Added you in game, looking forward to chatting with you. G4 currently (just hit)
00shots00 (OCE)
: Looking for gold players that just want to climb. End of season games becoming to hard to solo carry
Add Birdious in my promos for Gold IV I'm a support main, solid carry and vocal also.
: Plat/gold ADC(on bronze alt) LF support
Added on both accounts, to try to reach you.
: Hi there Birdious, I would probably be up for flexing with you (I'm in a similar situation, Gold V solo, Silver V flex), but I'm a support main with secondary jg so if you planned on taking support we may not be a good fit. Let me know though and GL. IGN: OmenofthePhoenix
I added you in game, for what it's worth.
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Brickk (OCE)
: Ex-plat adc lf Silver supp
Added, hope to have a chat.
Chanzrx (EUNE)
: [EUNE] ADC Main Looking for support main for normals
You posted on a OCE server, people can't add you.
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Shiney (OCE)
: Support needed for Flex
: looking for decent adc in bronze who wants to abuse ardent cancer.
Added you on my main, will probably jump on a lower account and get some good practice in.
: Casual Team looking for more!
Ended up adding both usernames, to my friends list.
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: LF mid-Gold+ Duo partner
I'm a support main, so I've added you, nearly gold myself. Thought to give you a ad in game.
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: Duo? đŸ–€
Morning I'm actually a support main myself, I one trick thresh from B4 to Silver 1, then Silver V now Silver 1 again.. Aiming for Plat by end of season. My op.gg - http://oce.op.gg/summoner/userName=birdious Check it out and I've added you in game.
: OOL, looking for a team, or making a team
I sent you a friend request on league!
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AussiOP (OCE)
: Riot Oceanic Open Ladder Players Needed! (Jungle & Support)
I have a expression of interest, I've added you in game.
Starrrk (OCE)
: LF Gold Duo
added you looking forward to games.
e z (OCE)
: 4 ex diamonds looking for 5th jg/sup to flex with
I've added you in game Silver 1 Support main!
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Ice85 (OCE)
I would be interested, started this season Bronze IV, then hit Silver 1, but went now Silver IV, I'm mostly a one trick support main huge champion pool, and mostly play aggressive. (Flex Silver V) - IGN birdious
: [LF] Gold Support. AD Main
Added you in game, hope to have a chat.
Justanx (OCE)
: Ex plat adc lf support :)
Added you to game, keen on games later.
: Looking to make a team - gold+
I'm Silver II in Solo Queue & Silver V In Flex, would be interested, in discussing this further.
Birdious (OCE)
: I'm reported you to the community mods on this forum, your behavior is unacceptable.
I hope you get banned off league, for your actions today, have a great day!
: ***
I'm reported you to the community mods on this forum, your behavior is unacceptable.
: LF Duo/ 5v5 Flex team (Silver 5) Junlge Main
Added you in game, hope that's cool keen on conversation.
Trin (OCE)
: Our Server will hook you up with Duo partners and Teams regardless of your rank
Kylokylo (OCE)
: LF a support main i can duo with.
I added you in game, hope that's cool!
: looking for some one play rank or rank team
I am looking for a adc, I've added you in game.
: Melbourne League Pro Club add me ID: harry gggg
Hi there, I'm interested in both aspects. :D
Ace0 (OCE)
: Lf mid top or support to duo with. pref high gold diamond smurf.
: Plat IV ADC, Top or Support LFT
Hey there, I'm a support main myself, looking for a solid adc main for solo queue. I've added you in game. :)
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