Niguel (EUNE)
: I tried to play 3 times, but after champion selection it doesnt even start. It says "RECONNECT" and i click it click it and click it, it doesnt help. DOESNT LET ME RECONNECT. it gives me lose for LEAVER, and i lose LP and my winratio. is it possible to get lp back after fix?????? This is so frustrating..... I lost now 3 games due to this shit bug. Really considering why I even came back to League after all when it still has lots of this kind of problems, its annoying!
I lost 5 games due to the reconnect issue 2 games was able to actually get in and disconnected within 2 minutes which stopped remake..... then reset computer got in but by then it was 10 minutes into the game and my team had given up eventuating in yet another loss from the server issues (its not AVG I have had the firewall bypassing and even disabled since I got it so dosnt touch anything to do with League)
Mindstar (OCE)
: Thanks The support team should be able to help you further, but just to update, we've actually seen the same issues being reported by players who use AVG, not just Avast. In the case that it isn't Antivirus related (it is always possible that you are experiencing something different), it would be worth checking if there is anything else that could be a common theme. For those still experiencing the "can't load in" issue - what ISP are you on? Is it happening every single game still?
we are about to find out and it wont be AVG because I have had it set to exceptions of AVG since the bug splat bug years ago and this has randomly come about im actually just going to t1 down mid until im banned if it continues I can connect to custom games and sit there fine.... go in ranked and instantly kicked waste of time 100 LP down the drain
: Same thing has been happening to me all day for 9 hours. I would just wait until they have fixed it and report the issue.
that wont fix shit nor do they care nor will we get LP back for something that we had no control over, pathetic on Riots behalf
: same with me. i didnt get to load in the game by the time i did my team have already surrendered and i lost lp
well you lost 1 game as a "leaver" i lost 3 and another was lost because I connected to begin with and as jungle camps spawned I got kicked off and connected 10 minutes later sooo 75 LP later.... nothing changed
: Yeah same thing is happening to me. I had to restart my whole PC to fix this temporarily. after restarting when I open the client it actually launches into the game and I was able to play. I did this twice and both times the game force quit and returned me to the client screen. The only way to get back into the game was to restart my whole PC. I hope someone from the team reads this and it helps them fix this issue.
I reset computer, got rid of programs I thought clashed, turned off firewall and couldnt stay in game for longer than 10 minutes but if I made a custom game it was fine absolute pathetic effort on Riots behalf
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