Bamfudge (OCE)
: WELL... I messed up and thought the competition closed today, so I just finished my drawing, was about to submit it aaaaaand woops... missed the bus by two days :< My bad xD here it is anyways. Feels a bit rushed at points, but it was fun to do :3 (linked from the facebook page I post all my drawings on)
Haha was he responsible for burying all the other champs? >:) i like the old man bucket hats on the minions, and the bandana is an appropriate summer replacement for headwear on yorick, good job 👍
Chikorita (OCE)
: I love your concept, if I drew men more I'd probably give it a go drawing it for you. Only skin concept I've done was starguardian leona xD
Hehe, thats quite alright, I’m glad you like the idea :) I put forth the idea not just for me, but to see if anyone else liked the idea, I’m glad to see that the community is finding some appeal in it! I’d love some feed back from a rioter or rioters as well (personal opinions mainly, professional opinions on how something like this would fit into league would be an interesting read, from a purely theoretical standpoint!).
Bamfudge (OCE)
: That sounds hilarious! I was a bit short on ideas, but keen to at least make an effort to enter this comp. Also, Yorick is in my top 5 fave champs :D If you don't mind I'm gonna give this a shot! If I win the RP I'll gift you a Yorick skin :) or i dunno, something of similar value. {{sticker:sg-kiko}}
Glad you like the idea! I’d be very keen to see how it turns out (regardless of your own criticisms) you need not give me anything if you win except maybe a mention if it suits you :P Feel free to add me in game, as before, i’d love to see how it turns out!
Schweetie (OCE)
: Already done my submission but I love this idea and might write it down as a future project. You don't need to be an artist for good ideas and some of us have the skill but struggle for a starting point. Cheers!{{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}}
Hehe I generally like to spin up ideas on a regular basis, i just lack the skill to bring them to life :( Glad that others like something I’ve put forward! :D Feel free to add me in game, I’d be happy to make more suggestions if ever you get stuck for ideas :P
Achenar (OCE)
: Summer Splash Art Contest, Sponsored by Wacom
unfortunately, I haven't drawn in years so I sadly wont be attempting anything, HOWEVER, I do have what I think is a neat idea for my favorite champ: Yorick {{champion:83}} his shovel would obviously be a giant version of a kiddies shovel for making sand castles (if fiora can have a pool noodle for a weapon, I don't see why yorick can't have a novelty shovel?). he would likely have no head covering for this skin as he needs to work on his tan, he is somewhat pale, perhaps have some sunnies on top of his head. the large ornament on his back could be a large sandcastle with a watery cape (held in place because magic). no shoes, maybe a pair of thongs or even bare feet. 3/4 boardies (bright blue/cyan/teal/sea green, must be bright, its summer!) for upper body a towel draped around his neck with both ends hanging down the front would be appropriate (would help fill in the spaces between his neck and the sand castle ornament/cape) and perhaps a sleevless rashie (yoricks got guns, and being summer, suns out, guns out!) maybe with a shadow isles logo on the front to make it less bland you could either add floaties for his arm bands or leave them bare, whichever looks right xD OH and perhaps a little tiny bucket filled with water for a pendant or some other summer themed liquid "container" that can hang around ones neck annnnnnnd if riot likes the sound of this, perhaps some thematic ability visuals like graves being sandy coloured with a seafoamy hand reaching out? Q1 would have sandy particles following the overhead swing, Q2 would have the walkers erupt from the ground with water splashes (think breaching the water surface) W would of course be a sand castle ring! E yorick would splash em with water from his watery cape (like flicking water at your kids in the pool!) R The maiden could be like a selkie or rusalka or asrai (water spirits) with seaweed draped over her shoulders and dripping wet (the drain tether/attack could be a watery stream with bubbles etc to fit the summer time theme) as for yorick's mist walkers (both for ability description and as a splash art)... perhaps they remain mostly the same? BUT WITH SAND PILES ON TOP OF THEIR HEADS AND LITTLE FLOATIES ON THEIR LITTLE ARMIES!!!!!!!!! (pentakill yoricks walkers have spiked arm bands) Im sure someone with artistic talent could make this happen, I'd also be keen to see if a rioter atleast likes the idea? :D anyways, good hunting! {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
MCnotnice (OCE)
: did you pay for it or was it free???
its not a free gift....
MCnotnice (OCE)
: yea i agree i thought its meant to be free its asking for 490RP wtf....
mystery gifting has never been free... they've just given the ability to select yourself as the recipient instead of a friend. Like a lucky dip, you might get a legendary for 490 RP as an example.
: Why are there so many People complaining about the rework and how bad it. When they haven't played the champ rework yet. I mean {{champion:98}} is just too boring and his abilities doesn't require any skill!!
Ikr, ive had the opportunity to play new shen on the pbe, and frankly, i think its great, people as getting pissy because he some some sustain and his only poke tool, which wasnt that great to begin with, wasnt bad, but not great, he survives in lane now with having his shield tied to all of his abilities via his passive, new shen is great imo
: i hate it how riot never responds to the majority of the complaints but as soon as theres a question about the actual kit they respond immediately. they don't listen to the majority at all, we hate the new kit, not all champions have to be fucking unique they can be basic and simple like the current shen not this crap
Not everyone hates it though, and this current kit isnt "crap" it just doesnt appeal to you, frankly old shen didnt appeal to me, he was too simple and boring, which is why he is being reworked to begin with, he actually performs his role much better now than he does currently.
: Champion Update: Shen
Just wanna clarify for peeps, his W doesnt require an ally to function, it drops a zone, if an ally is in it, or enters it, it activates immediately, otherwise it waits 2 seconds, then triggers anyway. So you can use it in a solo lane, taunt, drop zone, pull Q through enemy, deal buttloads of damage while youve got a shield and cant be hit by auto's. His q btw as it stands on the PBE, empowers each of his autos to deal 7.5% of the targets MAX hp on each attack (22.5%) at rank 5, meaning he can lay the hurt on you regardless if you are a tank or squishy, im thinkin liandrys torment might be interesting. Oh it also empowers your autos even if you dont hit an enemy with it (just empowers more and makes you attack 50% faster if you do) His E (the dash taunt) gains bonus damage scaling off your bonus hp aswell, so it actually hurts now aswell as taunts. Also his shield on his passive scales off bonus hp aswell! I like this rework because he's actually tankier and makes for a better tank (has 3 ways to forcibly protect his allies now instead of 2) hes tankier now especially late game as his new passive ties a shield that scales off hp to every single one of his abilities, with enough hp and proper timing, they cant burn through your shield before it refreshes, not only does this mean they need to focus you ( thus taking attention off your allies) to burn through your shield, but you are also mitigating said aggro. Further more, since he now does max hp scaling damage (scales higher with ap) they cant ignore you either, making you an even more effective tank.
Bomber678 (OCE)
: Visual update: Looking cool. Dunno what's with the second, smaller sword? Ability rework: Not sure how this'll pan out, but cautiously optimistic Animations changes: Not graceful enough anymore. He's swinging that sword around like a barbarian, not a ninja. Where are the swift, precise sword strikes befitting an elegant ninja?
I've had hands on with new shen on the PBE, the smaller sword he uses for his regular AA's. the large sword, if you look closely, is The physical blade from which his spirit blade is made manifest, he uses the larger blade when he has his Q buff (the 3 empowered autos).
Maraudaur (OCE)
: Artificial Reef champion vote! (congrats you did it!)
Awwww yeahhhhhhh Nautilus won! that reef is gonna be spectacular! {{champion:111}} {{champion:111}} {{champion:111}} {{champion:111}} {{champion:111}} {{champion:111}} {{champion:111}}
: I picked Fizz Cause it was an unpopular vote, but also because I would like to see a new skin for him.
there's not going to be a skin for the winner of this, there was never going to be, the votes are only for the artificial reef.
: the old diving mask used to be a giant hunk of metal with some glass i cannot remeber the rest of the suit but that resembles naut and put me in a hole to die slowly and rot away if there isnt a statue with that helmet {{summoner:2}} remeber i see all :D
except naut doesn't have that glass view port you are referring to (it was a circle, sometimes with bars across it), he's got a black void with flood light eyes :P nor were the divers of old heavily armored, though they did have heavy boots to help make them sink, the rest was as forsaken dooms mentioned, somewhat skin tight overalls.
: i love how no-one is choosing {{champion:105}} even tho he's the most played of the three {{item:3151}}
yet he is the most simple and bland looking of the 3, nautilus would make for the best reef hands down!
techtris (OCE)
: why not nami, she is so fun to play plus all her current skins are either boring or bright as hell
what do skins have to do with this? we aren't getting a new skin for the champ that wins, we get an artificial reef! :o
: Im Picking Nautilus, because he is a beast looking fellow and think he would represent the oceanic server great shows strength and determination
the aspects of a tank! :D we are a resilient bunch of peeps :P
: Riot I would really like an answer to this. How big will it be? I am really hoping it's not like a little 3 foot horrible material statue that won't look important. I want too see an 8-9 foot solid statue that everyone can see, this is Nautilus we are talking about, he's wide and tall. Please don't make this something that doesn't look worth it. {{champion:111}} {{champion:111}} {{champion:111}} {{champion:111}}
its an artificial reef, its going to be massive.
errr no he's not, hes got the most cc on a single champ in the game, how is that stupid?
CytoZite (OCE)
: {{champion:105}} is the best i think and it'll be better if the best one actually shows off
That's really a matter of opinion, you're entitled to it of course, but the votes say Nautilus is better (in most other peoples opinion)
: Im going for fizz because his is good for escapeing and a good champion
funnily enough nautilus can catch him provided he doesn't go over terrain, dredge line/depth charge are great options after the troll pole has been used, hell depth charge doesn't stop till it hits or loses its target (via untargetable) also naut's a great champ, team reliant, but this is a team game. Pretty sure Nautilus has the most CC on a single champ in game (even his passive is a form of CC)
: i cant wait for prolasped uterus to be on the statue
oh god I never thought of fizz that way! what has been seen cannot be unseen! D:
Xemulas (OCE)
: Why is everyone going for naut? sure he's interesting now, BUT this is a statue comemmorating league of legends. We are putting out there for days after days to become almost become a tourist attraction. And what better to use to easily rememberably represent LoL than a cute thing like Fizz? Everyone knows fizz more when ppl mention lol. Even outsiders will find him special and fun, just like Stitch. {{champion:105}} {{champion:105}} {{champion:105}} {{champion:105}} {{champion:105}} {{champion:105}} {{champion:105}}
when I want people to envision the OCE community with the tourist attraction reef, I don't want them to think of something cute, I want them to think of something big n strong, powerful, I'd be discontent with cute, we don't muck around down here! {{champion:111}} {{champion:111}} {{champion:111}} {{champion:111}} {{champion:111}} {{champion:111}}
: why will you guys go for{{champion:111}} his so bad go for {{champion:105}}
: A statue hmm...
an artificial reef, to be precise! :P
: I thought Nami standing on her ult (which is made out of glass) would look like the water is emanating from her :3
glass would be a no-no for an artificial reef sadly, would make a nice statue, but not a reef.
NeewbYe (OCE)
: Here me out guys, {{champion:111}} is great and all, but what about {{champion:267}} ? You know they should use her doing her /laugh, ITS SO CUTE.
I don't want something cute to represent OCE, I want something STRONG! besides, I get to emote nautilus' joke around REAL nautilus "la da deee la la loooo la la looooommmmmmm" *swims around nautilus' head*
: come on guys vote fizz. he the tidal trickster gota be fizzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
and Nautilus is the TITAN of the Depths, epic just got a whole lot bigger.
Quake (OCE)
: Man, why not {{champion:105}} it would be awesome, imagine, fizz holding his/her weapon up being a legend like a boss :D HAPPY AUSTRALIA DAY!!!
Anchor > tiny trident! nautilus has abit more mystery to him than fizz, what/who does naut hear calling down in the dark depths of the abyss? he brings the oceans weight to bare, and can drag all foes down into the dark to drown, he does roll with the biggest grappling hook in existence after all, to me, nautilus sounds much like a fishermans tale, something to fear should you brave the ocean. what lies within that divers suit? no one knows, not even nautilus himself.....seems somewhat more mythic to me! :D anyways happy Australia day! {{champion:111}}
Jinking (OCE)
: alway the big and fat one
He's big, but he's not fat....what do you have against big people?
: wow fizz should be winning aha op little fish :D {{champion:105}}
no way! Tank > Assassin but anyways naut makes for a much more interesting looking reef, fizz is bland, nami is more interesting, with nautilus being the best suited for this whole artificial reef shindig.
: {{champion:267}} Because nami needs new skins
this isn't a vote for a new skin...
Pouty (OCE)
: Koi Nami cause she's a qt and I like pink
its only going to be the classic skin
Floaty (OCE)
: 11111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111{{champion:105}} {{item:3100}}
{{champion:111}} {{item:3065}} {{item:3083}} Tank>Assassin
Maraudaur (OCE)
: Artificial Reef champion vote! (congrats you did it!)
Gotta be {{champion:111}} then I can go dive down and see him all the while thinking in my head "I guess all that anger really did weigh you down" while swimming around him taking pictures humming in my head " la da dee la la loooo la la looooommmmm"
: Why is Nami the least voted?! 8(
earlier this morning a few hours after the poll opened, she was second, beating fizz by a decent amount..... nautilus though has been first and gaining distance since this started!
: Vote for the Ocean Week reinforcements!
Shoutout to HeartVine for explaining to everyone that can't read that this isn't a vote for new skins and was for F2P during Ocean week. the amount of /facepalm's when scrolling down is incredible!
Maraudaur (OCE)
: Artificial Reef champion vote! (congrats you did it!)
Voted {{champion:111}} Because he's the most thematic, epic, and overall unique of the 3, mermaids are already commonplace (sorry nami) and while fizz is a little more unique than a mermaid, he's no nautilus! Also Nautilus would make a great representative for OCE, he's a TITAN FROM DOWN UNDER (the ocean!) don't mess with the OCE community, your likely to cop profanity and an anchor to the face.
: Nah Nami for the win. (there was 14k votes for our reinforcement's so it's doubtful these early 200 votes have much leaning.)
I'd be ***VERY*** disappointed to see it be nami, mermaid sculptures and the like are already commonplace in the world, whereas nautilus doesn't resemble anything other than a big daddy from bioshock, not something that's commonplace in the very least, making it all the more special.
: Ocean Week is coming!
NEEDS to be {{champion:111}} sure a mermaid is nice, but come on, we need to drop big ol' naut into the depths, sink dat titanic......TITAN! drop him in the deep end, let him peer into the darkness and listen to the echo's from the deep! ok im done but seriously, vote nautilus for oceanic president!


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