border with it. If I wanted 40 tokens to get that chroma, then I would be able to get 10x the loot if I bought the pass to get that measly 40 tokens. When will token drops from hextech chests be enabled again? I so badly want to open my 9 chests I have stashed up so I don't miss out on all but one of limited loot in an event like I always do.
I actually suspect that the total is not 360 tokens, but 330! I just received 5 tokens from the 'Go SKT!' mission (which is among the Week 1 missions), instead of the 10 tokens that were listed on here. This leads me to believe that Riot has mislabelled every mission 3rd from the top in Weeks 1-6, so what should happen is this: * ALL missions in Weeks 1-6 that you get the whole week to complete give 5 tokens * ALL missions in Weeks 1-6 that you get a short period (2-3 days) to complete give 10 tokens. This lowers the total from 360 to 330, how BS this that? I actually liked the Odyssey event, but then they followed it up with this crap. NOT a happy camper. {{sticker:slayer-jinx-unamused}}
: I dont know where to give feedback so i will do it here, only one thing really atm, the sudden death mega boss thing needs to be disabled if the nexus is under attack. just had a game loss despite heavily out pushing the other team and having taken thier nexus to half health before the sudden death stopped us from winning. This wasnt a situation where we had hit their nexus and retreated, we were in the process of winning until the sudden death disabled nexus damage
Agreed. Makes the whole game feel like a waste of time because at the end it just comes down to killing two big things.
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: Suggestion to Improve Ranked Health
What's good about this is how people face very clear and direct consequences, but they still have chances to play rather than a straight ban. What I'm curious about is how normal games will be affected if all the toxic people are moved there.
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: Thats a very fair point, it would be very off-putting to new players to have to learn new champions every single game _(especially because the hard champions like Azir and Kalista would be more readily available, than they would be otherwise)_ Thats a very valid point! I guess my main issue is just a variety one. It gets very old for everyone, having to VS Blitz/Veigar/Teemo in every 2nd or 3rd ARAM. You never get the opportunity to VS champs like Aurelion Sol, Taliyah, Ivern, Quinn, even Lissandra (even though its HER map.) also, people never get the chance to play those champs either. People just get stuck in the same cycle of playing the same old champions time and time again. I could so easily make a new account, buy Azir, Sol, Taliyah, and a couple of other champs that I'm good with. And just have a 50% chance of getting either my mains or a free-week champ. (and 50% is a lot better than a 1 in 133 chance.) But i just cant rationalise that as 'fair'. Everyone else is getting random champs, likely ones that they have hardly ever used before, and here i am constantly getting champions that i have over 100,000 mastery points on. I cant see that in any other way than 'cheating'. It fully defeats the purpose of an All **Random** game. Let me put it this way: Artifically decreasing the chance of getting a bad hand in a game of chance (like gambling in a card game), IS cheating. Why is doing the same in League, not cheating? If you are playing ARAM You accept the fact that you may very well get a champion that you have never played before, its a fun game mode, you're not supposed to feel 'confident' or 'strategise' you're supposed to get a random champ, and do the best you can with them, just chucking your spells into an infinite teamfight. I also don't quite understand what you say about having more champs increases your chances of getting one you're good with? Having a new account with ONLY the champs youre good with, gives you wayyyy more chance of getting them _(yes you have to deal with the free-rotation champs. but so does someone with all of the champs.)_ Mathematically, you are more likely to get good champions, if you only have good champions. There is no disadvantage to that. I can understand both sides of the argument. I truly do. But in a game of "randomness" i believe everyone should be on the same playing field. Otherwise its not actually 'random'.
> I also don't quite understand what you say about having more champs increases your chances of getting one you're good with? I meant that a player who owns many champs has a much smaller chance of getting a champ from the free rotation. This decreases the chance of getting a champ that they might not have played before. For example, a person owning 40 champs has less than 20% chance of getting an unowned champ whilst someone owning 10 has about 50% chance. The meaning of ARAM is pretty subjective; I think it fulfils the part of providing a range of different experiences, although you're right about the equality part.
: ARAM is supposed to be about playing champs you wouldn't normally play, not playing champs that you only know how to play. (that's what ranked is for)
The issue would not just be people getting champs that they are unfamiliar with, but new players getting champs _that they don't know how to play at all_ in almost every game. I'm not saying people should be getting their mains; they should just be given the opportunity to learn a champion after playing them a few times - not once in every 180 games or so.
: Out of curiosity
While unlocking the entire champion pool might benefit some experienced players, it makes it hard for newer players. IMO, as someone who started the game by playing a lot of ARAM, being forced to learn a new champ almost every game would not be fun. I don't believe that ARAM should be limited to experienced players, which is why I support the way it is now. Also, players owning very few champions don't have much of an advantage at all as they are much more susceptible to the free champ rotation. In fact, I think that having a large champ pool reduces the randomness of the rotation and allows people to frequently get champs that they own. This is a significant advantage, **IF** people actually know how to play the champions that they bought. Take my words with a grain of salt, as I may be the owner of an 'ARAM-specific' account. But I don't think its a problem that I only buy champs that I am confident in and happy to receive in ARAM. You obviously have not done the same; I'm not saying that you should, but to consider the people that have.
: Just because *you* can log in doesn't mean it's fixed. I'm still having trouble logging in and I'm sure there are also quite a few others who are still having issues.
He/she was aware that it might not be fixed for everybody yet, which is why the question was asked - out of concern.
: Reccomend stay with old client as long as you can !
11.No item sets on the new client 12.Can't play the RGM
: Actually, we got to see this 3 weeks ago. Every time the RGM announcement goes up it shoes what modes will be available for the next 4 weeks (including the current week), except in rare situations where it will show a "blank" with a question mark icon (only happened with URF, Siege and Doombots, if I'm not mistaken).
I meant that we get to see what's in three week's time sooner (i.e. the fact that One for all is for two weeks in a row)
: RGM isn't up today, it's up tomorrow. The announcement is at least 14 hours premature.
Ahhh I see... well at least we get to see what's next in the RGM queue earlier :3
: @Riot
What's the mistake 0.o
: Yea but dude getting rid of her e on ward jumping is like getting rid of lee's w and lee gets a shield for that shit also shielding other teammates. If they were to add her ward jump back at least put it on a longer cd?
If we compare the old Kat and Lee's abilities: Advantages for Kat - CD of Kat's E is 12-6 secs (depending on level) while Lee's W is 14 at all ranks (but half cd is refunded if used on champs) - Kat's E can be used to blink to enemies (damaging them) as well as allies (only allies for Lee) - Her E is a blink (slightly stronger than Lee's dash, takes less time and can't be interrupted) - Kat gets 15% dmg reduction for 1.5 secs - No cost (costs 50 energy for Lee) - This is pretty small, but Kat's E could also proc her Q Advantages for Lee - Shield is about as much as Kat's E dmg, but it can be used on two people - Can cast again for bonus lifesteal and spell vamp (30 energy) If that was too much to read, one of the key things here is that Kat can use E both offensively and defensively, while Lee _needs_ ward jumping to use his W offensively. Therefore it can make sense to only remove it on Kat and not him. For Kat, you can E to your daggers instead of wards. If you want to go in and come back out, maybe drop a dagger with your W before you dive in so you can jump back to it. Of course, if you're in lane you can just jump back to allied minions. Keep in mind the huge CD reduction you get on E when you pick up a dagger.
BOTLezlie (OCE)
: Change Katarina Back
I wouldn't call her current version boring - looking back on it, it was the old kit that was boring (and unhealthy for the game): - Fixed combo of QEWR - Living (in team fights) just depends on whether she gets a reset or not - She unloads the entire combo before there's even time to click in response As with the ward jump change, Riot felt that the ability to just escape by using a ward + E was too strong (considering Corki's W, Tristana's W, Ezreal's E, Ahri's R and other escape abilities have a much longer cooldown).
Cyrater (OCE)
: 6:00 AM actually
: When Can I play Reworked Rengar.
Patch 6.22 comes out tomorrow at around 6:00 pm AEST, which is when you can play the new Rengar: I think you should be able to play ranked when the 2017 Season begins on December 6:
: Blue Essence Crafting Use?
Blue essence can be used together with mastery tokens to reach mastery tiers 6 and 7, which people should earn more of if they own more champs.
: guys just so you know LoL is a free Game just let riot do their thing and fix it. this isnt CSGO that cost money. ( im not mentioning the skins because it doesnt have to do with playing the game )
Yes, we should try to be an understanding community because Riot is definitely trying their hardest to fix this and they're probably stressed out over at Riot HQ.
: Well i cant play doom bots anymore.....
Well it depends on how long you dc'd for. If you left the game for a long time and didn't come back (which is caused by more than just below average internet), then Riot believes you deserve to lose your icon for ruining that game for your team and wasting their time. But if you just dc'd for a while and didn't affect your team by much, then I agree that you don't deserve to lose your icon.
: Help with sucking at League
I recommend watching videos or streams of pro players; you'll subconsciously pick up on ways to improve your gameplay, and by watching someone else do it, the information sticks in your mind better. IMO, Tekk is a great YouTube channel for learning because it has videos on a variety of different champions and players, and it has a rating system to show how well the players perform each game.
kimono123 (OCE)
: Refund twice per year?
Although two refunds a year might be a bit much, I agree that there should be a way for dedicated customers to earn refunds back. People who have played for years or spent many thousands of RP shouldn't be stuck with no refunds forever just because they used up the tokens. Maybe refunds can be earned back after someone has spent a certain amount of RP, or played a certain amount of games.
: Yeah but so many people forget to change spells when they change champs. And it wouldn't be hard to do something like, chose a champ, and it changes the spells to the last ones you used on that champ.
Yep. This might be more of a public awareness issue tho
Yohorien (OCE)
: That would be the ideal thought. But I'm just thinking that what if their skill level is close so then it would be the team comp that would lead the team to victory.
I see what you mean; however, I think that similar to normal games, there is no set team comp that wins games. Sorry if I'm taking the fun out of this thread though.
: Spells by Champion
Riot probably doesn't find it worth their time to create a system that only saves four clicks in champ select (usually two, as people keep Flash).
Yohorien (OCE)
: The Best ARAM Team?
From my experiences, the best team is one where players can fulfil their roles effectively. People often think that wombo, poke, sustain and all-rounder comps are OP, but it really depends on how well a player performs on their champ and as a team member IMO.
: How good is Aurelion Sol?
Aurelion Sol has a very unique play style, especially for a mage. This might not be good if you're looking to expand your champ pool as he doesn't share a lot of mechanical similarities with other champs; however, he would be great for providing a 'change of pace', like you said.
cjan64 (OCE)
That's the point of rerolls; to avoid getting the weakest champions. People who constantly run out of rerolls are probably using them too readily.
: Three Keys and no chests... Riot why?
You can only get a chest once per champ (that you get an S- or better on) per season, so it will just get harder to earn chests as the season goes on. Just wait until next season when people will be flooded with chests and complain about not having enough keys.
: While you may see the same champ, it is not the same players of that champ. Look at last URF mode, I chose Jax like 99% of the time, and so far have seen him 3 times... in the last 3 games. Twice I had him. First game I had him and went 31/4, next game the enemy had him and went 8/11, I got him again and went 19/5. So while you may see Jax or Garen (again 3 games: them 10/15, Me 24/8, Me 18/17) all 6 of those games I won. I got Cass and went 15/8, mt teammate got her a few games later and went 6/4. So no, it won't matter if you see the OP champs, it comes down to the player still and how they can handle these champs in URF mode.
It's still boring seeing the same champs in almost every game tho.
: AR URF missing ~100 champions from pool??
Adding on to what has already been said, some champions are more popular and are owned by more players so that's why you see them more often.
: ARURF mode suggestions
I agree that sometimes teams aren't balanced in ARURF. However, I don't think ARURF is as bad as most people think; we get to see some non-meta URF champs like {{champion:10}} {{champion:33}} {{champion:98}} which can actually be pretty strong when played right (in my examples, they were the carries of their teams). Sure, people are kinda forced into it, but I think that we have a good amount of rerolls and the problem is that most people just use their rerolls too readily. When a new changes are suggested, it's difficult to predict how they'll turn out. With your idea, it is likely to solve the problem of getting weak champs, but by giving people a selection to choose from we might see the same group of champs appear over and over again, similarly to URF (but not as severe). It's an idea worth implementing though, and I think it would improve player satisfaction overall.
: About kayle
The fact that Kayle is both melee and ranged is what makes her unique.
: New champion Names??
I actually think it'd be really cool if Riot used some unique names that are modern or futuristic, like the one you suggested - I understand if it doesn't fit with their theme tho.
: please change urf back
That's what rerolls are for; to avoid getting weak champs in URF. You should get one every two games or so.
IgnyteL (OCE)
: How do u respond with toxic in champ select
Whenever they do something stupid you just say '...' because there are just no words for those kinds of people
: 1: nope i dived 1 time 2: I was tanking all there damage as my team would not dont make shit up in your head
By diving I just mean going into fights and dying, which you obviously did a lot of. If you're the carry it's your responsibility to not be the first to die in team fights. Don't post on here about how your teammates are bad when you're the one who's died the most.
: How can I make posts/comment on other servers' boards?
Just comment on the NA posts like you would normally; if you're from OCE, I'm pretty sure this only works on the NA servers and none of the others.
: Team so bad
I can't believe you're only judging only on the no. of kills. You had the most deaths and least assists... I can imagine the reckless dives that you did just to get a few kills.
: Yeah, but with all that IP he would get by not listening to you, he could buy more champions and have fun, and also buy runes, not just waste time over 2 accounts, level 30 isn't just for ranked.
Except the OP doesn't seem interested in buying runes or getting a larger champion pool since he sticks to the same few champions; he wants to do well in his matches and become a better player.
: how are you meant to beat fizz level 6
Well the ideal way is to dodge the fish; the projectile is very thin compared to other skill shots. If you can't do that or this Fizz just happens to be a professional sniper, get Zhonya's. Or, if you knew that you were going against Fizz in champ select, get a defensive summoner spell like {{summoner:3}}{{summoner:21}} .
: Frustration at its finest
Yep {{champion:11}} *ults* {{champion:11}} *dashes in 1v4 with 650+ movespeed* {{champion:11}} *dies* {{champion:11}} WHERE'S MY BACKUP... this team sb
: Few tips, His ghouls won't prioritize you if his E doesn't land, his wall has hit points that you can deplete, he is weak to poke, do not fight him with his ult up. He's also not very strong by himself and needs a set up pre-6 for proper dueling so there's a window of weakness for when you want to all in him while his ghouls aren't up. He's also really bad at chasing kills. He is a split pusher and isn't very useful without his ultimate in team fights.
Add on to this: . Difficult to gank/roam as he needs to set up his ghouls . Slow wave clear (no AOE, just AA's unless he makes graves and summons ghosts) . Ghosts are very squishy, killed by AOE damage quite easily . (Not too sure about this since I haven't played him but) Goes oom if he uses his Q too frequently It's about having proper knowledge of a champion's counterplay and disadvantages; if their weaknesses are ignored, any champ will appear OP.
: So basically you suggest him to not reach level 30 that fast and lose like 50% if IP, okay?
Yes; reaching level 30 is only a good thing if someone wants to play ranked, get more rune slots, or play against better players - it is obvious that the OP is not interested in any of these things. And although distributing IP earnings across two accounts isn't ideal, it is much more important for a player to learn the game properly and at their own pace.
: Best Dance
Nasus' dance is best for the trolls, Ezreal's is funny if you know where it comes from and Infernal Nasus' Snoop Dogg impression is sick as!
: Is there a way to know when mine resets?
Record the date when you start getting keys again, so you'll be able to keep track.
: True damage vs Shields and such
True damage does not ignore shields; however, it ignores Magic Resist, Armor and damage reduction effects such as Alistar's ult and Braum's ice shield. Shields essentially function as extra hp, so I don't think there's anything in the game that ignores shields and goes straight for your actual HP. Edit: Magic shields are an exception, as they only shield from magic damage.
: I Suck At League
I advise creating a second account to play simultaneously. This way, you will gain more experience (literal real life experience, not in-game 'level-up' experience) before you reach higher levels and go against better players. I was a slow learner too so that was what I did up until about level 20. Be aware of 'botting' though, in which people use computer AI's on low-level accounts purely to level-up the account. Also watch out for 'smurfs', which are players who have high-level accounts but create a low-level account to play against worse players. And if you really want to improve, you can watch videos of pro players. You don't need to worry about understanding what they do or say; you will learn a lot from simply watching them.
: URF in the Rotation?
All random URF is in three weeks, not the normal URF
: Rotating game mode queue now live!
This is what we've been waiting for - URF has finally come!!! HALLELUJAH!!! It's also nice too see that it's all random, so that people don't stick to the same few champs.
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