: Should I quit League of Legends?
yes. it is a game. games are for fun. if you are not having fun. dont play it.
: Duo jg
Its fine as long as the solo bot laner knows what they are doing, otherwise its pointless. If they get denied too much, then the extra gold you get from having a 2nd jungler (and counter jungling I assume) is less than having a "regular botlane" I think if you go something like Gragas/Pantheon and CC chain on ganks, it could be real annoying.
: Can somone please explain this to me. I'm fucken so pissed. Played 6 games. went 4/2 and have less LP than when I started. Seriously, fuck this game.
Your overall winrate is less than 50% which means you will be gaining less than you lose. Maintaining an overall winrate of around 55% is the key to climbing.
: What is this LP
I don't see any games in your match history?
: So many trollers in ranked
Its preseason. People aren't going to try or care as much as normal. Have to deal with it until January when season 9 starts.
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Chvrche5 (OCE)
: When will Neeko be released?
Usually a day or so after the patch. If i remember correctly, the champion is usually unlocked once all the regions have patched.
: Chewing someone out for inting gets you a chat restriction apparently
I don't get why you're so toxic... calling other people trash when you have almost 1200 games played and are Silver 5. What were you trying to prove with this post? That you're chat restriction should have been a ban because you called someone retarded? Whatever the reason, good luck on your future perma-ban, because if you continue like this it's only a matter of time.
: i actually didnt know ren could jg. Also didnt know naut could jg.
Naut always could. Much like Maokai and stuff, its old school tank jungler style. Renekton Jungle isn't traditional, but there was an NA Renekton one trick (Uncle Jamal) who started doing it like 2 seasons ago and its not bad. Take W level 1 for an easier clear.
: > [{quoted}](name=BarryButcher,realm=OCE,application-id=FjGAIbRv,discussion-id=bTGK1eEB,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2018-12-02T16:50:40.524+0000) > > {{champion:104}} {{champion:120}} {{champion:111}} {{champion:56}} {{champion:58}} {{champion:254}} {{champion:19}} How'd you miss {{champion:5}} He's the most like what OP already plays {{sticker:slayer-jinx-unamused}}
because I dont find Xin enjoyable to play.
: What jungler to play
{{champion:104}} {{champion:120}} {{champion:111}} {{champion:56}} {{champion:58}} {{champion:254}} {{champion:19}}
: Is it fair to skip punishments for a player and straight up perm ban them
Depends what they did. If its bad enough then why not.
Lushfuul (OCE)
: Backpack Item Idea for Supports
Its a fine idea but will lead to a lot of toxicity. "BUY ME A POTION YOU USELESS SUPPORT" etc I think people had similar ideas with "gold sharing" before. Like if anyone on the team could give anyone else up to 200g. But again, it can lead to some negative outcomes as well as, the ability to not be able to punish a bad laner. If someone is better than another person in lane, they should be rewarded for it my making their opponent lose CS or "not be able to lane" due to low HP. Any system that allows gold/item sharing takes away from this advantage for no real reason. Also, if you want to heal your ADC, theres always champs with healing abilities, relic shield, redemption, athenes and the fruit in the river.
: Is it possible to get the Twitch Prime loot in New Zealand
I think you can. But you have to get Amazon Prime Video subscription. Until recently in Australia, that was how you could get Prime, but now Australia has "real" Amazon its like normal. If you go to the sign up page for Twitch Prime, it should tell you. You just select "Other parts of the World" when signing up. There is also a free trial if you haven't used it yet. https://twitch.amazon.com/prime/country?ref_=sm_om_tpltp&redirectRoute=cHJpbWU=
: more time to do runes
You have before you even queue up, time to make premade pages. You also have the entire champ select to choose what you want to take. Granted last pick does get less time to alter their page according to the matchup, but its literally 3 clicks. You just ave to be actively paying attention during the whole champ select and think what your runes will be rather then just when its your turn.
tasie456 (OCE)
: I need Help
Stop playing random champions every game and stick to 1 or 2 champs so you learn how they work, their power spikes and their matchups better. You will find it easier to win games, when you don't have to use any brain power on how to get your champion to work properly.
Gehirn (OCE)
: Looking into this: - Devil Vulture ward does appear in collection, just have to set it to display "All" skins as it doesn't appear to have been assigned to a "Set". - I have confirmed that neither Space Lizard or Devil Vulture ward are in the loot table for Mystery Wards, and have reported this to the store team. - The New Horizon (SG2) and Exo (SV) ward skins should not be marked as available in collection, actually quite a few others like this as well. I've compiled a list of wards that should not be marked as available and passed this on to the store team.
any eta on a fix? i just dont what the emporium to close without being able to grab them.
: Did you see me say I was an exception to the conditions I said? No? Okay. Would help if you could read. And you clearly didn't look hard enough. The Thresh, Miss Fortune, and Graves in the last game spent the first 15 mins inting, and then got some KS's to round out their KDA so they wouldn't get banned. If you watched the replay, you'd see. As for the Singed game, I never proxied the ADC. I proxied the top laner and the jungler, and let the ADC lose a 1v2 lane. You shouldn't just go and assume things for no reason. Probably why you missed all the trolls and inters that are obvious on OP.GG if you actually properly look.
I don't know why you are being so rude. My very first line was "It is hard to tell if someone is inting or just bad". The people are you talking about are low Bronze with negative winrates. Can't really see if they are simply bad at the game or trolling from match histories friend. Riot don't have the time to watch everyones replays and see if they are inting or just bad players. It's preseason and you of all people understand preseason doesn't matter that much. Probably why you play AD Soraka and troll with Singed. So lets just leave things be.
: So why do Riot not permaban inters?
Because its hard to see if someone is an inter or just bad (especially in the lower divisions). I have reported and got 2 or 3 trolling people banned in the past, the problem is it takes a while, like they need a good solid history of trolling before it is "obvious" in order to warrant a ban. http://oce.op.gg/summoner/userName=Nejire+Hado Looking over your match history i don't see anyone inting. In fact there is a game where you went 1-10-0 on singed, seems pretty troll to me. Looks to me you went support Singed and proxy farmed all the ADCs CS and inted. so i dont know why you are complaining...
Gehirn (OCE)
: This issue should be resolved as of 1330 yesterday. The wards released since the last time mystery wards was made available weren't added to the loot table. If you're still not able to buy mystery wards let me know.
I was able to unlock the new Pajama Guardian ward, but it still wont allow me to get the Space Lizard or Devil Vulture wards. The Devil Vulture ward is also not in the Ward tab in the Collection, i only see it in the shop. Also according the the FAQ, I should be able to unlock the Star Guardian Season 2 and the Steel Valkyries ward since it says you can unlock any ward that says Available in collection. I know both of these are supposed to be somewhat exclusive, so maybe a tweaking of the FAQ or removing them from availability in the Collection tab. Or if they are simply available and not exclusive at all, great for me.
: Neeko
Shes seems ok, just needs tuning. 7s cooldown on her Q that has the potential to do 160 base damage level 1 seems short. Granted the initial Cast is only 80 damage which is fair and the ratio isn't that high, but if you hit the reblooms, wow. Her level 2 will be crazy with her E root. Her W auto attack passive has more damage than Zoe's passive. Its even better than Diana's in the early levels. Her E is basically a Lux Q that does less damage than Lux's one but can hit more targets, so it seems fine. It scales up to a Morgana level root though (3 seconds) which is a bit much. Morgana is already a pain, but this can go THROUGH minions, so it would be insane to be hit by it. I think her only "broken" part is the Ult damage. Seems busted combined with the fact it also has 2 CCs and a Shield. Compare similar ults: Neekos level 3 Ult is 650 + 1.3 AP 90s cd PLUS 50 (+40 for each champion) + 0.5 AP Shield, 40% Slow, 1.25s stun Orianna Level 3 Ult is 300 + 0.7 AP 80s cd PLUS 1.25s disable/displacement Amumu level 3 Ult is 350 + 0.8 AP 110s cd PLUS 2s entangle Ziggs level 3 Ult is 400 + 0.7 AP 90s cd however if you are in the centre it is 600 + 1.1 AP Ziggs Ult rewards accuracy with extra damage whereas Neeko's Ult seems huge and does more damage then a well placed Ziggs ult. Granted you have to rewards getting into Melee range vs long range attacks with more damage. So we can compare Lissandra's damage which is 350 + 0.6 AP or Dianna's which is 220 + 0.6 AP. Granted Diana's combo is to double proc her ult, so we can say 440 + 1.2 AP. But again, this is a single target attack vs Neeko's AOE CC. HOWEVER, if you compare level 1 ults not level 3, her ult is pretty in line with others. Neeko level 1, 200 +1.3 AP, 90s cd Ziggs level 1, 200 + 0.7 or 300 + 1.1 for the centre 120s cd. Orinna level 1, 150 + 0.7 AP, 110s cd. Her ult scales WAY better than anyone else. Maybe they will add a scaling CD to it too, so it comes in line with everyone else. http://www.surrenderat20.net/p/current-pbe-balance-changes.html#neeko2 --------------------------------------- **TL:DR** I was ready to agree with you before doing all this research, but after comparing all her numbers I think she will be relatively ok. I think her kit has WAY too much utility. She has a very good early game, an average mid game then a crazy strong late game by the looks of it. I would: Lower the duration of her root on champions to cap at 2s instead of 3. Lower the damage of her level 3 ult to be more in line with other champions. Increase the CD of her level 1 ult to be more in line with other champions. Remove the slow from her ult and the MS from her W passive. Which will probably happen after some testing on the PBE. Looking at her, she may replace Ziggs for me.
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: I believe he's saying he's already been perma banned and is asking if there's any way to restore his account, to which the short answer is no and the slightly longer answer is they tried that and it didn't work so no.
my bad. thought the word "Permanent" was pretty understandable.
Cyrater (OCE)
: Getting the same ward skin twice
it's a bug. Riot will refund you the BE more than likely once they fix they issue.
RawT0asty (OCE)
: perma ban time frame?
It used to be 3 months. If you behaved and weren't reported for 3 months, your account would "heal" a little. It no longer says that in the FAQ, it simply says be good for a period of time and your account will heal. HOWEVER, if you break a severe enough rule, you can get perma banned immediately without another warning. https://support.riotgames.com/hc/en-us/articles/207489286-Instant-Feedback-System-FAQ-
: Suggestions For Rito
the problem is when you give tanks good damage you end up with Ornn. An annoying unkillable bastard who can 1v1 anyone. That being said I think all Tank junglers at the moment are in a bad spot. Other than Rammus most of them have a negative winrate and a fairly low pick rate, so maybe something needs to be done with the tank jungle item.
Mr Hook (OCE)
: How many people are on the OCE server?
There were 218,000 ranked accounts last season. Take into account people have smurfs so these are not all unique players, add the people that are below level 30 or simply dont play ranked. I would guess something around 450,000. http://oce.op.gg/statistics/tier/
: 8.23 Patch When does it come on OCE?
: Question about a-click
There is. When you go into the settings there are 2 types of attack move. "Attack Move" where you press a button, the range of your champion is shown then you click where you want to attack "Attack Move Click" which is a movement command that tells your champion to attack the closest target to the point you selected. You just need to bind it to something. I think by default attack move is on A and attack move click is on V.
: Season 9 Start Date
From what I read, they want to test the new role ranked system for a while first, so might be a longer preseason. Most likely late Jan.
OCEshots (OCE)
: Does ranked close tonight or like midday today?
Midnight. https://oce.leagueoflegends.com/en/page/end-season-rewards-2018
Cheddar6 (OCE)
: Okay So that means i miss out on ranked rewards?
yes it does. you need to be honor level 2 to get rewards. Getting banned lowers your honor level to 0.
Cheddar6 (OCE)
: So if i say "KYS" its an auto 14 day suspension for any player?
yes. any racism, homophobia, threats of violence or telling people to commit self-harm are automatic 14 day bans or permabans depending on your situation.
: I have an idea for turret barriers
The idea behind it is to make laning phase last longer, not about protecting the base. Rather than getting pushed out of lane, then when you come back you get ganked and thats it, your towers gone, hopefully they can last longer. It is a tricky balance between rewarding a solo laner for smashing their lane and not letting towers fall due to 1 play. Which is why when you destroy a section of the new amour you are granted local gold. Also the armour falls off after a certain amount of time, so it will hopefully not make the games take too much longer overall, but allow people to play in lanes a little longer. https://boards.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/developer-corner/NPBRPjqf-preseason-dev-update-number-3
Cheddar6 (OCE)
: I got suspended for this?
saying "KYS" is an automatic ban. Riperino dude.
: Preseason weighting.
No one knows for sure and Riot never answers. The consensus is that it matters, but not as much as if you climbed during the regular season. So its not a "waste of time" but if you only climb to say Gold 4 or 3, it probably wont do much; but if you can reach Plat, you will notice the difference. Plus next season with the tiers only having 4 ranks, who knows how it will effect peoples placements since there is going to be a little MMR reshuffle to fit in the 2 new ranks.
Cete (OCE)
: Why are these a thing?
: Demotion
You will get a "Caution Symbol" on your Profile page if you are in danger of dropping a tier. So unless you have that warning symbol on your profile page, don't worry about your next game. https://gyazo.com/a8004ae8f3f55928342a97a4a9c4339f
: I’m sick and tired of people dodging then target banning
I usually don't accept the next queue after a dodge and wait 2 minutes to requeue if im scared of losing my champ. Not much more you can really do other than that.
: > [{quoted}](name=BarryButcher,realm=OCE,application-id=T8eq2lFQ,discussion-id=vWt2ffA1,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2018-10-25T03:19:25.543+0000) > > There used to be a tribunal where League Players would read reports and chat logs etc and the community would decide punishments. > > Riot removed it and never really replaced it well. The only thing that gets picked up now is verbal abuse (racial, homophobia etc) and when inting is more than obvious (as in 4-5 games in a row of clear int). > > Other than that, most people will go unpunished for a long time until they get reported enough that the system finally looks into them The tribunal was terrible. It offered IP for participation (bribery), and encouraged a _certain group_ of people to participate. Mostly, those who like to spite others. All you did was have to make a judgement to recieve IP rewards, and the more you can get through in an hour, the more IP you received. Why read a report when you can just ctrl-f for a few words and click punish if they come up, regardless of context. That's how tribunal worked. You'd see incredibly harsh punishments for very minor offenses. I say this as a player who had an account permabanned via tribunal back on NA server in season 2. I have never been banned since.
I didn't say it was good, I was simply saying it existed. OP is asking about players being able to judge other players; I was simply informing him it had existed earlier and was removed (for good reasons).
ToshiroT1 (OCE)
: Heres a idea
There used to be a tribunal where League Players would read reports and chat logs etc and the community would decide punishments. Riot removed it (because it was a broken system) and never really replaced it well. The only thing that gets picked up now is verbal abuse (racial, homophobia etc) and when inting is more than obvious (as in 4-5 games in a row of clear int). Other than that, most people will go unpunished for a long time until they get reported enough that the system finally looks into them
KaNaRo (OCE)
: K/DA Skins Limited Time?
I think they are just regular skins. The Golden Kaisa one is limited, but the others I think are just going to be normal. If you look here you can see the skins have their price and if they will be "legacy" above the art. http://www.surrenderat20.net/p/821-pbe-cycle.html
: Best Champion To 1 Trick
Whatever you find fun since anything can get you to Diamond if you good enough. In my first season I mained Nasus to go from Bronze to Silver. In my second season I mained Blitzcrank to get to Plat with a Duo ADC. The next season I played Graves top/jg and stayed in Gold. The last 2 seasons I've played mainly Nasus/Renekton. When I got tilted this season and couldn't seem to win with Renekton no matter what i did, I decided to play Ziggs/Xerath and managed to get to Plat. I also got my smurf account to Gold maining Jax JG. Really doesn't matter who, as long as you get good, you can climb with any champ. I watched streamers and learnt matchups too. Especially for Renekton, watching RenektonTopOnly really helped me learn matchups. He even made a guide with his personal opinions. Maybe look for someone who has done similar. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1UezOrVeQp3wcVX6baVgqreeV6ZdTYQghNrggyiRQgAc/edit?usp=sharing
Wuks (OCE)
: Greetings! We've noticed your positive contributions to the OCE Boards, and we wanted to extend an invite to join the ranks of the [**Distinguished Members**](https://boards.oce.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/miscellaneous/GLk0EEmq-introducing-the-distinguished-members) program. If this is something you're interested in, simply verify yourself over on the NA Boards Discord and ping me (Wuks#0001) once you're verified :) Otherwise, if you're not interested, no hard feelings. Thanks again for your contributions to the Boards!
: Why is remake at 3 minutes?
better than the old days when there was no remake ever. a broken system is better than none at all
: Emerald Infernal Amumu
a guy I watch got accepted and gives them away. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dH9xY43SbEU
chaoiwnl (OCE)
: Appealing A Suspension...
You can't appeal it dude. Saying "fa.gg.ot", "retard" and "kys" is literally an instant ban. Any homophobia, racism, discrimination or things like "KYS" or anything around people committing self harm are all instant 14 day or permabans. Your appeal won't get you a longer ban (probably - you saying this is your 2nd 14 day ban, makes me think your got off lucky, since after a 14 day your supposed to get perma'd), but I 100% guarantee Riot will not unban you. Plus, you're just toxic. People piss you off and talk shit just mute them and don't type. Don't say people have cancer or retarded, it accomplishes nothing.
: Which is faster - in terms of XP
ARAMS or AI. Short games, Short Queues. I personally leveled my account just by playing 1 game a day and getting first win of the day bonus XP. You can get an account from 15-30 in like 7 weeks with 1 game a day. Buy an XP boost, play 10-15 games a day and you can probably do it in like 3 days.
esp (OCE)
: No....... Riot literally made a video how theyre trying to make it easier to solo carry that's why the bounty gold increased aswell as first turret gold can be given to a single player.
yes. and why were these changes necessary? because they nerfed the hell out of "solo carries" and the solo playstyle. Still nowhere close to the Solo Carry potential of previous seasons.
: Emerald Infernal Amumu
the least they could do would be advertise where to get them; if they really are "partners" with these Youtubers/Streamers, a little advertising for them isn't going to hurt.
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