: What's the thing that most people don't know about casting and the working-as-a-riot-caster experience that they'd be most surprised about?
That is a great question! I have actually never thought about that. An easy one would be to say that at OCE, most of us don't just Shoutcast. Forsko does a lot of graphical work for the OOL, Raz helps organise to get styled up, Rusty works on the OOL, and much much more! But the funniest thing I could think of would be getting changed. I can imagine that a lot of people think we rock up all styled and ready for the day looking fly and all that Jazz. No. Spawn is mostly in his gym shorts until 20 minutes before cameras go live, I never wear any shoes, Hingers will have some crazy track pants situation going on. And we also have to fight over the tiniest space possible to get changed / use mirrors to do makeup! Its literally the size of a single cubicle... When pastrytime was here he use to use the glass windows as his mirror to avoid the crowd! Hingers even uses his laptop to do his makeup. And oh yeah... we do our own makeup. >.<
: do you have experimental methods of eating other foods or is it just kit{{champion:55}}s
Omg. The use of {{champion:55}} has made my day... But no, just Kit{{champion:55}} s for now!
: Would you rather fight 1 Horse sized Spawn or 100 Duck sized Spawn's? Also, stack rank the casters for attractiveness - no cheating from your GF's list
: Since when did you finally learn to spell "bigger" and why did you decide to use it for your Riot handle instead of just fish or the original mispelt one? {{sticker:zombie-brand-mindblown}}
Omg its the legendary Arcanis! I never truly learnt how to spell Bigger. This isn't my 'Riot Handle'. Most people call me Fish! But Fish is currently taken on the OCE server, so I chose to be the Bigger Fish!
: What advice would you give someone wanting to get into pbp shoutcasting?
Practice and get yourself out there. The most important thing is to start slow. Pick up a game and tell a story about what's going on on your screen. Slowly :) Record that. Put it on YouTube, Twitter, Reddit, anywhere you can get advice and keep practicing :)
belquin (OCE)
: Hey Fish, How did you first get into casting? At what point in your career did you have the realisation - 'wow I can make a career out of this'? Also last question - do you pre-emptively think of the sayings you use for Champions such as 'the incy wincy spider' or 'the knife cat' or do you create these things on the run? Cheers
Hello Mate! 1) I was playing an amateur tournament in singapore. I was up against Chawys team (Current mid lane for AHQ in the LMS) and we were neck and neck in a 60 minute match. Ultimately we lost, but we were the only team to come close to beating the eventual champions. One of the people organizing the event, Garena Djehuty, who was a friend of mine noticed me and asked if I'd like to try my hand at casting the GPL. I did, and I sucked... my producer hated me. But called me back anyway. She ended up becoming my boss for the next few years and ended up producing my YouTube channel as well! 2) The day I arrived at the Riot OCE office. :) 3) I'm pretty sure I just fuck up and butcher sayings on the fly xD
Arkangyle (OCE)
: What up big Fish. Would love to get your take on the Adelaide Crows buying Legacy situation. Have seen plenty of people commenting since it went down about how they don't think it'll benefit the league as a whole. I'm more of the mind that more funding for pro teams can only be a good thing? Also go NSW etc
My family is full of people who are heavily involved in sports. My dad is a football coach and mum teaches swimming, we also have a family memeber who owns a soccer team! Do you know why they think it won't benefit the league? I would love to hear that side of the argument! It think it's fantastic! I can't wait to see what the Crows will bring to the table in eSports and I'm excited to see which professional sporting team will follow next.
: How does it feel being the 2nd best PBP commentator in the OPL, and how do you think you can improve to be better than Riot Benji?
Sneed (OCE)
: tirs or ass?
I kind expected this one when I did not add a disclaimer to ask me anything... {{summoner:4}}
Ch33zW1z (OCE)
: You need a life organiser? HMU.
Some days I wake up and say i'm going to tackle life head on. Other days I tackle life with my head. {{sticker:zombie-brand-facepalm}} Might need this!
: You play Street Fighter?! 1v1 me bro {{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}}
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: yeah fair enough
: Hi Spawn, I don't know how to say his without sounding creepy but, just saying it out there that I have a crush on you since previous Worlds and your daily snapchats are my saving grace to get through the day. You are adorable. That is all. <3
I too have a crush on spawn. But he only has one face when he takes selfies. The spawn face xD
: Do you guys skip leg day?
: Contrary to popular belief NO. I do 1-2 a week at the moment. Not as heavy as I do upper body as it doesnt motivate me. But I dont want to be a keg on 2 pins.
Verdax (OCE)
: Shoutout to Fish's brilliant yet sometimes out of place cricket calls! It's now the summer of cricket in India, so can you keep using them week-in week-out regardless of what Spawn says? If you reckon it'll fit - a reference to Matt Renshaw's mid innings toilet run would be perf ;)
Thank you! And there was a 20-20 international the other night! Spawn has no clue!
: That was actually one of the most bizarre cricket moments ever! and they need to stop
: 加油! (These are the only two things I know)
: Just wanted to say all 4 of you are handsome af. That is all! {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
: Hey Fish, I see you're still with the Magic 8 ball. How has your romantic relationship progressed thus far, if you don't mind me prying? And to all the casters: who can rugby tackle the best?
I have a large 8 ball plushie and an 8 ball mug now... But the actual 8 ball, I have no idea where she is. >: she's left me... I think I would have the strongest rugby tackle. Actually, Rusty and I did a rugby tackle challenge while traveling Europe... I forgot who won that.
toested (OCE)
: Hi all, my name is Adam but I'm better known as toested, I'm 16 and I know that I want to be where you are one day, as a caster for league. I have a pretty dank mic setup and am creating a database for champions, items, timers, literally everything in the game. I plan to begin casting when I feel confident enough in my knowledge of the game (i've only been playing since kindred came out) . anyways I was wondering if you all could give some advice on everything and anything, how does one get into the industry of casting? so far ive found that you just have to work your way up from nothing and once you get good enough and have a substantial viewership someone will notice you. am I right? Many thanks, toested (p.s. spawn you are my idol <3)
Hey Toasted! That's amazing. I'm excited to see what you're going to be able to produce. Which is the first step really. Get your content out there and show the world what you're made of. Dub over a pro game or just cast over a random solo q match. Heck, one of the videos I still use on my resume is of me casting FIFA in T-Shirt and scruff 2 week old beard. Once your content is out there, ping us (Twitter is normally a solid place.) and I'm sure we'd be more than happy to take a look and give you some feedback :) Can't wait to hear your work! Ps: One day when I grow up I want to be someone's idol just like Spawn. 😢
: Why do you not put your best on air talent on air and instead relegate him to production duties? I am clearly referring to Riot Benji here. Thanks!
: Do you think fervor will be used over warlords for adcs now? P.s Tell Riot that it hasen't updated on our mastery pages yet, thought it was released patch 7.4?
I need to read patch 7.4... I play miss fortune. Miss fortune uses death fire touch or thunderlords... WHAT IS THIS.
Arkangyle (OCE)
: Any chance we'll see Hingers calling games in the future? All I want in life is *more* Hingerisms. Also, if you had to pick a Split 1 MVP today, who you got?
I hope so! Hingers commentating would be hilarious. But he will have to fight me 1 on 1 with fisty cuffs IRL first for my job. That's a tough one. I'd go with Ceres!
Revoke (OCE)
: Power rank these 5 Spawns: Beard, glasses Beard, no glasses Clean shaven, glassss Clean shaven, no glasses Head in hands after RNG blows a gold lead to MURICA so big it would fix Greece's debt crisis.
1. Spawn 2. Spawn 3. Spawn 4. Spawn 5. Rusty-Spawn
: Where is opl show week 4? :c
Unfortunately we could not release week 4. But we plan to make our next show THE BEST. :)
Inero (OCE)
: Next time I go to the netcafe I will wait patiently for you to come online for however long it takes
You should duo with me. I'm the best.
: What's the hardest thing about casting? Does Hingers really play football for Germany?
The hardest thing about casting for me is being two steps ahead all the time. It might seem like I'm just casting what's on the screen, but I'm always looking for what's next. Not just for gameplay but also knowing what to talk about with my colour commentators. I also generally have a difficult time trying to keep up 'funny' conversations... I tend to kill a lot of good moments. Yes he did. We don't talk about that anymore. It's the best for everyone.
: Does pineapple belong on Pizza? Why or why not?
Yes it does! Because it tastes great! What other reason do you need!
: I dont like pizza. So I dont care!
: Hi Just wanted to ask what software modelling tools are used for the game. Also what sort of qualifications would you need to work as a back end developer with Riot?
I don't know. ): Now I feel inadequate... save me...
Brucyx (OCE)
: We're AVANT GARDE - Ask us anything!
Who is Ceres favorite shoutcaster and why is it Fish?
: I Plan to play Syndra mid in ranked because i believe i do a good job but i only got her yesterday should i get her to at least level 4 before taking her into ranked?
Its okay to jump into ranked games with new champions but it never hurts to practice on a couple of normals first! (And should help your rank too!)
Havanä (OCE)
: How much do you bench, squat and deadlift?
Bench: 70KG Squat: 100KG DL's: 120KG I need more chest muscles so I can be strong like Rusty and Spawn. >:
: Hey all, Really appreciate the work the team puts in, hoping to see more OCE players on the big stage! My question: Is there a champion that's been out of the meta for a while, that you're hoping will make a reappearance this year? Reworks or otherwise count
Annie! I want Annie to be played somewhere again. >:
: oooh ahh, Fish McGrath
belquin (OCE)
: Facebook > Twitter - just saying. (Abuse inc)
Instagram is the best.{{sticker:slayer-jinx-catface}}
: Comment more than a question You need to be on facebook and interact with the community there more! Facebook you can see the tumbleweeds well tumbling by, then on twitter it is a forest of tweets. Can you please do something to balance this out. I absolutely hate to use twitter and having to log into twitter just to see when any activity is happening is just a unnecessary step to getting involved.
Hey Mistress! Are you referring to the new Facebook and Twitter Pages? Our new Social Channels were only launched this week and we did not have any official Facebook page before this split. We will do out best to make sure the channels are in tip top condition for the start of Split 1 :D facebook.com/oceanicproleague. twitter.com/opl. Id love to get in touch with you if you have more feedback around our Social Media channels. Any unnecessary steps to get you guys involved must removed! :)
Arkangyle (OCE)
: Two questions - I've noticed that when looking at potential jobs in eSports, most of them require experience working in eSports. Seems a bit chicken and egg - how do you get experience if all jobs need experience? Any advice for someone looking to get into the industry on where to start? Also you guys seem to go to the gym a lot. Who's the best/worst lifter?
Hey Arkangyle! Put yourself out there! Esports teams and clubs are always looking for help. It might not pay or be a job per say, but it will definitely get you experience and the skills you need to work in the industry! Spawn & Rusty are so strong. When I grow up I want to be strong just like them. No one is a 'bad' lifter. Everyone goes in and gives it everything they've got! :) {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
Jason (OCE)
: Casters; Unfortunately, we suffer from a condition called humanity, which includes making mistakes and being slightly less than perfect. It's unavoidable. However, has there been any mistakes that you've made that have stuck with you? Whether for embarassment, or just for pure comedy. Esports team; It's cool seeing such a bold move being made for a small region to "enforce" lan competition, and shift focus from the community events and live viewing opportunities. Some figures I've heard in the wind paint a relatively scary picture for 2018. Do you think that, upon achieving the goals you're aiming for in 2017, you would continue to support OPL teams with the same level of financial incentives? A few people have voiced their concerns, that if you're not the top three, then you'll have to take up second jobs and such, which will just widen the divide in competitive play. Everyone; Esports, or eSports?
I was an eSports supporter... But I have converted to esports.
: WRONG! haha
You're wrong! {{sticker:zombie-brand-mindblown}}
Revoke (OCE)
: Forgive my professional curiosity, but given the resources limitation that affects the ability of orgs to hire paid staff, what do you all see as the next big innovation or step forward in expanding the support staff of orgs that isn’t “more money”?
I personally feel that a great manager can do wonders for a team. :)
: Community character that best resembles each of you? And why is Chris Britta?
I can't help you there buddy. >:
: Ebon Hawk or Millennium Falcon?
Sauces go in the fridge, Pineapple is great on Pizza.
: Jumping on this one early before someone says crunchy, smooth is the ONLY way.
: @Fish, I have been working on my brand as a player. But after 10 games of playing him support/mid my social media presence has stalled. Any tips on what to do or do I just grind it out?
Upon reviewing your match history, you have only played 1 game of brand this season. I suggest playing a few more matches first. Once you've played a nice pool of games, we could take a look at that KDA to likes ratio and see if your brand has gotten any better or if we need to work on your social media presence more. PS: Buy a sightstone. Its good for retweets.
Starjun (OCE)
: Is it true that master mirko where's his Sin Gaming hoodie in the office regularly?
Hoodie? In this weather? D: When will we get fighto singlets? :D
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