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BeSpooks (OCE)
: [Riot] Store Not Working
I reset the internet explorer and it works now, thanks . any way i can buy the blood mark icon for 1500 ip (the price it was first sold for)?
: Hey there, Have you tried running through [this knowledgebase article]( on the session expired error? Let me know if this helps out.
> [{quoted}](name=SephirothSG,realm=OCE,application-id=ElA0rvVL,discussion-id=7XEtAT3A,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2016-03-24T23:49:15.339+0000) > > Hey there, > > Have you tried running through [this knowledgebase article]( on the session expired error? > > Let me know if this helps out. Configured fire wall settings. the store is still not working
: looking for a club with a dank af tag
Our Tag will be Money, The Bank House club.
: Looking for a club to join (Platinum 4 last season)
: Vague club/clan recruitment. OCE
Hey MaskedSora I'd like to join your club on the ground floor, if you have any moderator positions that need filling id be glad to help you out. I've also just started my own club The Bank House for players looking to climb the ladder so you could check that out aswell. hit me back asap.{{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
DigitX2 (OCE)
: i need help getting out of elo hell ;-;
What champions do you play and do you have any communication software.
: Blind Pick - Role Priority Question
If you didn't claim it you aint gettin it.
: This type of bait should never have worked!!!!
Don't you have anything better to do?
Im JuCi (OCE)
Djinne (OCE)
: Any word on when we'll get the crafting/loot system in OCE?
Why don't they just release them simultaneously?
Sm0KinG24 (EUNE)
: hello guys plz help me
Reasons why an account may be permanently suspended: Consistent verbal abuse without showing signs of improvement. Consistent abandoning of ranked games or going afk. The Sale or Purchase of an account from the internet (yes it's against the rules). Abuse of third party software (aim bots, client crashers, rp/ip generators etc.) Meta gaming (paying a skilled player to log into your account and level you up for you) If you are guilty of any of these you may be banned permanently but rest assured the odds of you being banned for no reason at all are next to none.
: THANKS ALOT .......
You Don't need to reinstall the whole game. go to your riot games folder, then league, then RADS, then Projects and delete the following folders. lol_patcher and lol_launcher. then restart your client and let it load. this solves most patcher related issues. by the way dota is notoriously unstable so i doubt you will have any better experience on that game.
: Help meeeee
this is not a help issue and most likely in the next patch 2-3 weeks.
Aid (OCE)
: Lagging
Internet service in nz is not entirely reliable, probs just wait it out.
Hypnotits (OCE)
: Stuck at 33% calculating differences
You don't need to reinstall the whole game, just the patcher. go to the riot games folder then league of legends then RADS then Projects and delete the folders lol_patcher and lol_launcher. then start your client normally through your desktop icon and wait for it to load. this fix solves most patch related problems.
: Avast blocking League 24/3/2016
I had the same problem until 15 minutes ago, Here's how to fix it. 1. Go to your Riot Games Folder 2. Go to League of legends. 3. Then RADS. 4. Then Projects 5. Delete the folders entitled lol_patcher and lol_launcher 6. start league normally through your desktop icon. 7. wait for the short download to finish and enjoy the game.
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BaiIey (OCE)
: Casual Club Looking For Some Members
Noki (OCE)
: The number game
BeSpooks (OCE)
: Unranked mid/support main looking for Team or Duo ranked.
I see you readin this Y u no add? help a guy out.
Noki (OCE)
: The number game
13 - in before riot fucks it up again lol
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: Looking for peeps to play normals with me and a friend
"skill level not needed" ¬ "anyone better than bronze 2". Yes martin I'll take hypocrisy for 20 points.
: 20+ Single male, loves long walks and LFT Ranked 5s / DUO out of bronze
: ***
The clones are real.{{champion:35}} {{champion:35}} {{champion:35}} {{champion:35}} {{champion:35}}
Danieeeel (OCE)
: New ranked team looking for recruitment.
I'll be sure to send you an invite.{{summoner:30}}
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: Looking for active Mid/Top
You might want to mention in the title that the rank you are looking for is Diamond or platinum so that most people don't have to click on this.
Im Liam (OCE)
: Thoughts on new unser name?
ButtMuffin SirDukeHazar Malzaharhar CriMeARiven YeastBeast YeastMaster ScuttleTrottle ScuttleTrouble Scuttles YamiDashi TryndUpDaBeat SyndrasBalls Jarvanator JayceFace JayceBond VayneyDee VaynePain RuckZac Zacolantern TristanaLanister PointTaken WellFuQ2 Edit- Only now have I read the description. oh well.
Bribery (OCE)
: what the actual fuck
Would you like to soloQ with me for a few games?
BeSpooks (OCE)
: Looking for Duo Que partner for first 10 games.
My Profile looks like i'm a complete noob because my stuff is not saved between server changes.
Junko (OCE)
: Join the team @ Pacific Peninsula
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Moses II (OCE)
: LFM for teams 5's with freinds
I'd Like to join your team! I play casual normal and sometimes ranked games. Have Teamspeak. Online Every Day. My main roles are mid and support (And Top sometimes). I sent you an invite in game! {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}} Currently Spectating your game to see how you guys play.
BeSpooks (OCE)
: Recently moved to the OCE server, Looking for active players to play some friendly games with
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