Nightjar (OCE)
: riven has a terrible time against renekton early. Garen or Pantheon are probably the better earlygame duelers.
Riven wins lvl 1 and 2. From lvl 3-5 its a skill matchup. Lvl 6+ it starts to fall in Renektons favour if they are even.
00shots00 (OCE)
: Holy sheit renekton with these buffs
He has a 51% winrate and these buffs did next to nothing since no Renekton player uses their Fury on the E. Everyone knows dont fight Renekton between level 3-6. Unless your like Riven or Aatrox, you're going to get destroyed. Once Renekton gets a lead, you're going to have a bad time.
Shmalness (OCE)
: Blue essence for skins
Why? in what way does giving out something Riot charge money for for free help them? Riot do allow you to use blue essence every 6 months or so. They make the Chromas 2000 Blue essence each.
: How much rp are rito willing to give away max for a *top quality* artwork?
: 2 week bans for a single word is ridiculous.
I mean, i somewhat agree having been done for a similar thing a few weeks ago. What i actually got banned for was ridiculously minor, but after 4 years of playing this game, it has whittled me down from being the person who used to say "calm down guys, we can win this" to being the guy asking people if their parents are related because they are so dumb. So I guess i needed the ban to reset. Now i just try to type "unlucky" even when my team does stuff that is beyond stupid. But Riot explicitly said a few months ago that any death threats, use of the word "retard" or similar or any form of "kys" will be an automatic ban with 0 tolerance. Its the rules and you agreed to them when you sign up and play. Just a heads up too, it takes about 30 games of being "honorable" to get up 1 checkpoint in honor. So to get back to level 2 where you can get ranked rewards again, it takes roughly 270 games... good luck. Level 0 (locked) - Level 0 Checkpoint 0, 1, 2, 3 - Level 1 Checkpoint 0, 1, 2, 3 - Level 2. As someone who normally only plays about 400 games a season, its been a real pain the ass.
00shots00 (OCE)
: Loss streak and i just honestly can't carry.
Most your defeats you are buying 0 control wards, whereas before you always bought atleast 1, so there is a change to your playstyle for some reason. Wheres your Kled? Your most played champion and you only have 2 games on him in your past 70. If you want to win and climb, play your main. I had a similar situation earlier in the season. Went on a losing streak, didn't feel like playing my role anymore since I could smash lane, lose game. I just played on a different account or in Flex on a different role to have fun. Stop focusing on "winning" and on "playing" and it helps.
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: Dear Riot and other idiots, Fuck you.
There is 0 tolerance policy on telling people to "kys" now. Literally any KYS is an automatic ban.
: Can we debuff wukong
you mean a champion that had 6 FULL ITEMS could 1-shot people... you dont say... But seriously, anyone who has 6 full items is always going to pump out the damage. You can't really complain about that. Espeically when the people he "one shot" were a Lux/Kalista and Graves... NOw if you said he one shot a 5000HP Mundo then there would be a problem.
Im Scizor (OCE)
: Potions You Start of With Gone Down to 2?
They made the support items cost 50g more because they think supports were able to stay in lane too easily. So now you get 1 less pot.
: Champions whos auto attacks slow
technically Bard does if he has a Meep. Nautilus' first Auto on a champion is a small root. Cho'gath's auto slows when he activates his E but I guess if you include that than you also include Nami's E.
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: i cant see my replays
Someone on your friends list can download them from your profile (as long as its ranked)
Montiness (OCE)
: Twisted treeline is already only available at certain times, so ranked in that on OCE is impossible to do, levelling a new champ unlocks countless game modes that aren't available on OCE already, and Blitz is the only gamemode that brings back long gone items, so myself and others are spamming it for the old school broken builds. Don't ruin it for people like us because you don't want to play it. Don't want to play it? Don't, just don't ruin it for the rest of us.
Pretty sure Riot won't act on what someone says on the boards. They will do what they need to in regards to queue times and popularity of the game types.
: What Are The Chances?
: New stats page in client
But you're playing against Silver/Gold opponents who don't stop to think "i shouldn't over extend because twitch will stealth on me". They just walk around like theres no such thing as stealth. Can't really compare dps stats to different ranks considering the quality of opponent goes up too. You want to compare yourself to the rest of the twitch players in OCE?
: A possible change to the Stats feature
there is a little explanation when you hover over the title of the statistic.
HeartVine (OCE)
: Presumably, you're referring to normals, in which case, it really just comes down to the fact that matchmaking doesn't consider anything beyond the queue you're in. So normals matchmaking wont consider anything about ranked, even though it should be influenced, even just a bit, by a persons rank/MMR in the respective ranked queue(s) to help better match players based on skill. I wouldn't expect Riot to implement anything like that, but we can all agree it would be a welcome addition. One way situations like this can occur is that the player(s) in question might not play anything other than ranked normally, and/or they'll use normals as a way to just have fun, screw around with different stuff, try out new builds/rune pages etc. The kind of stuff that would mean they're not playing to their potential and, thus, not getting the same MMR as they would have in ranked.
He's talking about the rotating game mode. But yes, its the same thing.
: A lot of discussion has been around "oh he is too cute to be an angry monster", but just look at his design. A mouth big enough to bit a man in two, antlers so you know its gonna head-but hard and six limbs each with 3 claws that I'd imagine are pretty strong. That's one hell of a beast.
its very "zoe-style". Like kid-friendly kind of route to take the champ. Doesn't seem to fit league imo, but then again the new Akali is very anime, so they are definitely changing the way they want the game to look. But looking at the size of his mouth, I think his "Consume" animation could be quite funny.
: suggestion - give bronze borders at end of season
Why would they reward you for something you can do by legit never winning a single game?
: suggestion - directed camera during grey screen
you can just press one of the "F" keys to jump to a teammate and watch them. Honestly, you shouldn't be dying enough for this to be a thing LOL
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Conrado (OCE)
: You should have the option to fill with one role excluded.
They tried this already. When the role section system first came out people asked for it. Basically 90% of people excluded Support which then led to an increase in queue times by like 700% or some bs. So Riot scrapped it and instead said they would focus on "making support fun".
: Ranked Rework
I feel like they've worked so long on this new system that they are more than willing to force it through to "testing". I thought Role Ranked was the dumbest thing i'd ever heard. After a few months to think about it, I still don't like it, seeing how autofilled people will 100% not try and troll if the game goes bad. I'm willing to try, but I can guarantee that people will troll or at least not care when on their off roles. The other things like 2 new ranks and new way that Placements will work sounded cool. The other things about splits/new rewards (emotes and icons) i couldn't give 2 shits about.
: I'm scared to pick up fizz again
well he got a nice buff this patch so we'll have to wait and see. I was honestly been meaning to try him Tank again since his W is now an Auto buff again. We'll see.
00shots00 (OCE)
: [Ban Dispute - Title Edited]
Ok. Read some things you said, and tell me if a normal person would be ok with this being said to them. Seriously dude, you can call be stupid or swear at them and whatever over a game. But to wish someones mum dies in pain of cancer over a videogame is actually ridiculous. -------------------- > 00shots00: go get ya mother raped the useless whore > 00shots00: and your mother needs to die of cancer 00shots00: atleast i hope she does 00shots00: in front of you 00shots00: i hope she cried 00shots00: cries* 00shots00: i hope shes in pain 00shots00: the dog useless whore she is 00shots00: the useless slut > 00shots00: no wonder your mother is a prostitute > 00shots00: your mother is a whore 00shots00: she legit sucks cock 00shots00: for money 00shots00: how much? 00shots00: probs $1 > 00shots00: ye but ya mums a useless dog for giving birth to ya scum head
: Can someone please explain the season 9 changes to ranked
As for the video, it is only an idea they have so nothing is yet decided if it will happen. The video is just saying that normally now you have to play 10 games in ranked before you find out what your rank is. So you don't know where you will be placed. In the future you will have an estimation of your rank after your 1st game which will the the LOWEST rank possible after your placements. So rather than guessing, Riot are giving you an estimate of whereabouts you will be ranked which is nice. --------------------------------------- You will be put against the same players no matter when you queue since its about yours accounts MMR not about when you play. So you will be playing against Golds until you lose enough games that the system realises you are not "good enough" and drops you down a few levels. I have no idea why a brand new account is being placed in Gold games, when normally they are put into High silver games first to test them. Sadly the only way to fix it is by playing and losing. The system right now thinks you are a gold level player because you got carried in your first game which was a high silver/low gold game. So you can keep playing and losing until you are "where you belong" or play normals until you are good enough to belong where you are. Also you should probably not jump straight into ranked if you just hit 30 and want to climb to high ranks. You should play atleast 200-300 normal games before jumping into ranked and have atleast a 50% winrate. If you really wish to not play normals anymore but don't want to ruin your accounts chances of climbing easier, I would suggest just playing Flex. The matchmaking is a bit crappy (like normal games) but people take it a little more seriously then normals. ---------------------------------- You have played 119 Normal games and won 52. 43% winrate. Which isn't great. So I would suggest you stick to normals until you get a little better. You don't want to be one of those people who are "stuck" in Bronze for 4 years. I would say you really need to work on your farming. You want to average about 7 cs per minute as a solo laner and you are averaging about 3-4 which is Bronze level. Also you never buy Control Wards. Everyone in the team should buy atleast 1 per game. Boots are very important and should be the 2nd item you finish on almost every champion.
: It feels half-assed, everyone gave so many good option that weren't a shitty anubis looking piece of trash, and they went and made it as shitty as possible. And they did this on my fucking birthday, I just hate this so much, Dark star, star guardian, battlecast and arcade are all wide open. Why didn't they choose a good skin line for his first skin :(
oooh Arcade Sol sounds cool. Too bad we won't see it for atleast 2 years now.
Rioter Comments
They had it on more days at the end of last season t``o allow people to climb and get the ranked rewards. They decided to run a trial and keep the extra hours per week open at the start of this season but saw that people playing TT dramatically fell off and so went back to the weekend only model. Sadly OCE is a tiny ass server and can barely maintain Flex and Solo Que let alone a 3rd ranked que.
: How would I become a professional eSports shoutcaster? (Advice please)
You should be looking at E-Sports events or smaller tournaments and apply to cast for them or ask them if they want a caster. There are a few small OCE LoL tournaments that stream on twitch and could probably use some extra help. Places like Throwdown TV or Cybergamer or Gamestah or many other smaller Communities that hold LoL tournaments on twitch. Just put your hand up and see who needs the help.
Gehirn (OCE)
: Hi BarryButcher, we're seeing a few Telstra customers with this issue and want to see if we can find the cause. Can you please perform a traceroute for me? Run the below in a command prompt until it finishes and send the results to tracert
My issue seems to have gone.
  Rioter Comments
define worth? technically no skins are "worth" because they provide nothing other than looks. If you like them enough to be willing to pay the price Riot ask, then yes, they are worth that to you. The skins cost 1350 each. So 8100 RP for the lot. The "special edition" skins cost 2240 each, so 13,440 total. Which means if you buy the bundle you're basically just getting a free gemstone. You would be paying 6,340 RP roughly $55 for the loading screen borders and icons. Considering icons usually cost 250 RP ea, all 6 would be 1500, so you are paying 4840 for the loading screen borders. 806 RP ($7) per border. For the price of these 6 "special" skins, you could buy all 4 (real) Ultimate skins for 13,000 RP. Which would you prefer? I mean if you're genuinely a SSG fan then having their signature and stuff on your skin would be cool otherwise i'd just get the base skins.
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Örnn Bot (OCE)
: About afkers and surrenders
they were planning on bringing in Majority vote for the FF @ 15 since majority of the games ended up in a 20min FF anyway. But something went wrong when they were implementing it and instead of trying to fix it, just left it alone.
: How many Boards posts do you have?
> Hey BarryButcher, you have a total of 1489 posts on the Oceania League of Legends Boards!
: Jungle Funnelling 8.14 patchnote /r/ing dev
the passive is added to the basic jungle items. So the Machete and Talisman and goes away upon completing your smite upgrade. it means total gold in the game, not unspent. If you are jungle and your the richest person on your team, minions will give you less gold until you upgrade your smite. Basically all its doing is making junglers do a full jungle clear and buy their smite upgrade before they can steal cs efficiently. Most junglers tend to be the richest on the team until the tank wave since jungle camps give you 100g each roughly and minion waves give you 105g.
Brilliant (OCE)
: Matchmaking
there are 50,000 more ranked accounts this season than last season... "plummet in numbers" indeed.
ToshiroT1 (OCE)
: What happened to CLASH?
they did more testing a couple weeks ago and some games still failed to launch. So its broken and they haven't (can't) fixed it.
1. why are you on the OCE boards? 2. Riot know their is a problem in Bronze/Silver with experience/skill difference which is why they are adding a new rank next season to separate people in lower ranks more. 3. Calm down (and git gud)
Seems like everyone saying "LoL is Doomed" have only been playing for like 2-3 years... this game is over 8 years old people, it is the WoW of the MOBA world. It will never die. It may become less popular, but it will never disappear.
FeedMeh (OCE)
: A full figure female character
Illaoi is "full figure". You're talking obese. You want an obese female in league. Which is fine, but lets not mince words. But the inspiration for making a champion should come from a cool idea about the kit or gameplay not just "lets put a fat woman in".
: It's at 3k tonight after another Infernal Drake... See the pattern?
again... 3k might be good for the OPL. Gauntlet semi-final topped out at 3,862. A SEMI FINAL didn't hit 4k and only averaged 2,440. I'm not doubting that there are a few thousand people watching just for the skin, but it's really not that big of a deal.
: This OPL promotion with Battle Boss Brand is a terrible idea
They aren't rewarding viewers they are trying to grow it. Although yes the numbers drops significantly after the giveaway, there may be a few hundred people who watch the games and think "huh, this isn't as trash as i'm led to believe". You also don't have the exact numbers in terms of average viewership and the like for the OPL. OPL sitting on 5k viewers is pretty good considering the the GRAND FINAL last season maxed out at 5,602 viewers on twitch. You're also saying Riot "lost" 30k, but that assumes the people who received the skin for free had the intention to purchase. The skins don't have a monetary value if no one was going to buy it in the first place.
: No it does not
k trundle's 1 true damage activated leona passive for the kill.
WerWic (OCE)
: Trundle pillar aggro turret
it does 1 true damage i've been told. I think Anivia wall does the same.
: Is Clash going to be on tonight as well?
no, it was a 1 day test. By some reports it wasn't completely without fault either with some games failing to start after champion select again.
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Johnzy07 (OCE)
: Would this be boosting or bannable?
if you are just friends duo'ing, as long as you can play ranked together its fine. The only time people get banned for boosting is when they let other people play on their account to be boosted.
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