: Off meta picks in ranked
I think as long as they don't do it when they get autofilled support its ok. Nothing worse when playing adc than having a zed support against a strong meta bot lane.
Dagondead (OCE)
: REVERT the Ingame Point SYSTEM!!!!!!!
I like it. Just need to play a few games to level up and you can get it from champion capsule. Also missions make it easy too. Why do you think it's bad?
Beguile (OCE)
: RageBlade and Wits End patch 8.23
I just did a quick test in practice tool and with {{item:3091}} {{item:3124}} i ramped up to about 1380 dps. I then tested with {{item:3153}} {{item:3124}} and i ramped up to about 1470 dps. Not much difference in dps but i found that Wits End and Rageblade ramped up a bit faster than Botrk and Rageblade. So i think Wits End and Rageblade can deal damage faster in shorter time span but Botrk can deal more damage eventually. Plus the active and lifesteal gives it an advantage. I guess it's situational
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