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YoungElk (OCE)
: Camille was released December 7th, 2016 which was 167 days ago, not 228.
: Champion and skin sale: 23.05 - 27.05
Akali's last skin sale 9th September 2016 256 days ago {{champion:84}} Azir's last skin sale 22nd July 2016 305 days ago {{champion:268}} Kayle's last skin sale 28th November 2016 176 days ago {{champion:10}} Cammile last skin sale NEVER Released 228 days ago {{champion:164}} Yet amumu and ahri have had 2 this year like wtf rito {{sticker:zombie-brand-mindblown}}
: The Homeguards are victorious!
I got soulstealer {{champion:67}} in the first chest and i had just asummed evryone got it or a ultimate skin. ummm am i really lucky?
: Extra free supports continues + new free rotation
where the hell is RIVEN she hasn't been there for ages{{champion:92}} she hasn't been in free week since 2 and a ½ months ago yet {{champion:202}} and {{champion:81}} have been twice in that period

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