: Jungle Funnelling 8.14 patchnote /r/ing dev
the passive is added to the basic jungle items. So the Machete and Talisman and goes away upon completing your smite upgrade. it means total gold in the game, not unspent. If you are jungle and your the richest person on your team, minions will give you less gold until you upgrade your smite. Basically all its doing is making junglers do a full jungle clear and buy their smite upgrade before they can steal cs efficiently. Most junglers tend to be the richest on the team until the tank wave since jungle camps give you 100g each roughly and minion waves give you 105g.
Brilliant (OCE)
: Matchmaking
there are 50,000 more ranked accounts this season than last season... "plummet in numbers" indeed.
ToshiroT1 (OCE)
: What happened to CLASH?
they did more testing a couple weeks ago and some games still failed to launch. So its broken and they haven't (can't) fixed it.
1. why are you on the OCE boards? 2. Riot know their is a problem in Bronze/Silver with experience/skill difference which is why they are adding a new rank next season to separate people in lower ranks more. 3. Calm down (and git gud)
Seems like everyone saying "LoL is Doomed" have only been playing for like 2-3 years... this game is over 8 years old people, it is the WoW of the MOBA world. It will never die. It may become less popular, but it will never disappear.
FeedMeh (OCE)
: A full figure female character
Illaoi is "full figure". You're talking obese. You want an obese female in league. Which is fine, but lets not mince words. But the inspiration for making a champion should come from a cool idea about the kit or gameplay not just "lets put a fat woman in".
: It's at 3k tonight after another Infernal Drake... See the pattern?
again... 3k might be good for the OPL. Gauntlet semi-final topped out at 3,862. A SEMI FINAL didn't hit 4k and only averaged 2,440. I'm not doubting that there are a few thousand people watching just for the skin, but it's really not that big of a deal.
: This OPL promotion with Battle Boss Brand is a terrible idea
They aren't rewarding viewers they are trying to grow it. Although yes the numbers drops significantly after the giveaway, there may be a few hundred people who watch the games and think "huh, this isn't as trash as i'm led to believe". You also don't have the exact numbers in terms of average viewership and the like for the OPL. OPL sitting on 5k viewers is pretty good considering the the GRAND FINAL last season maxed out at 5,602 viewers on twitch. http://www.twitchmetrics.net/c/46273272-opl/streams You're also saying Riot "lost" 30k, but that assumes the people who received the skin for free had the intention to purchase. The skins don't have a monetary value if no one was going to buy it in the first place.
: No it does not
k trundle's 1 true damage activated leona passive for the kill. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x0EKdpC9bMs
WerWic (OCE)
: Trundle pillar aggro turret
it does 1 true damage i've been told. I think Anivia wall does the same.
Jaacks (OCE)
: Is Clash going to be on tonight as well?
no, it was a 1 day test. By some reports it wasn't completely without fault either with some games failing to start after champion select again.
Rioter Comments
Johnzy07 (OCE)
: Would this be boosting or bannable?
if you are just friends duo'ing, as long as you can play ranked together its fine. The only time people get banned for boosting is when they let other people play on their account to be boosted.
: Funny Mistake (Memes) in Pyke's gallery description
Dank was a real word before memes friend. > dank: (adjective) unpleasantly damp and cold. Though doesn't mean it wasn't a mistake; it still makes sense as is.
Jebby (OCE)
: 65% Win rate in elo hell?
http://oce.op.gg/summoner/userName=jebby but you don't have a 65% winrate... you have a 50%. Your LP gains and losses are based on your MMR which is largely determined by your total winrate. I see you recently went ona big winstreak, which means you probably had a negative win rate before which tanked your MMR. Also don't believe any website that claims to know your MMR, they are all guesses. Riot has never released the calculations they do to determine MMR for fear of people min/maxing the system. You are now finally back on 50% which means as long as you keep winning your MMR should recover slightly. You need to maintain a 55% or so winrate to get "good" LP gains.
: OCE Match Making , this is the games that makes me want to play ranked flex as a solo
its because those guys are all unranked in Flex. Those guys probably never played Flex last season either, for this very reason. So they can stomp guys as a 5 man. Sucks but its not every game, and its the price we pay for Riot implementing dynamic que in season 6.
: Adding Team Members in Clash
if your talking about the clash tutorial on this website, its not the real thing. its just showing you how it works. The actual clash team thing hasn't opened yet.
: why are juggernauts carrying teams so common
Because they are designed to do so? All those champs you said are easily countered by good teamplay or CC. Which is why they are good low elo shit stompers, because there is no such thing as team play in low elo.
Lysaaer (OCE)
: Where is Clash
Clash is weekends only, once every 2 weeks and it opens on the 20th (with games starting on the 25th). https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RFmJynSYT1k&feature=youtu.be
: Is the gemstone conversion to the Masterwork chest currently live and does it come with a key?
I traded in 5 of my gemstones. All 5 gave me regular looking chests however they all gave me non-champion shards. 1 emote and 4 skins. I don't know if I was just lucky or if its simply a visual bug and they are in fact Masterwork chests. Yes they had keys.
Canc (OCE)
: where to set my mobile number?
Clash doesn't "start" until the 20th at which point you can set up your team and link your number.
: is the online clash real or a tutorial?
A tutorial which gives you a free ticket. Clash doesn't open until the 20th.
: Client / Internet troubles?
try looking through these FAQs: https://support.riotgames.com/hc/en-us/sections/115002165887 I'm having similar issues although not as bad. When a game starts its like LoL is sucking every ounce of power out of my PC to launch the game and I have an extremely good PC. I don't know what they did, but its been pretty taxing for 2-3 weeks. Also today i've had huge FPS drops and i'm not alone. https://support.riotgames.com/hc/en-us/articles/209010626-Frame-Skipping-on-High-End-PCs Either LoL is broken or maybe a graphics card update broke something with LoL.
: Riot bans - Disappointing
tldr: i did something that got me banned. I did the same thing and got banned again... i don't understand why. I mean it is very simple. Don't call people retards. Don't type unnecessary stuff at all. Not like people who troll actually care, more than likely you are giving them what they want by reacting. Just mute them, don't type and report. It's not too hard.
: Kindred might be reciving an indirect nerf in the upcoming patch.
I just realised... changing the jg items so you cant get a support item... Increased cooldown on trinkets.... these are even more Lee Sin nerfs... wow
Jaacks (OCE)
: No Clash in OCE? Am I missing something?
there is literally 3 articles on the front page and the client about Clash and when its starting...
: Kindred might be reciving an indirect nerf in the upcoming patch.
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: rito can you try harder to make league superior to fortain
They do... in China. China is where LoL is still growing. Everywhere else has stagnated.
I swear you make a new thread like 3 times a week whinging about something... just stop playing.
Rioter Comments
: That's a little bit too general though (and likely outdated as of this partnership). They clearly had no idea what they were doing at the time that article was written because: 1. We don't have the OPL fan base to fill a stadium - even for finals. 2. We would probably have to pay (similar to how we bid for FIFA WC/Olympics/Commonwealth Games) for something like MSI or World Championships to come to Australia which is the only way we're gonna fill a stadium. 3. We need a studio for weekly OPL games in the first place (which they just announced along with their partnership with Riot Games). 4. Does Australia even have the network infrastructure to host something like MSI or World Championships (assuming we even had an appropriate venue)? I'm asking beyond this. I'm asking will we have franchising for OPL in a few years? Has the AFL realised how harmful it would be to try to make a Women's LoL League?
Aus already hosted 2015 All-Stars in Melbourne. I think the biggest thing is with this, the OPL will move to Melbourne and out of Sydney. Which problems means Riot may move their HQ to Melb too.
: So what's the long-term goal for the Riot Games-AFL partnership?
A nice general article from 6 months ago: http://www.afl.com.au/news/2017-12-21/understanding-esports-how-the-afl-is-involved
: 2019 ranked changes.
: ***
90% sure its a troll. he has no games played recently.
SexyKaz (OCE)
: Weekend League of legends
If you are concerned over the games on the weekend, then you simply need to not play (ranked) on weekends. Obviously the weekend allows people who don't have time during the week to play, so people are going to be rusty.
: I *think*, that you can register/verify multiple accounts with the same email. Seriously though, don't quote me on that. Asking support is your best bet, otherwise I guess you'll be making a few new emails :P
its all G. 3 of my 5 smurfs have real ones, so thats good enough. I barely play the others anymore. Had to go through and check
: Mandatory Email Verification
nooo... my smurfs... they don't have real emails ... ahhhh
Meddler (NA)
: Testing normal surrender rules from 15 minutes onwards
nicnetnoc (OCE)
: Get me out of bronze
1. your brain is already in the wrong place. Normals mean nothing. People play things they arent good at and don't necessarily take the game seriously in normals so they don't matter in the slightest. Admit to youself, that you are Bronze for a reason, and its definitely not your teams fault. 2. You don't play ranked anywhere near enough to warrant thinking you are "stuck". People have hundreds of games played in the same elo, those people are stuck. You are 24LP with 39 games played. 10 of which were placements. So 29 games in Bronze 1. Not the greatest but you can hardly call yourself "stuck". 3. You never swap your trinket for a sweeper. Super important for supports to get sweeper when they finish their sightstone upgrade. You also never buy Control Wards which are also super important. 4. Your playing crap like Olaf and Illaoi support... I know they are just normals but if you genuinely want to get better, the least you can do is take your normals seriously. 5. you haven't played ranked in 3 weeks. why are you whinging about it now? I would simply suggest you focus on yourself and play more. If you team plays poorly or make mistakes, don't type rage at them or point it out or passive aggressively ask "why". Just play. You will climb easily.
: hi why cant we have draft pick on in the morning
The same reason Flex is disabled in the morning. Very few people play at that time so the que times would be very long, so Riot force people to play the same playlist in order to reduce que time for everyone. OCE sucks for gaming. It always will.
I always thought you should be able to choose what Victorious skin you get if you end the season Gold or higher. But they definitely should not make these skins available for anyone who asks.
Rioter Comments
Your Kassadin. An assassin not a DPS champion. Your role is to jump into the enemy backline and 2-shot the enemy ADC, not 1v1 the tanks. - The tanks in question Maokai and Nasus, have good sustain and built MR. You didn't build a Morello to cut their healing nor a Void Staff to bypass their MR nor a Haunting Guise to shred their HP. you built 0 tank busting items and wonder why you can't damage tanks. - You built Banshees over Zhonyas and looks like you were building a Luden's or GLP next. Which is the wrong choice. Your a Kassadin. Banshess is to avoid CC. Use your Ult to avoid CC instead and you save a lot of gold. - Your cs was 126 at 39 minutes (3.2 per min). Which is awful. - You had 3 items plus boots and lvl 16. Your enemies had 4.5 items plus boots and lvl 18. Of course they are going to be stronger than you. Stop blaming "bad game mechanics" whens it's you not understanding how your champion is supposed to work and you don't build properly for the situation.
: Whos better? Kled or Illaioi?
I feel like Kled is a better carry. Illaoi requires the enemy to be either dumb or your team to have good CC so she can kill everyone with her ult.
Mr Zeroxs (OCE)
: Lack of Statistics Available
There are may sites that compare your stats to the average. I personally started using Mobalytics but there are many of them going around. It is a general rule that 10cs per minute is the "best". Aiming for about 7.5 is usually a good goal. so 75 at 10 mins, 150 by 20 etc.
Niplet (OCE)
: Shed some Light
http://oce.op.gg/summoner/userName=Niplet Don't sell your sightstone. Vision is too important. Swap your trinket to a sweeper when your support item upgrades to a sightstone. Your runes look good, i would personally go Aery over Comet but its fine. Usually Zhonya's is the only AP item you build on Morg Support. You mainly want utility/tank items after that. Definitely not void staff. Morg support also level their Q first for longer root duration and E second to increase shield strength. The 2 above points make me think you want to do more damage than Morg realistically should be putting out. There are plenty of AP mages out there you can use instead of Morg like Brand or Zyra if you want to do more damage. Before going into ranked you need to ask youself a few questions: 1. Do you know how to play EVERY role? Although you play support, there is always the chance to get auto-filled to every position so make sure you know how to play every role. 2. Learn 2-3 champs per role in case your champion gets picked by the enemy or banned. 3. Know how EVERY champion in the game works. I don't expect you to know all the cooldowns and mana costs, just understand how a champion works and how they do damage so you can avoid it when you play against it. 4. Get 150 normal wins. It just helps in developing your understanding of how the game works. Your normal win/loss record is 43-84, which isn't great. If your going to main support, i would suggest duo'ing with an ADC. either a friend or just add a good ADC you meet in your games. Makes life a lot easier.
YoumuChan (OCE)
: Logout Option
Considering Riot don't want people to smurf in the first place, i doubt they would put in a feature that would basically help only smurfs
: Gargoyle's Stoneplate Conqueror
when something deals true damage, if it specifies the amount of true damage, i.e. this ability does 100 true damage, then no matter what, it will do 100 damage regardless of anything. However, when it says this attack does % of damage as true damage, the damage can be reduced by things like armour, MR and damage reduction. So damage reduction first then true damage calculation.
: Unfortunately not as your support will just get destroyed every time.
but supports can just take it themselves...
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