: >so he went AFK. Boom, easy report for AFKing.
That isn't the focus of the post. Whether or not he should or not be reported isn't the point. It's that the person's advice to avoid it is that he just shouldn't have played.
: But it doesn't stop the report being accurate? Sure lag sucks, but that lag doesn't stop the fact that AFKing isn't ok, and is a reportable offense, and leaverbuster doesn't always work as well as it should.
While yeah, the report is accurate, it's not really in the player's control, which doesn't really fit in with the rest of the report criteria. Also, most players who AFK from lag AFK because it has a better result than what's essentially running it down... With that said, talking about the whether or not someone deserves an AFK report isn't the point of this post. It's about whether or not someone should be told that they shouldn't have played the game (though you did address this in your other reply).
: "my Ashe said to report him. So, I told her that he had 1k+ ping, so there's no way he could have played properly." Just to be clear, Lag isn't an excuse for getting out of a report for AFKing in a game.
But leaverbuster punishes AFKs anyway. Reporting for AFK is more for grief AFKs, so AFking because you can't move half the game isn't really something you should report for...
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: Idea for a new Rune to counter heals and shields.
Wouldn't this be best in the Domination/Precision tree? The extra damage doesn't fit the theme of Resolve. Inspiration wouldn't work for this either, as it doesn't fit the themes. Runes in league are meant to have to do with the theme of the tree. Resolve is for tanks, and giving them extra damage is not useful, as they aren't meant to do damage. Inspiration would be an even WORSE idea, as inspiration is for quirky things. Klepto is for gold gen, not too good on most. Spellbook is for utility, having an extra summ. Glacial is utility slows. A damage thing doesn't fit it. Other than that, this rune seems interesting.
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