: What is the Melbourne Esports Open?
Just a few questions: Ive got my ticket but it doesnt say anything about: Opening and closing times, refreshments available and or alcohol for those of us 18+, any merchandise avalaible my ticket just says what day and where my seat is but nothing else. A booklet or something like you get at events would be handy, hard to plan accommodation when you have no idea on start and finishing times.
: Rift Rivals: Pacific Rift tickets and location
Why are the games always in Sydney?
: Sign up for the High School AU & NZ Championship
Why so Ageist? Why cant we have a 30+ tournament?
: The Melbourne Derby is coming
Any drug testing happening before the match?
Erkan (OCE)
: Labeling Players Toxic
Most of the idiotic kids around dont take criticism at all. "im being camped mid" Buy some wards then stop pushing = abuse. Suggesting someone gets lord doms or botrk abuse. And asking riot to put some useful hints in the game instead of trash trivia doesnmt work.
: 2018 Season Preview: Part II
Will the Bombers team be tested for drugs before playing?
: Supports (multiple categories so be ready to read a lolt, plz dont tl;dr)
Lux is a viable bot support when you dont have an Ap in your team. and you can go full ap, Warding is team exercise.
: Patch 7.3 notes
Why do you balance the game based upon 1% of the game population?
Mindstar (OCE)
: Upcoming change to patch day
Cheers, to all the guys and girls at Riot, your team has done more for oceanic players in 2-3 years than Blizzard has done in 10. /Hat's off to you.


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