: no legendary in shop
pretty sure they said there is a chance
How to Rank Up 1. Learn how to get carried (if u are auto-filled just don't int and be a slave to your carries) 2. Know that there are games that you cannot win and accept that( also there are games where you are carried and not the difference) 3. Small champion pool (2-3) on main role and know how to play 1-2 champs on auto fill roles 4. Learn 1 role unless ur a fill God player(which ur not) and instead play one role and not the flavour of the month role you think is OP 5. Learn to cs better, you don't need to average 10cs per min but like 6-7 is good enough to get to gold on OCE (i know because I did that)
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lotusGOD (OCE)
: Salty about losing $3,000 in skins because some delicate little flower can't handle being called a cheeky %%%%. Yeah, you would be too. Where it gets peculiar is that there's nothing stopping me or all of the others from leveling another account and taking our new found love for Riots policies back to the rift and spoiling the experiences of any players new to the game. FYI almost everyone in levels 5-30 are perma bans re-leveling making the experience for new players a nightmare. So their attempts to purify the rift of any "toxicity" is a joke. All as the process does is make people return with a vengeance with no intentions to ever purchasing anything again. Terrible retention strategy
and.................... you lost 3k xD they should change and not you? maybe just don't be toxic 4head
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Joxy (OCE)
: Riot Games violate human rights by advocating social justice warrior ideology
**TLDR**: waste of time **do not read** dude just complaining that he cant flame someone(use excessive slurs/not normal bm) and got banned so he salty dude just malding and doesn't want to take the blame for breaking rules he was told not to break and has jumped to conclusion that if a company doesn't want toxic AF players then they must be far-left AND MUST BE RESTRICTING FreEdOM oF eXPreSSIon
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River Tu (OCE)
: where do the 100$ go?
probs to the people spending all the time organising the event
Socon (OCE)
: How climb in each MMR (Up to plat)
I think another important tip for every elo would be tbh Good mental, have had so many games where we are losing early and every time we get like a pick typing "good job" or "wp" helps bring the team mental up and have them actually believe a combat is possible and not mentally check out just want to ff at 20
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00shots00 (OCE)
: the rules - "if you lose 200LP because of trolls you MUST not say ANYTHING and cop all that loss of time for our system is not able to monitor trolls" "Monitoring trolls is way to expensive so be a troll not a bad word user" - it's really got me thinking about what to test out now while i find a new game :D
im pretty sure you do not lose 200 lp from trolls exclusively,
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