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: As someone who has played this game since season 1 (Im no pro, i have lots of gaps and breaks inbetween). i'm telling you this: Listen to the advice people gave you, stick to easy champions. You may not think it, but there's a lot that goes into a game of league, A LOT, so much to think about, and it gets to a ridiculous amount of things to worry about, the better you get at the game. With that being said, something you don't want to worry about early on is: Hard champions to play. this just adds an unneccesary increase of information that you have to think about, and will in-turn make you progress a LOT slower. however: i don't think you are stuck to easy-champions alone. Find a few easy mains (garen, ashe, annie, etc) play them as your main-champions, (1 for every lane at-least) Every so often, play a new champion to test that champion out, maybe a few games, however, revert back to the easy champions often. as for what champion you SHOULD play.... No-one has that answer, not even yourself, your "Main" champion will change so often it'll feel rediculous, with patches, and new-found loves, you'll end up swapping mains consistently, this is normal.. don't overthink it. tl;dr: Main the easy champions for now, and every so often mix it up, playing new champions you think may be interesting, mains will come naturally and entirely depend on what you like. it will change often
the 'easy' champs just feel so weak in norms. so easy to get destroyed. thats why im looking for these mediocre champs that dont have so many weaknesses and outplays.
: Why not udyr i feel like his is the easiest to jungle with
I'm not doing too bad with Jax and Yi in jungle, but will definitely have a look. Any top mids or adc?
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