: Yea, there's nothing that really stops anyone from doing that. I'd report them, with a note about what they say in the pre-game lobby. Where's it say you can't do that in the summoner's code?
: Why does Riot allow players to forcibly steal roles with no repurcusions?
And before Seras complains, or whatever, here are screenshots of Riot's responses... bare in mind I had screenshots, logs, timestamps, everything, used IFS (which we all know doesn't work most of the time), and they refused to do anything: https://imgur.com/a/0spNY They literally say "*this is a serious matter! we won't do anything!*". Even another Mod here was shocked at the language Riot used, but they never did anything about it.
Rioter Comments
Socon (OCE)
: Champions I would ban low mmr players from picking
And yet you play a lot of Warwick yourself... How hypocritical. Just because you made up this list does not mean you are exempt from the rules you made. {{sticker:sg-lulu}}
: Generic? Those tips give good insight of what low rank players lack! Have you seen your games? You dont do any of them!! You dont ward well, you dont biuld right, you cant cs, you dont roam, you dont ganks, your laning phase suck, ill bet your mechanics is lacking aswell. So what do you mean you should be playing at a gold level. What make you think you know all these things?? Mere arrogant?
I never said I played at a Gold level. If you could read, you would see that I said that if the generic tips in the video were all I needed, I'd be playing at a Gold level. Clearly these generic tips aren't all that's needed.
: ***
Meh. Each to their own. The reason I'm not climbing is not because I can't do the things in the video, it's that there are other things that the video doesn't cover that I struggle with. I simply pointed out that there are enough "generic tips" videos that don't really do anything, much like the clickbait "5 THINGS CHALLENGERS DO THAT YOU DON'T" videos. Instead of following that trend, why not actually do some good and put effort into making a great video?
: ***
Or, perhaps, EUW is simply a much easier region to climb in.
Berserk (OCE)
: Righteous Gaming Looking to make a Second Team
When an "organisation" misspells "there're"... Not really professional {{sticker:sg-lulu}}
Rioter Comments
Ninox (OCE)
: The post you're referencing was made by Raging Knights Esports, not Truth Gaming. Raging Knights are already established in other games so already had those positions filled before recruiting for League.
Oh, my bad {{sticker:sg-soraka}}
Kairutox (OCE)
: Truth Gaming LF SMR
~~I literally asked you about this in your last post, and you said you had plenty of people and that you don't need anyone there.~~ EDIT: I'm dumb :( {{sticker:sg-soraka}}
Ventus (OCE)
: Received nothing from chest
isty (OCE)
: Does anyone follow OPL?
> No one from Aus / NZ has ever made it into worlds Dire Wolves made it to World's in 2017, being to first OPL team to have done so. They even gave C9 a good run. Unfortunately, they were knocked out in the group stages.
: Dear RITO
Why? It adds an element of skill to their kit. Take Gragas. His E+Flash takes a bit of skill. And while his E-Flash if VERY strong, remember he can only use it once every 5 minutes, which balances it out. Eve has E-Flash and Flash-Ult combos. Zoe can Flash while Ulting for extra distance. Riven has all sorts of Flash mechanics. Alistar has a Flash combo too.
: Lets Make an Improvement Focused Flex Team/Community! [bronze-silver-gold]
When instead of a LF club to boost, someone *actually* has a great club idea... This is a brilliant idea :D This is more of what the OCE community need. {{sticker:sg-miss-fortune}} 1. I'm terrible with names (just look at my summoner name lol) 2. Strategy and not too much stupidity. 3. Evenings. 4. Eve Jg, doing my own thing, stealing Barons. 5. Biggest joke would be my summoner name xD (although I do have my moments)
AverBeg (OCE)
: New Irelia (why???)
So you complain *now* and not a year ago when the rework was announced?
: Lets get some things right here. Your so called objectives control, is done wrong. You dont ganks enough, you focus on pushing lane while your own lane is getting pushed, you insist you are correct ect.. So, tell me. Do you think your teams is the main problem? Or, you are to blame aswell? I want to get an indepth understanding of your mindset as a person.
> You don't gank enough My team asked me not to gank or help, so I obliged.
ChickZam (OCE)
: Im sorry Riot.
Tough luck. You don't get banned unless you deserve it.
Socon (OCE)
: ***
Did you read any of the chat? No. Did you see the comments from Trist and the others about how they didn't want to win? No. Are you overlooking the map control I had? Yes. Did you focus on what my team were doing wrong, or were you just singling me out? You're singling me out for no reason. Did you miss my objective pressure? Yes. Did you miss how my teammates weren't trying for the majority of the game? Yes. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- You complain about me for playing an objective focused game over a kill focused game, yet you praise a Tristana that wasn't trying to win? The very fact my actions lead to us getting into their base proves that I was trying to win, unlike the rest of my team that chose to lose. Maybe make up your mind before contradicting your opinions. {{sticker:sg-lulu}}
: lf jg duo to camp my lane lol
Go to the NA Boards... we're sick of all you Americans being unable to read which Board you're on! {{sticker:sg-lulu}}
spilø (NA)
: New Player Looking To Join Team.
Go to the NA Boards... we're sick of all you Americans being unable to read which Board you're on! {{sticker:sg-lulu}}
kport5 (NA)
: Silver Jungler looking for a active team
Go to the NA Boards... we're sick of all you Americans being unable to read which Board you're on! {{sticker:sg-lulu}}
: You can argue objectives all you want, but it's just not the case. 14k to objectives / 2.3k to turrets is you. 28.9k/9.4k is trist 19.1k/6.9k is renekton And not just that, your Evelynn, you aren't an objective focused champion, yes pro's advise you to value objectives over kills, however they also tell you that playing right that kills lead to objectives, that's more what they are meaning, if you get a kill push an advantage. And your argument of farm mattering, your a jungler, sure you killed 300 jungle creeps, Sejuani was busy being useful while you were doing that. Both teams had the same amount of kills, you participated in 7, your opposing jungler participated in 21, she had 3 times the map impact you had.
Considering how far behind my counter-jungling put her and how well warded their jungle was and how often I communicated where she was about to gank, even a simpleton wouldn't have died. But no, they choose to int for no reason whatsoever. Of course Sej had more map pressure even though I denied her... Her teammates weren't trolls and inters like mine were. If they hadn't chosen to int their faces off for no reason, Sej would have been useless and the game would have been a free win. It's because I constantly get matched with players playing with the intent to lose that these free wins become losses.
Socon (OCE)
: Afk farming cs isn't an objective, you have 7/30 kp, that's shocking for a jungler. Especially as an assassin. Having 360 cs means nothing if you don't do anything with your strength. Even if you say "objectives" the fact that you're not appearing in team fights is detrimental to your team. You're not playing someone who split pushes, therefore you should be grouping and being in as many team fights as possible. If you want to win a game of league of legends then you actually have to focus on winning, not just afk pushing side lanes claiming you're focusing on turrets when you're playing evelyn and dont actually take anything while your trist is left to try and carry 4v5.
1. If they lose the 4v4 that it should be, then it's their own fault for inting the enemy Jungler for no reason, making it a 4v5. If they had decided not to int, then it would be a 4v4 due to how irrelevant the enemy Jungler would have been. 2. Not my fault my team even chose to engage a 4v5, especially for a pointless fight. Had they waited, the enemy would have had to send at least 2 people to stop me, in which case my team would have won the 4v3 (or not, because they're inters). 3. Then again, the rest of my team were trolls and inters, so none of the points would be useful, and the outcome wouldn't have changed regardless of me being there.
Alonad (OCE)
: Raging Knights Esports Recruiting now for League of Legends Team.
Is that 1 sub total, or one sub per role? Also, is it just players, or are there managers, coaches, media, designers, etc. needed?
Socon (OCE)
: Thoughts on the minion changes
What I can see this doing is making the game a lot more snowbally (more "win lane = win game"). At the moment, 1 kill in lane is about 15 cs. With this change, it will become about 20 cs. It will become much harder to win a lane if you die unless you manage to kill the enemy laner again. Also, imagine the gold loss on dying during a cannon wave. Your death already puts you back 20 cs. Now you will lose 6 more cs to tower AND a cannon (which is where the majority of the gold you need to make a comeback will come from). Instead of a deficit of ~23 cs before, it will now be a deficit of ~35-40 cs. -------------------------------------------------------------------- This also means roaming champions like TF, Taliyah, Talon, and ASol will be punished for roaming at a bad time or for their roam being unsuccessful. -------------------------------------------------------------------- And Bot lane will become even stronger. Not just because of the larger gold advantage on champions that require a lot of gold for their late-game kits, but also because of Supports becoming stronger and getting their items faster. Think about it. Thanks to their gold items, their income was always a % of the gold taken from minions. With minions being worth less and Supports still getting the same amount of gold, that % effectively increases.
: Challenger Coach Looking for team
I'm guessing you're looking for Diamond+ teams, not Bronze teams? xD {{sticker:sg-miss-fortune}}
: I made a yt katarina montage opinion?
You don't need a different transition every single time; simple jump cuts or slides are more than enough. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- What makes montages great is not having Penta-kills with music in the background. Great montages weave the music into the gameplay. An example of this is timing the build up to a one-shot with a crescendo, with the instant the one-shot happens in time with the downbeat as the crescendo hits its peak. You should try to have "impact" motions in the clips also be in time with down beats too. Things like Riven landing a jump, or an Eve stealing Baron, or an Annie Flash-R. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- There are other points as well, such as the major differences in zoom or quality, but musical timing *really* stands out. Oh, and get rid of that dramatic colour filter. Like wacky transitions, this should be used sparingly.
jtjeaster (OCE)
: Will get any player OCS if they read this!
I somehow doubt an OCS coach would be Bronze V 0 LP in Flex Queue... literally the queue that is all about teams
Rectum (OCE)
: Last season. So basically your mmr reset down to neutral, and now your on your way back to last season's -76LP.
Yes, but I'm not there. Just like even 1 LP is an improvement on 0 LP (to some of us, that is).
: Haha, fear of demoting? LOL, i dont play rank often because am not interested in the game after so many years of playing; I play only for the skin at the end because it has become a tradition every years for me. > _"But if you are adamant that I should follow the "kills > objectives" suggestion of a Gold player that rarely plays Ranked versus the "objectives > kills" that every single Challenger guide says, I'll do that. I wonder how much my win-rate will decrease with that. Probably a 0% win-rate for the next 100 games."_ Exactly like i said. You dumb everything down to your lv so you can be comfortable about how bad your performance resulting in your loses. If you want to win, then be better than your team mate. Holy hell, its not hard to climb out of bronze 5 if you are NOT a bronze 5 player that think he is better than what he currently is. aCTIVELY TRYING? trying what? repeating the same repitition that you currently followed that resulted in your bronze 5 -3LP? so what have you learn that improved your standing? What were you before? bronze 5 -100LP? The problems is you, you're keep trying to input and reject concepts of good and bad through your limited knowledge.
> What were you before? bronze 5 -100LP? Yes, I actually was last season. I can't find the screenshot of when I was -100 LP, but here is one from -76 LP: https://imgur.com/a/saMwv#fqZOUpZ
: Tell me this, if you did everything right and still in bronze 5 --What is the problems?: Your team suck? This game is all luck base? You're just badluck? All that coaching and efforts goes into you are meaningless if you refuse to change and adapt. Stop bringing up moments that you did well, it is the instants that you didnt do well that LAND YOU RIGHT IN B5. So start to get an understanding WHERE YOU WENT WRONG instead. But ofcourse, if you insist you did everything right, then refer back to my previous quote about your personality.
At least I am actively trying. If I refused to change and adapt, then how come my playstyle has changed and adapted so much since coaching? My mentality *before* coaching was "I'm the garbage one", but my coach let me know that realising my losses are because of my team playing poorly, and not 100% me, is how I should be thinking instead. I go into my games with the intent to win, which doesn't change that fact the 2-4 of my teammates are *always* playing to lose. But I guess someone like you who doesn't play Ranked (probably out of fear of demoting, based on the rest of your games) wouldn't know that, especially since you don't get an environment like that in Gold. But if you are adamant that I should follow the "kills > objectives" suggestion of a Gold player that rarely plays Ranked versus the "objectives > kills" that every single Challenger guide says, I'll do that. I wonder how much my win-rate will decrease with that. Probably a 0% win-rate for the next 100 games. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Then again, thinking about it, that guy *was* a pretty terrible coach. Maybe I should just ignore everything I was taught by him.
: You have down time to take advantage of. That is how league is played. Exploiting weaknesses. My analogy is used to shown tactical side of league. Strike where they are weak and use your strength efficiently. And it shown you are unwilling to see or do it. Keep arguing to me about it, effectively you are refusing to change your bronze 5 way, and trying to convince people what you know is good. This is a sign of agrogant and stubborness, most people who posses this trait have a low learning curve "due to arguing agaisnt & dumb it down to their lv", and a superiority complex "you cant teach me, i know asmuch or better than you; Type of person".
Considering even a Diamond-Master level player who coached me everyday for 5 months couldn't even help me no matter how hard I tried and listened and changed my play style and studied, your opinions aren't going to magically fix what all that coaching and effort couldn't. And your "keep fighting and kill, kill, kill" strategy is exactly why people in Bronze just pointlessly ARAM all game. I did strike where they were weak and used my strength effectively. The enemy did Baron? I stole it with no issue and took towers. My team randomly ARAMed it around Cloud Drake? I went and took 2 inhibs. Enemy split-pushed? They instantly died. What about the enemy Jungler? All my counter-jungling put them so far behind that the only reason they had precense was because my team inted to their obvious ganks thanks to all the vision (another tactical advantage) I put down.
: Yep thats exactly what it is, there cant be any other reason why. also gotta ask is this a smurf you purposely inted on or are you actually 19w 71L putting in full effort?
Why put effort into inting on a smurf and getting perma-banned when you can try-hard on your main, attempt to get Masters, and get rewards?
: The fact that you, who have the most golds and items on the team, refusing to use them in team fights to win is what make your arguement weak. Imagine you are in a war. Your legion is the most exprience and strongest in the army. WHY THE FUCK would you not be in the fight? All you did was throwing away a superior force so you can play hit and run "a stall out tactic". and abandoned the rest of the army. You can easily group and blow any of them up. If you know, by keep on winning and have streaks of wins, your mmr will rise from that 10 to 20LP over games. Which is possible over 40games. Also, all the games that you played, ur contribution/dps stat is BADDdd. You need to understand objectives control fully, inorder to know when to split and when to group. Adapt to changes, be flexible and you will wins more. Dont be that guy that do 1 thing over and over and think he will achieve perfection. Good practice make perfection, not repeating mistakes over and over and think its good practice.
Drop a nuke. Problem solved. Besides, your analogy sucks. You are talking about a case where killing everyone makes you the winner (like Fortnite or PUBG), because everyone has one life. That does not apply in a situation where both sides have immortals that resurrect (like LoL). In that case, strategic objectives >> mindless fighting.
: Um, the argument could be made that a Challenger-level jungler should not have 10.0+ CS per minute. Rather, they should have higher stats elsewhere - like kill participation. EDIT: Dude, I just checked your OP.GG. Honest question from a concerned community member. Are you inting?
I just care more about objectives and putting the enemy Jungler so far behind that they are useless than kills, which is exactly what all the guides and high elo players say. Not my fault my team always ints to the enemy Jungler, no matter how obvious the gank is...
: LOL, if you gave me your account. Ill get you out into silver in less than 40games. Look at ur contribution to team fight. 5/2/2 Yea...i dont even need to be in the game to know all you did was farming side lane and ignoring grouping to end the game with gold lead. Please dont pretend your skills is above your current state. http://oce.op.gg/summoner/userName=Best+Evelynn+OCE Check your dps dealt. With 360cs and 17k gold. all you managed to do was the same dps as the zed and renk "Whose is 4k gold bellow". So effectively you're about as useful as they are. How about stop blaming your team and start reflecting on the stat you are putting out.
Oh, so the fact I choose Objectives over kills, and not pointlessly ARAMing, is bad, even though that is what the high-level players claim you should do? Also, considering I earn 10 LP per win, it would take 62 wins in a row to get to Silver V, so I doubt your claim to be able to do it in <40 games.
: @Riot, if someone says 'kill yourself', 'kys' or some other variation...
Because Riot doesn't care about death threats or racism. When I've asked them, I always get told "*This is not acceptable! This seriously goes against what the Summoner's Code stands for!* ***We won't do anything***"
Rioter Comments
: LF Bronze/SIlver Team Or Create One
Try posting here: https://boards.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/ Honestly... can't you Americans just take 2 seconds to use your brain to actually make sure you're on the NA Boards? {{sticker:sg-lulu}}
Rioter Comments
: There is no rule for banning anyone's champ. There had to be a priority, and at this time it is ban>pick. Person A would be more likely to receive a punishment. While B may not have done something appreciated by other teammates, there is no rule against banning champions.
You've got to remember that B was also taunting A after banning A's champ
mfis (OCE)
: ***
Considering it's Bronze V and no one wants to be there, there's a *much* higher chance than in Gold or Challenger. My comment had nothing to do with me blaming my teammates for my <20% win-rate (because I know I'm the most garbage player in OCE), but rather to point out that if you just assume your reasoning, then by extension my reasoning happens.
mfis (OCE)
: ***
But by using that philosophy, the enemy also has a higher chance of having a booster or a smurf, as well as a higher chance of having a fed 1v5 member on their team.
: rito why is your grading system so bad
KDA plays a lot smaller role than CS and Vision, as well as average damage scores and average gold income. It's all well can good to be 100/0, but if you only dealt 100 damage (literally ksing all those kills), then you'd still only get an A. Also, those 3 deaths could have been spaced out over 40 minutes or over 3 minutes.
Achenar (OCE)
: A Touch of the Void Writing Contest - Sponsored by Logitech
Just wanting to confirm my submission was received. If not, I'll try a different file format.
: What's My Best Option??
Usually there's a clause in the Smurf website that will give you a new account if Riot bans it for the botting or account swapping thanks to their website system. I know [site] does this. It can't be too bad since pretty much any big streamer promotes it (such as Nightblue3, BoxBox, Imaqtpie, Tyler1, etc.). If you bought it off a dodgy site, then tough luck.
: OCE streamers looking for support
You'd post it in the *Player Creations* category, and you wouldn't be allowed to promote your stream more than once a week. I hope this helps with the "P.S." As for other OCE streamers, since I'm guessing you know of Midbeast, the are *Panda Annie* (#1 Annie OCE, #2 world) and *Zoencidence* (#1 Zoe World). {{sticker:sg-ahri-2}}
: Is it allowed to customize HUD and Skins?
As of an earlier patch this year, you are unable to do this anymore, so I wouldn't worry about it. But to answer the question: if you could do it, yes, you'd be allowed, but bear in mind that while Riot wouldn't ban for you using a custom skin or HUD, there may by a line of code in the program you used or the place where you downloaded the texture that may appear as "malicious" which would alert Riot's third party program system and permaban you. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- **TL;DR** - You can't do it anymore, but if you could, while Riot wouldn't ban you for it, they might ban you depending on how your program affects the game. {{sticker:sg-ahri-2}}
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