Doliprane (OCE)
: Hey! Met you ingame and thought you were super cool (the only one in the team who was actually getting objectives done and helping me when I was struggling 1vs2 top) thus I remember your name, so just wanted to wish you good luck for your recruitment and confirm you're a positive player that anyone would have fun playing with :)
Devi3nt (OCE)
: Fairly versatile support here, silver 2. No main champ, i'm alright with pretty much all of the supps. IGN: Devi3nt
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: if you still need a top laner I'm keen. I'm g2 In game name: 4rtificialalpha add me if you still need Cheers
: added you, hmu if you are keen for a game tonight.
Hey Buddy Added you.. @ "Dragon Poo" Didn't get your add -_- accept and we will have a chat on discord tomorrow.. pce mate Big Chief Poon
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chrnO (OCE)
: hey bro i can play support or mid ! :)
hey brother a secondary mid lane needed for when main mid isn't on ill hit you a message!
: If your still looking for a mid add me ingame (lemmee smash) -s4
Added. The role will be Secondry mid. When our main isnt on considiring you get the gig.. yo-ull be playing
Quixotic (OCE)
: Still need??
Secondry Mid laner needed for when main cant play so yes.
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Big Chief Poon

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