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: Patch 9.20 notes
Clash coming out when??
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Bookbash (OCE)
: I was hoping to join a team in tier 4, but not gonna happen with this guy. They will judge you based on your current soloqueue rank, not on previous ranks, or accomplishments, or actual understanding of the game. Just a warning. He's looking for an elo based member. Typical OCE attitude, need to cut the western shit bro. [Oh well, his loss.](
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: LF Clash team Support main (tier 3/4)
hey my dude would you be keen to be our 5th we need a support player
d3viant (OCE)
: lf jg and supp plat+
Im intrested ive added u talk to u when i see u im support player
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: Invisible Threat Gaming is looking for a Coach
hey added u on league the application thing didnt work for me
Wolves (OCE)
: Equinox eSport is Looking for a Coach
hey btw im looking for a team to coach ill add u for a further talk
: How do you actually do lessons? Are they VOD, or going in-game with the player, or something?
prefer to talk about the way i would handle individual/team coaching to personal talks
Anıma (OCE)
: I'd be interested as a solo player~
sure just add me and we can have a chat easy
: Is there a minimum rank requirement for the individual coaching?
nah not really it just depends on what my time looks like from the offers as in if a team wants/needs me then they will have a priority over individuals but what ever your rank is might change the style of which i will handle the lessons
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: The Oceanic Open Ladder returns for 2017!
Theres going to be a split 2 like last year correct this isnt the only one? As in later in the year will there be another ool tournament
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TehLorde (OCE)
: Team DieDie - Tryouts for OOL Team going for 2017 Split 2 OCS
Full Name: William Bissett Summoner Name: ins beefybill Date of Birth: 15/10/1997 Fluent in English: (Yes) Computer Hardware: i do have a headset and mic How is your Internet Connection and stability: i have nbn and have no issues with long term connection Comfortable to use mic: (Yes) Comfortable to be filmed (at events like OCS) and streamed live: Yes Days and times you are available to play and train: 24-7 Any times in which you are 100% unable to play: nope not yet Please list any work or educational commitments: none yet What role are you applying for: Support
: looking to manage/ coach a team heres a reference to us add me on league if u are keen to have a chat about the opportunity
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Sneed (OCE)
: because of the server population is why it can't be permanently up.
> [{quoted}](name=Mesprit,realm=OCE,application-id=dQOcTl8O,discussion-id=q6RN6nrE,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2016-07-05T08:58:23.667+0000) > > because of the server population is why it can't be permanently up. Damn so one of the highest populated/active game cant even sustain another que choice Make sense
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: Promotional trolls
Dude ima hit u with a little insight if u struggle climbing and solo yolo is giving u trash post lfg get a 4man/5man play dynamic with them only u will win the game with no skill dynamic que doesnt require u to be good at the game to win u just need to have numbers and hope the enemy either have less premade or even but bad premade And tbh doing promos by yourself is just asking to lose due to the fact promos are made to challenge u but lessing your chances of getting decent players and putting u against decent players of the next tier up so play the numbers game i hope this helps u and anyone that reads this because thats how most boosted players get to plat and diamomd these days no skill required
: aye lmao keep on droppings those divs
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Brucey (OCE)
: LFT Plat Mid/Sup
yo Bruce baby come play for us
: Plat 1 mid LF Plat+ players for dynamic queue
SKT Smurf (OCE)
: Scrims
My team can be down for a scrim but what elo are u guys at?
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lłys (OCE)
: no worries just added you in game
just replyed wondering if i can also have my adc main play with us we have been duo for like 2 years and are really good together
: [New Team]Recruiting team member for OOL ( Prefer : JG SUP and ADC ) gold / plat+
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: The Knights Legion Recruiting a Roster to be the TKNS Second Team and compete in the OOL! (Gold 2+)
: Making a Competitive team/ dynamic que group Plat+
ING: TSM YEILOW STAR Age: 19 Mic: yes i have one with decent quality awell Lane: support main but play mid aswell Champion pool: every support but thresh for mid i play malz ziggs lb ori karma varuis xerath Main champions (3): for support its mostly trundle bard janna/or braum for mid its malz karma varuis/lb Times you can play: all the time in the afternoon Strengths: easy to talk with, game focused, love synergy and have a very long time playing league with teams been in 3 tournaments for ool and shotcalled for a team over 2 years of experience with team ranked weakness: suffer from adapting out of my role due to now never being able to play anything but support due to dynamic que, i do get salt but thats on if im making mistakes and with past teams understand i get made cause im letting the team down if i don't perform, lastly i like direction if i join and theres no organization or goal i tend to not care as much. Why do you want to join?: been dieing to get a team going but due to the lack of people looking for teams and people having enough skill ive done only small recruiting and making no effort to keep people together due to under performance by others but i miss the friendships made and the awesome games thats teams provide its like playing solo que but people dont have a hammer smashed in there brain people listen and make better decisions more fun and over better experience of the game
: ALPHA-AXON. Bronze. Silver. Gold. Platinum
Prevoqe (OCE)
: New Organisation looking for members.
: Looking For Jungle & Support for seconds split of OOL
hey man if u are still looking im a support main and id really like to try out ive had experience in 3 tournaments and also have been in teams for over 2 years being in one for more then a year and a half so im just looking to jump back to a decent and dedicated team
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: LFM for Plat+ dynamic Queue Team
I can join but just dont be so reckless with jumping into things thats what made me leave
: Ign: Truerepentance Solo que rank: Plat 5 Do u have discord: No. would get it if required How often do u play: Most afternoons and nights when i'm not working What role do u main: ADC/SUP What champs do u main: Jhin, Jinx, Cait, Tank Supports, Morgana Would u consider that u have adopted the meta right now: Yes Have u had experience in a team before and how long: Several teams where after a few weeks no one played anymore... Are u toxic: No What would u consider a bad score or game for u: More deaths than kills list your 3 best kda: Jinx 3.18, Jhin 3.12, Cait 2.11 Also leave a reason y u have decided to search for a team: Always have more fun interacting with a team than playing solo q.
Love to try u out just accept my request and ill get started with a trial asap
Shinobu (OCE)
: Summoner Name: Akeno Himejima Solo queue rank: Platinum 4 Do u have discord: Yes How often do u play: 5/7 days What role do u main: Support What champs do u main: Sona, Blitz, Alistar Would u consider that u have adopted the meta right now: Somewhat most of it, need to learn more though. Have u had experience in a team before and how long: Yes, I use to manage teams on CG and played in them. Are u toxic: I'm a batrachotoxin What would u consider a bad score or game for u: Depending on the situations and how the game goes, so if we are losing and I lack wards, then that. If we are ahead but I still manage to feed or let people die often. list your 3 best kda: Also leave a reason y u have decided to search for a team: Want to get back into teams.
Im sorry to say but support has been filled and there is a sub as well plus your champ pool isnt exactly meta and needs more branching of champs as it is one of the most versatile roles sorry man ill hit u up when we lose our sub
ooftmantv (OCE)
: Ing - R0ADT0DIAM0ND Solo que rank - Mid Plat 5 Do u have discord - No but can get it How often do u play - Daily What role do u main - Jg/Adc What champs do u main - Vayne, Maokai, Yi Would u consider that u have adopted the meta right now - Yes Have u had experience in a team before and how long - Yes and for a few months Are u toxic - Try not to be What would u consider a bad score or game for u - 10/10/2 list your 3 best kda - Vayne - 2.31:1 Yi - 2.58:1 Ezreal - 3.22:1 Also leave a reason y u have decided to search for a team - Been a while since i have been with a team and thought i would give it a go again.
Hey man u can qualify for playing just give me a heads up when your on and i can test u out
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