: New champion select roundtable
When will this be released? im really keen for it but im worried thats its not going to get enough "live testing" with how its pretty much the end of the year
: Riot OCE Update and Q&A
Was wondering if there are any plans to stop the 4am-8am ranked q cutoff times? about 2 years ago it was lowered and surely in that time the community has grown enough to warrant lowering even more or even just removing it completely? as im in WA and internet over here is even worse than the rest of aus i can only really grind out games around the q cutoff times because of the high amount of congestion during the day and until about 12pm at night.
Jimz (OCE)
: I'm afraid your 85ms from WA is getting close to the best you can get (which is about 80ms). We are peered with iiNet and majority of that latency is because of the sheer distance.
well...time to move again it seems XD
: > [{quoted}](name=ParisfujaMC,realm=OCE,application-id=Ntey9fRZ,discussion-id=iFdEkXnp,comment-id=0013,timestamp=2015-07-28T07:43:28.545+0000) > > I have a few questions & suggestions, > > * Announce some clue (theme, champion, etc) about OCE skin. [Personally, I dont know much at all about it] > * Is Telstra (Perth WA) good for ping? Have you made a deal with them? > > > *** > Other users, just comment your questions or make your own post I guess > Rioters, Answer Us! You've done great so far :) <3 I can jump on that second question. Yes we have partnered with Telstra (and a number of other ISPs in the region) to peer directly to our data center. This will help improve the connectivity for you and hopefully reduce the amount of hops you take to get to our game servers. Less hops is a good thing :) On that note, we are constantly measuring the effectiveness of each ISP per location and working with the ISPs to improve even more.
im with iinet/westnet and best i can get is 85ping...kind of annoying since i moved to WA from NSW about 12months ago and i had 32ping over there..have you guys partnered with them aswell or no?
: What an exciting year for esports! So far 2015 has seen the creation of the Oceanic Pro League, Oceanic Challenger Series and the Oceanic Open Ladder. 16 universities battled it out to claim Oceanic Uni bragging rights. The regions dedicated [esports website!](http://oce.lolesports.com/) launched. We all watched The Chiefs represent Oceania against the world in Turkey and of course I think we’re all excited for the OPL final at [Luna Park](http://promo.oce.leagueoflegends.com/en/oplfinals-2015/). So what are we working on right now? Obviously the OPL Grand Final event is going to be a big one. I won’t steal General Coxy’s thunder, though, so read more about the event below! Spring semester is almost in class so any Uni students can look forward to another [university tournament!](http://oce.leagueoflegends.com/en/news/esports/esports-event/rally-your-classmates-next-uni-tournament)! Anyone at university can get involved and the final will be streamed live from the Sydney studio. Group stages start soon so check it out asap. We’ve also got the Worlds Wildcard Qualifier coming up in August. The winner of the OPL Grand Final will travel to Istanbul, Turkey to compete against Japan, SEA and Turkey for a ticket to the big show in Europe. We’ll be broadcasting all the action so you won’t miss a minute. So where do we go from here? We’ve got a strategic plan, but we also want to hear from the fans. What do you want from esports that you’re not currently getting? What do you admire about the LCS that you would like to see Oceania adopt? Maybe there’s something cool the NRL, AFL or A-League does you think would be awesome for esports. Please let us know!
was just wondering if there are any plans to finally stop the 4am-8am ranked cutoff? since it was reduced about 2 years ago because of the server pop growing surely in 2015/2016 the server could be in a spot to be able to stop this..its kind of a bother for me since during the day and up until 12pm my internet has high congestion so early morning/night play is really only where i can play ranked without lagging but its hard with only a 4hour window to grind.
Aphona (OCE)
: Mature(18+) Team LF Players
Age: 19 Highest Division Achieved (Solo or Team): Diamond 3 How Often do you Play? everyday Lane you play: jungle mainly i also can play adc/top and i dabble in adc Champions (pick 3 champions you think are your best)(ONLY list three): khazix,twisted fate,ezreal Are you a leader or a follower? was a shotcaller for my last team but have generally been recruited into teams with a shotcaller already in place. Have you been involved in team based games before? wow,payday, no moba besides league though but i am comfortable on mic and talking with people within the team. Additional comments/questions:

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