: What is this Golden Spatula Club?
It's why Riot kept ARURF. Basically made it so you get some extra rerolls, free skins and stuff like that. On top of that, you get to earn those tokens much faster by unlocking "the stash". It's just a cash grab
: Well clearly Riot don't make sense cause it still ain't out
Even though events and thingy was unlocked, they made everyone wait so NA gets to unlock it the same time as us. Makes literally no sense to do it in this fashion, just a dick move on their end.
: ill fuck them up if it is
First of all, don't swear. Second, It is tomorrow. Will be somewhat 6am when the events should unlock. If it is on Tuesday, then that wouldn't make sense. I still don't get why they make us wait 6 days... Some stupid ideas Riot comes up with.
GamexOver (OCE)
: Why is KYS and %%%got not banable now?
The easiest way to play this game is by muting both teams chats. I still don't get why you would say such words to begin with... It may be unfortunate you got banned and they didn't, but surely they'll get banned. However, I've reported a couple dozen players via Riot support and they still aren't banned for being toxic. It's why I just mute everyone and play as I please. If they get mad at me, so what. I've hardly ever seen people talk properly in this game anymore. It's all "WHY DID YOU GANK" or "WHY DID YOU STEAL MY KILL" etc... Nobody appreciates anything anymore, on this specific server.
: Season 2019 Starts Now!
Honestly I'd rather have an option to pick between an icon or something else. Icons are so useless, why do you have to make so many of them?
: A Rant About a Bad Clash Game
Next time try get as many people in your team that you actually know. I obviously haven't read the whole thing word by word but I went over it to get some sense. Just report him and get another person to play next time. This would be at your teams fault (even if you didn't know he would afk) because clash is meant to be about 5 man premade teams. These teams should be full of people you know. It was quite unfortunate this happened to you, I had partied up with a group of 3 and I didn't have a single problem with them.
: End of Season and Reward announced!
Wait what. Out of all the champs they chose Ori? I personally don't care for skins that much but this is so confusing... I've hardly ever seen anyone play ori at all ranks...
HeartVine (OCE)
: If it's processing from the video stream properly, then it might be an issue with the mission itself (it might just be taking a while for the mission to trigger, too, as that happens occasionally). It might be a good idea to submit a ticket to [Support](https://support.riotgames.com/hc/en-us/requests/new) (use the "Worlds 2018 Event - question or issue", since it's related to the worlds missions) and see if they can help resolve the issue.
Already managed to complete it using firefox. It just doesn't want to complete itself with chrome.
: How do you complete the "Watch and Earn" mission?
For whatever reason it is very hard to complete it using chrome. If you watch it via firefox it will show up between 10-20minutes. Also if you have adblock on, disable it as it spams requests every 5-10 seconds which the adblock might count it as a malicious ad.
HeartVine (OCE)
: As far as I can tell, it will only count towards the mission if you watch in fullscreen. I had a similar problem, tried having it open in a browser while playing on a second monitor, but it didn't trigger until the end of the match (only put it in fullscreen near the end of the match). Did it a second time with another account, put it in fullscreen straight away, and it triggered about 10 minutes in.
Thing is, I already tried it 5 times using all possible methods. I even read the javascript code for it. They send to their api the stream id and starttime (that you watched), it then sends a request every x seconds with the current time. After the currtime-starttime is > 10mins, the server will respond saying the mission is complete and will add it to your acc. I was monitoring the traffic and it was sending everything to the server. So I'm not sure why it says I haven't done it! I left it on for AAAAAAAAGES and still nothing. I even used different web browsers for heavens sakes.
: not most of the time its bronze people that have brought accounts I know a mate that has 6 accounts he just keeps getting banned he is just terrible I have told him he is lol he just doesn't listen he ended up buying a challenge account for $150 online in OCE soooooo that explains why u got monkeys in diamond people just buy accounts online lol
There is a big market for accounts in league. They sell accounts to people that are Diamond, they then let them play for a month before reclaiming the account by saying they were hacked and recover it. This kind of does ruin the experience, especially when you have idiots on your team and they don't. Ranked is the luck of a draw which makes it bullshit to climb because you gain like 15lp and lose 20. Even with my friends high mmr, he was gaining 25mmr and lost 20 per game (100 wins, 30 losses @ Diamond rank). Not only that but it's a stressful game when it counts towards something. When people get autofilled for not getting their lane and then decide to troll because they cbf'd playing since they didn't get their lane, it gets really frustrating. I've seen people just run it down mid for no reason at all, and still never got banned for it because they never said a word (making reports useless since apparently it's automated). If you want to have fun playing this game, normals is what you should be playing. Yes, it is a bit too easy but it's better than dealing with all that stress you get from ranked. I played like 7 normal games and only lost 2 games. Those 2 losses were because one of our teamates decided it was ok to stay top (and never leave top), allowing their top laner to get fed off of other lanes etc. My point is, in normals you're less likely to get idiots than you are with ranked.
: > [{quoted}](name=BearGrillz34,realm=OCE,application-id=FjGAIbRv,discussion-id=cpf3zEAG,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2018-09-27T07:27:55.127+0000) > > He's perfectly fine as it stands. I've seen many of them win the lane, he just requires a lot of skill. Mao requires skill??? what??? Press W, Drop Q to knock them back, press R to root them, Drop E for minimal damage (unless bush) that is the lowest skill cap for any tank there is And if you read the post, what i said is he needs a trading buff, not a pushing buff, i'm yet to lose lane on Mao, so im well aware, what i want is to be able to do more in the early stages of the game, the late game is fine, i mean he literally becomes unkillable even in a 5v1
Look, when I used to play this game frequently, everytime I had a mao in my time/their team, they would always carry (when I wasn't vsing them top lane). So either that means the players who were vsing them were shit or mao is op. You might not be building him correctly or doing something wrong because he's got a 49.94% winrate which is much higher than a ton of other champs. I don't want to bother complaining with you here but he does have a good trade. If you do his combo properly, you can deal a significant amount of damage and then heal up as they damage you, making your trade off really good. If they chose to get an item with grievous wounds, then you'd just have to play smarter.
Rioter Comments
: Ranked Been placed from Gold to Silver now Demoted after troll after troll
Just don't play ranked at all, it's as simple as that. It's boring because you do get idiots in your team and everyone flames your teammates if they do something wrong. People who play normal games are more competent than people who play ranked. I've vsed Diamond and Plats in ranked, all of them are the same. You won't see it any different in any other elo, that's just how this game is.
: Time for Maokai to get a slight buff
He's perfectly fine as it stands. I've seen many of them win the lane, he just requires a lot of skill.
cypher7 (OCE)
: Darius and Khazix is now buffed...im going afk {{sticker:sg-lux-2}}
I hardly play this game but when I used to, Darius is actually pretty weak until he heals up with that Q.... Honestly, I'm fine with the changes if they reduce that heal. He shouldn't be able to heal so much hitpoints it just makes it bullshit. Get him down to 200hp and then it takes 1 person to get hit by his q and boom, magically has 500-600hp.
: My Ban Appeal
Trust me, someone we reported who said 1 bad word didn't get banned at all. 1 bad word is nothing and won't get you banned, obviously you must've been more toxic than the person who was flaming you.
: How many Boards posts do you have?
How it works: It checks this url here https://boards.{baseRegion}.leagueoflegends.com/en/player/{region}/{summonerName}?json_wrap=1&num_loaded=9999999 Neat-ish script I guess XD
: I'm loving these stunts that people do when u hit every amount of ability even though your fed and it doesnt effect them. Riot never or will fix cheaters they only go for offensive and salty people . They don't take into account the people that cheat to win
They don't even ban inters. I reported one and he's yet to be banned. They only ban people who swear, which isn't really that big of an issue (because the mute button exists...)
: Top lane curse confirmed
Top lane meta my friend. I had once gotten fed 5-6 times in a row at top but lost due to the other 4 people in the enemy team getting free kills off of all the lanes except top. If you want to hard carry you need at least 2 people. It's quite difficult to carry games on your own now. It's a meme, it sucks but what can you do...
: Maybe its time to tell you a little secret that isn't really a secret. 1. I was a scripter many many years ago, i'm talking beta, that account doesn't even exist (and if it does, idk the password or the login/summoner name i used because i stopped playing after the intial ban, only to come back to the game in season 3) 2. i can see a scripter, from experience of being one as well as knowing players who do still script (in more than just league) 3. stutter stepping isn't scripting, if you've ever watched korean pros, even some NA pros (i've seen sneaky do it a few times) you'll see that many high ranking players can do it (i'm not high ranking but i'm what's classified as a chameleon player, i can replicate things i see after a few tries, i do it in CSGO, i do it a lot of it on league when i've watched 1 tricks of my chosen champs, and i used to be able to do it in WoW PvP, replicate the build, replicate the maneuvers) and no, i haven't scripted since, if i'm gonna get banned, i'm gonna get banned for toxicity (eg. this account) or trolling, but so far, riot hasn't noticed maybe because i actually know how to play so its not intentional, its just shattering the Meta more than it already was (AD sona, AP Ashe etc.)
Give me a link of these infamous stutter steps. I cbf'd explaining in detail so I will just observe a clip and tell you if it's "scripting" or not. It's very easy to tell when someone is scripting as compared to a normal dodge.
Bookbash (OCE)
: I'd just like to point out that after patch 8.11 there has been a rather large number of players lagging with packet loss. On this current patch that includes myself, even if I'm using the only direct ethernet connection to the internet in my household and no other programs are running on the network (checking resource monitor).
Has nothing to do with packet loss, if that was the case then I'd hit every single shot.
: The urf and aram scipters are very very bad players, they are extremely basic scripts that just run it down lane feeding to get quick xp. All you're seeing are decent players
No I am not seeing decent players, I am seeing scripters. Not every scripter has to be a bot running it down mid, some do it for fun to spam abilities and stuff like that. I can show u another clip that I just saved, fresh. It was a silver 2 and a plat 5 player and u will be able to tell they are scripts and nothing more other than scripts. As I said, a human does not stutter. I have footage of my definition for stutter. But due to the policy I can't post it since it shows their names...
: People are far less likely to play (nevermind spend money on) a game they feel is unfair. What would be the point? If scripters went free their numbers would explode to the point that no regular players would stick around. Doesn't exactly seem like a sound business practice to me. Scripting only helps the scripters, and hurts literally everyone else. The people who pay for the service in whatever form (whose accounts then get banned), the people who have to play with the scripts, and Riot (because negative experience *hurts* profit). Happy people are happier to spend money. I play URF, I play ARAM, and I don't see scripters. Sometimes, players are just better than you. Not to mention that if you're going to power level then botting carries pretty much the same risk to the account, is way more efficient and is a lot less involved. Scripting is usually used for boosting services, not powerlevelling, so the idea of you seeing the scripters in ARAM, nevermind the same scripters repeatedly is more than a little doubtful.
Not all people script on Urf, there are a ton of games which were legit. But it gets very obvious after a bit when all of a sudden they start dodging like gods at point blank range, like they know the precise times when to dodge. Sure, you can do that once or twice maybe but not everytime throughout the game like it's nothing.
: i stutter when i walk too, its called predictive play, you stutter to test their aim, if they fire at you, you know they're garbage because it wasn't gonna hit, its stutter stepping its a basic trait that you should know how to use... it's very similar to attack moving, but without the attack (obviously) as for pming me, theres no point adding this account its perma'd lmao
Add me in game and I'll show u the stutter. I don't think you'd replicate that, if you did then you're a scripter. I can tell you exactly why it's "impossible" to do and possible with scripts if you want the explanation about nerdy comp sci stuff.
: Scripters that don't get banned are in Arams and urf. It's fast xp so they can level the accounts to sell on ebay. It's mostly younger kids that buy accounts, it's also mostly younger kids that buy skins and emotes. Riot allow the scripting to go on because in the end they make money from it. I've also got lists of players I used to bump into in a lot of aram games, Riot know who they are and the accounts are still unbanned and still powerleveling. But in ranked every time I've seen a scripter, which is very very rare, they're banned instantly. I've seen maybe 5 scripters in ranked games playing the game since it was beta, they were all banned
Sure they get banned but when? I haven't heard of a banwave in ages so obviously Riot isn't doing as much as before. Ever since this new platform his the shelves, nobody has reported a ban at all. So yea, not really sure what's going on here.... But all I can say is there's a TON of scirpters that I hope to get banned one day:tm:
: Are you sure its not just the fact that they may be good at the game or maybe they're just extremely lucky I often get called a scripter and i've never used one in my life, i learned to dodge skill shots by playing Diablo 3, it rolled over into league and often i get raged at because i can dodge Same story with hitting skillshots, especially some considered to be BS, like blind hooking on thresh/blitz or blind bombing on ziggs I've run into 4 scripters, in the 5-6 years i've been playing league, those accounts are no longer active so its safe to assume riot got them
I'm 100% certain that they were scripting. Scripters stutter when dodging, I make sure to check 50 times to ensure before calling them out. For example, I sometimes fire a skillshot at a certain angle and if they player walks to the certain area I thought they'd walk, it's 100% a script. I replicate it 5 times to make sure and if they do the EXACT same thing 5 times in a row, that's that. I used to have a program I made that detects their dodge patterns but it is no longer updated to the latest patch and because a Rioter told me I shouldn't have anything hook into the game anymore, since they're making some changes to the AC every now and then to ensure my acc doesn't get banned. So I stepped away from that. But, I was then told that I can open up a replay without needing to be logged in using their commandline. This gave me an idea to rather inject into the replay and have it play at a really fast speed, analyzing the game. It will then save timestamps to the "fishy" dodges and I will take a manual review. I've taken 2 clips from a game. This is the kind of stuttering I am talking about. The people who do extremely lucky dodges are fine, I never call them out because every legit player has one thing in common and that's **NO STUTTER**. Nobody stutters when dodging, the only time you stutter is if you get fked over by a minion block. In this clip I will show you, it may look like the first part was a minion block (it was not). You'll be able to see the same type of stutter near the end. This is only one method of identifying. The other method is walking in a very precise angle to dodge skills. Both Ashe and Nunu were scripting in this clip, if you do not believe me then that's the issue. Mark my words though, If I sent you the whole replay you should be able to say "yep, that's a script". I will pm you this clip as I forgot to disable champ kills display and I can't be bothered blurring the names. EDIT: Can't pm in boards, will pm u in game.
Wuks (OCE)
: Thanks for the screenshots! I'll ask around to see if something screwy is going on here.
I just edited the comment seconds before u posted this, look at my edit at the bottom.
Wuks (OCE)
: Does the total XP count change between games? Hopefully it’s just a visual glitch, but if it’s not, maybe we can work through figuring that out together as well.
Ok so Luckily I took 2 screenshots form 2 different games. It says the exp was 0 in the game ending screen but in the match history it shows the exp I "earned". These are 2 separate screenshots, 1 game after the other. https://puu.sh/AQf2W/ca7e004a33.png https://puu.sh/AQfI5/9ab1717fa2.png But I never really checked to see if it added onto my actual exp. I can do the math afterwards to see if I subtract the exp I got from the currently played games gives me that value or not. EDIT: yep it was a visual glitch. Even though it said 0, I got the exp. It was weird though, not sure why it glitched on me.
Rioter Comments
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HeartVine (OCE)
: I'm going to tell you a short, true story. Every time ARURF hit's the rift, I see about a dozen or so players complaining about exactly this. You know what I don't see? The other several hundred thousand players saying *anything* about this. The queue is random, but that doesn't *always* translate to a "true random" experience. Think about it like a bell curve (if you don't know what that is, just google it. It's a fairly simple concept). On the one side, you have (few) players who will see the same champs a lot more often, on the other side you will (few) have players who struggle to see the same champion appear a second time, and in the middle you will have the players who will see some champions a lot, but also see other champions with reasonable frequency. That "centre point" is what the bulk of the players would experience. *Keep in mind, this is just an example. The specifics of it could be different.* Personally, I have no trouble getting a more "random" experience than players such as yourself complain about. It's not like I've seen a whole new set of champs each time I've played, but the most I've seen any given champ, this time around, is twice (specifically Sivir and Kai'Sa), and that usually holds true for every instance of ARURF. You can think of it like flipping a coin. Do it 10 times and it could very well come out with 8 head and 2 tails, which wouldn't suggest it's somewhat "random", but someone else doing it those same 10 times could come out with 5/5, which *would* suggest it's somewhat "random".
> [{quoted}](name=HeartVine,realm=OCE,application-id=Ntey9fRZ,discussion-id=PeNAuXZo,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2018-07-02T02:56:09.684+0000) > > I'm going to tell you a short, true story. > > Every time ARURF hit's the rift, I see about a dozen or so players complaining about exactly this. You know what I don't see? The other several hundred thousand players saying *anything* about this. The queue is random, but that doesn't *always* translate to a "true random" experience. > > Think about it like a bell curve (if you don't know what that is, just google it. It's a fairly simple concept). On the one side, you have (few) players who will see the same champs a lot more often, on the other side you will (few) have players who struggle to see the same champion appear a second time, and in the middle you will have the players who will see some champions a lot, but also see other champions with reasonable frequency. That "centre point" is what the bulk of the players would experience. *Keep in mind, this is just an example. The specifics of it could be different.* > > Personally, I have no trouble getting a more "random" experience than players such as yourself complain about. It's not like I've seen a whole new set of champs each time I've played, but the most I've seen any given champ, this time around, is twice (specifically Sivir and Kai'Sa), and that usually holds true for every instance of ARURF. > > You can think of it like flipping a coin. Do it 10 times and it could very well come out with 8 head and 2 tails, which wouldn't suggest it's somewhat "random", but someone else doing it those same 10 times could come out with 5/5, which *would* suggest it's somewhat "random". It's because hardly anybody goes on the boards. Everytime I all chat "Who hates arurf and would prefer normal urf with bans" EVERYONE from both teams say YES I HATE ARURF. They just don't do anything about it cause they either cbf'd or don't go on reddit/boards.
: tbh I think the orbs & chests during this event are just being incredibly generous. I got Dreadnova Darius out of a Lion Orb this morning.
Lol na, I got trash skins from mine. You guys got lucky af
: "AR" URF.
Same here. I'm getting sick and tired of this. I vs the same champs, I get the same champs. This isn't random at all! Just let us ** pick our champs please... Jesus christ
: Loot System is bugged (Riot giving away GG MF?)
U guys got lucky. I also got it but from a hextech chest 2 months ago. It would've been a coincidence man, my friend got spirit guard udyr from his orb. It's just random and u all got lucky :)
: School holidays
Ya happens to me too, I just stopped playing ranked entirely. If you want a good game queue up at 3am NZT or 1am AUT when the holidays aren't on. Then u get better players.
: Arurf is the most balanced thing since the creation of yasuo!
Lmao yea it's all about luck. I played a game where I vsed a fids and thresh and blitz. Basically, we couldn't do jack shit. being perma cc'd isn't fun at all.
Socon (OCE)
: My God Someone Que Up For 3v3
Yea, maybe when gold funneling from 3v3 is gone. Before everyone starts bitching, Riot did something with 5v5's gold funneling and are gonna do more later. But they just don't care about 3v3 sadly ;(
Talon12 (OCE)
: riot's system is perfect, its never wrong, riot won't see a need to overturn the system's judgement. they've ignored people before, why would they stop now.
It isn't perfect, It's automated. It bans anyone who says like 2 swear words that got reported by more than 2 people from your team.
sicko12 (OCE)
: Where is Hecarim is he the new old sion and urgot
He's actually really powerful. Nobody plays him because there are "more enjoyable" champs to play. I had versed a Hec yesterday and he 1 shot my ass lmao. He's actually quite broken but he requires a lot of skill to know how to win fights. Everyone just follows the meta these days, nothing is wrong with him.
Valico (OCE)
: So I heard there was a new tutorial, but I cant seem to play it?
: I love arurf!
It's pretty cancer, all based on RNG. I don't know how they say the old urf frustrated people. I never e ver got mad in the old urf because I picked that champ myself so I knew the risk. But when u get it in RNG, it pisses me off more than anything. I was this close to alt + f4'ing out of the game and uninstalling. So when Riot said that the old urf made people quit, I say ARURF is worse.
: 14 day Banned copy paste prelobby player name?
Wtf, that shouldn't of gotten you banned. Goes to show how flawed the system is. It is based off of reports for automation. Send in a support ticket and you'll be unbanned, most likely.
: Hate this new aatrox
I love the new aatrox. I used to get shit on vsing an aatrox but now I shit on them. He's so weak early XD
: Thoughts on marksmans
I used to be an ADC main ( I still ADC main as I got bored of top lane, vsing the same shit over again) and I can tell you atm adc is in a shit show. They nerfed zeal by increasing it's price by 200. This was totally unnecessary as crit HARDLY DOES ** damage anyway now. So taking the ability to buy zeal early just gives all crit adc's no fkin chance to do jack shit. Now, if you buy the brawlers seperately, you do crit but then your attackspeed is fucked so almost any of the top tier adc's (such as lucian or draven) can easily burst you down before u can even have a chance to crit that 10%. Now, storm razer was introduced and you can 100% crit on first try. But guess what! It doesn't matter when u do 0 damage late game. I've played only Jinx and Lucian these last 2 patches (in ranked) but have played the other adc's in normal games. JINX: God help your soul, you need to survive lane till late game. She is only viable after you buy 4 items (which is sometime around the 30-40min mark depending on the cs you get) and if you're lucky, the game won't be over by then. Lucian: God tier, can fk any adc over early games (but is in a fair fight with Draven). You need to play your cards right against Draven or you die (basically a skill match with both you as an ADC and your support as a helper). Now when u play against a Draven without Luician here is my reaction. Jinx: ur dead. Kaisa: Ur fkin dead m8 unless ur support is good or the Draven is bad Ashe: Lmao enjoy being 2 hit early. Sivir: If you play your cards right, you can kill him by poking his ass with your Q, but you get bullied hard if you get in range of Draven. Vayne: Skill matchup based on adc & support. Varus: Does ok once he gets rageblade, but since it got nerfed in 8.13 not sure anymore. Kog: No idea, never played that champ. Caitlyn: RIP cait, without old i.e = hardly any damage even in late game so you're forced to auto attack for days until they die. You don't really have much of a choice as an ADC. It has become support reliant now. Either your support carries you to victory or you die a painful death. Unless you pick either Draven or Lucian since they have very high damage in early game. Now, I have no idea what they meant by ADC's used to be top tier. Before these changes, Adc's still sucked dick lmao. They may do a lot of damage but they are also squishy, they die so easily now with League of Assasins (with domination).
XeMurder (OCE)
: I was thinking about the people who can't play many champions (the 10 is arbitrary, it could be more, 15-20 would be fine), they would suffer most in a system where you couldn't play the same one more than once before cycling through them all again. I mean, there's 141 champions, and I doubt many people would play that many games during the event, even if it went over several weeks. The only reason ARAM works for those people is it isn't actually random, it has specific biases which are supposedly based on what players use (although I've seen little evidence to support that), and it holds the free rotation champions at a higher weight (I have had it gave me Fiddle five damn games in a row, and other times where there was an Illaoi in the game 5/7 games). The main thing I want is to get rid of is Riot's bullshit "random" mechanic, which just picks from the same 30-40 champions. It is the hated most aspect.
Yea I hate it. In Aram, I get unfair matchups all the time. Aurf is even more important because certain champs have the power to abuse their abilities like there is no tomorrow, in comparison to others.
: Looking at your stats - I have no fucking idea how you didn't get placed the lowest of the low. I mean, I've never been Silver/Bronze, but gosh - it must be absolutely terrible.
Lmao dude, silver is nothing. Bronze is like a game of normals. You vs/get players like him, making it very easy to be able to carry games. Although, you might say after checking my match history that I was silver for a while, this was simply cause I didn't play ranked after the 10 provisional's. But now I do. However, I stopped once again as ranked is currently cancerous. The only good time to play ranked is after 1am AU time(NOT during the holidays, during SCHOOL times).
: Played 10 Placements games lost 9 won 1 and got placed silver 5 WTF
Ya, if you play for the first time it gets based off of your score, cs and stuff like that. Your rank seems very fair based on your scores from the previous games. IMO, you should've gotten bronze 2-3. Best of luck for your future games. P.S I wont 5/10 and got gold 5 first time (on my other acc). I won my provisional's once with 10/10 with high kda's and got plat 5. So your kda does in fact matter. Same with your cs! Must have a good cs average.
XeMurder (OCE)
: New URF (since every it seems everyone hates the random version)
Actually I had a better idea. A URF is A-OK BUT here's the issue. You vs the same **** people again and again and again or get the same **** people again and again. So how about, everytime URF gets enabled, it randomizes the whole champion order. Now here's the catch, you only get the champion once and then you won't ever get him again. Given you played every single champ in existence, it re-rolls again. With this approach, we can ensure people play the same champion only once. Now I know it might be too little, it could be tweaked. But as it stands, getting the same champs again is really god damn annoying... The problem normal urf has: People pick the same person every time. You vs different people everytime so therefore, in theory, you will still vs the same champs over and over cause you are being put with different players. I don't think limiting it to 10 will affect much tbh. But then again, I don't think my method would do some good either, who knows...
: > [{quoted}](name=BearGrillz34,realm=OCE,application-id=ElA0rvVL,discussion-id=HMEwJEkM,comment-id=000100000000,timestamp=2018-06-11T15:56:53.442+0000) > > Oh really? So is that why everyone I know quit TT? Like from 50 people who used to play TT, only 4 remained. Their reason: Support meta ruins it. > > Seriously, maybe you guys enjoy it but we don't.Not everyone likes meta, we aren't all meta monkies. You guys may like competition, but we like entertainment and enjoyment. It ruins it for the people who want to play the game properly (before those stupid support items were introduced). Say what you like, but It's just stupid. I seriously think TT needs another rework to fit with the new group of champs & items. As it stands, I quit the mode cause of that stupid **** meta. It's so boring, dull and ruins the game mode. Have you tried aram ? heard there isn't a meta there I'm glad a gold player that doesn't play meta can pitch their 2 cents in though , we definitely need your input on an issue only diamond + players are facing . Talks about playing the game "properly " and doesn't play meta {{champion:48}} , If you want to play the game properly play the meta . a gold player left the mode because he can't play meta ... oh that's unlucky man {{champion:44}} Must be the maps fault lets rework it !
Yes but the issue here is that if you're allowed to queue up as a 3 man, we end up vsing you. This is not a good experience for us. Exactly, I am a gold player who doesn't enjoy the meta, you are a diamond player who does. This does not mix well. Say what you like, shit's boring as hell and you know it. I'd be fine if they let you queue up, only if WE don't get paired with you guys! Before this change, I was vsing a ton of challenger/diamond 1 TT players and it just isn't fun to play against. 3 man premade dia+ TT players vs me & 2 randoms who haven't played the game mode before. As it stands, TT is dead to me. Diamond is like 10% of the whole queue's population anyway.
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