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: Level Up Your Mental Health
How about work on fixing ur broken game
: Will this client ever be fixed?
yeah and also this client is so slow compared to the old one. please give us an option to go to the old one again
: 2019 Split 2 Icons
Okay thats cool i guess but how will i get them if i dont have the rp
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: What tools have Riot implemented to help tackle trolls/inters.
Instead of using actual human beings of the planet earth they use bots which are completely useless and are only there to detect bad words and punish you for it.
: No one ever gets banned for inting.
esp (OCE)
: Removed it before last season.
I want it back i dont like this
Kairutox (OCE)
: Truth Gaming LF Coach
Why would you start a team at low elo
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: I do think I am bad but still not bad enough to be put in Bronze! It is not challenging at all and I usually beat Bronze/Silver players, not talking rubbish it's a fact!
Lol if you were better then you would be out by now
Star Tear (OCE)
: Current State of League of Legends for Support Mains
Your complaining about the support role being unwinnable? thats one of the easiest roles right now look at toplane
: Why not add some Lethality boots?
Yeah sure lets make this game even more broken than it already is
: Stuck in Bronze
The reason your stuck in bronze is because your bad. Im not trying to be mean its the honest truth. and if you cannot accept that then your not ready to achieve higher then bronze.
KnifeCat (OCE)
: Does patch 8.4 come out tomorrow?
Awww i really was waiting for the update
00shots00 (OCE)
: Has anyone come up with a rough idea on how to achieve honor?
WilliK (OCE)
: When is the new champion going to be announced?
Another adc lol. Where are the toplaners/ junglers?
: Lf Members Ranked Flex Team. Silv-Gold
IF you play flex then you disgust me
: Can teach you counter jungling if you want but I don't play mid very much. 1t 1t 1t 1t 1t
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esp (OCE)
: I'm not even offended when people say kys.(kay why ess)
I find it flattering when they tell me to kiss my self.
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Munrotis (OCE)
: looking for support or jungler, casual games for flex team (bronze)
esp (OCE)
: I'm not even offended when people say kys.(kay why ess)
How can someone get offended and actually report someone over a video game?
d3viant (OCE)
: looking for mid lane coach
90002 (OCE)
: this got me chat restricted
Just dont talk like i do and let them figure out how to win the game for themselves lol
Obìto (OCE)
: anyone else find it dumb how you cant earn blue essences?
I mean yeah but back in the old days it would be years before you played some champions
Dr Phil (OCE)
: Voice Chat
First of all voice chat is coming either way if you make a poll or not.
: Fiddlesticks need a rework srsly
Poor Ol' Fiddle me timbers
: Honor Not Increasing
I think it was set up for it being harder to achieve
: High school students take the stage at HSL finals
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: you stop being toxic and GIT GUD {{sticker:sg-poppy}}
I just stated i havent been toxic since i got my punishment which was in early season 7 and ive gotten 4 honours many times so im "good".
: How do i retrieve my honours back?
Dotn you have irl friends lol
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Kualla (OCE)
: CHAMPION CONCEPT: Mura the Mirror Demon
: LF duo. g4 supp main add sushi101killer
: Idea for chat ban honor
Yeah i was dishonourable last season and eversince then i couldnt get my rewards back. no matter how much honours i get this thing will never go away. its set up like that which is frustrating
Orthancc (OCE)
: FPS Dropping for no reason
I can agree this is happening
Ninox (OCE)
: The idea is you've hit where you belonged, but now you're winning a lot and climbing. To ensure you keep consistent you'll get lower lp gains until your mmr rises to match the mmr you are playing with. Basically if you've actually improved then you'll be winning more than losing, and the lower gains means you won't climb too fast beyond your skill. If you are just getting lucky, or having a really good week, or your main has been overtuned, then you'll still only be winning about 50% of games, so with higher lp losses you will fall back to your appropriate rank. I hope that makes sense, it's a lot for sure. It's basically to stop winstreaks from catapulting players into mmr ranges too high for them, then having to face the crushing defeats that come with playing against people too much better than you, as well as to preserve the overall quality of matchmaking for other players.
: lp is not about kills lose streak might take it down and win streak will take it up
Ive had winstreaks, i gain less and lose more thats stupid
Addam (OCE)
: Anyone finding it hard to climb already?
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: Why is Corey so Bad at League of Legends
Some people are just completely untalented in everything. its a shame
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